Mr. John’s November Monthly Overview

Themes of the Week
(in addition to Montessori Work time)

11/03:    Insects / Arachnids

  • Characteristics of insects, examples of insects (invertebrates)
  • Antennae, head, thorax, abdomen, six legs (some have wings)
  • Characteristics of arachnids, examples of arachnids, 8 legs (invertebrates)
  • Afternoon Group Lesson: Fire Safety

11/10: Dinosaurs

  • Monday, November 11th  NO SCHOOL  (Teacher In Service Day for Parent//Teacher Conferences All Day 8am-7pm) Don’t forget to sign up for a conference!
  • Naming and Identifying Dinosaurs
  • Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Brachiosaurus
  • Plant eaters(herbivores), Meat eaters (carnivores)
  • Where the Dinosaurs lived and how long ago they lived
  • Fossils and Extinction
  • Afternoon Group Lesson: On the Farm

11/17: Thanksgiving/ Native Americans

  • Mayflower, Native Americans
  • When the Pilgrims came to America
  • Who the Pilgrims were and why they came
  • The Mayflower
  • Native American shelters, nomadic, settlers
  • Afternoon Group Lesson: Pilgrims/The First thanksgiving

11/24: Family

  • Members of a family, family traditions and holidays
  • Family birthdays, vacations
  • Family pets
  • Afternoon Group Lesson: Thanksgiving Crafts

Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.

11/03: Kk
11/10: Ll
11/17: Mm

Rhyming Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.
11/03: OX, box, fox, lox, pox, sox
11/10: BOT, cot, dot, got, hot, lot, not, pot, tot
11/17: BOP, cop, hop, mop, pop, top


Things to do at Home this Month to reinforce our themes:

  • Look for our words of the week when reading a story, cut out pictures beginning with the letters of the week.
  • Play “I Spy” with items beginning with the letter of the week, or find things around your home that begin with the letter of the week.
  • Explore your neighborhood. See if you can find any fossil plant prints on rocks in your yard or neighborhood.
  • Make fall crafts together to help decorate your family Thanksgiving table.
  • Look through family photo albums together and talk about your family. What does each family member do for a job?  Where did you grow up?  What unique traditions does your family have?