Peek into Dance Class | Tallmadge Campus

This session of dance class, we have been practicing our coordination and memory by learning dance routines across the floor.

We have also been practicing traveling techniques,

keeping rhythm, and

and some difficult moves that build our strength and further test our coordination.

A Peek into Taekwondo | September 2018

We have had a blast in taekwondo during the month of September! We played a lot of games that helps to improve our sense of balance and requires us to multitask. One of these games is called Ninja Rocks. To play this game, you have to walk across the ninja rocks (punching targets) and you also have to watch for the ninja sword so you can block it when it tries to tap you on the head.


We also took time to practice our forms which we will have to learn for our belt tests.

The elementary students had the opportunity to challenge each other in a game of Ninja Tag. In this game, students are paired up and they each get two lunges to try and tag their partner on the arm.


Ninja Sneak is another game we played this month. This game is played much like Red Light,Green Light however everyone has to be as silent as possible because if the instructor hears you, you have to go all the way back to the beginning.

A Peek into Dance Class | Tallmadge Campus

We started off our dance class with some fun warm-up routines and stretches set to music (because music makes everything better) to get our bodies and our minds ready to dance. Once we were all warmed up, we tested our skills with several movement routines across the floor including skipping, galloping, and multistep combinations. After mastering the floor routines, we ended our class by practicing our jumping technique jumping over a foam block. There was so much growth seen in just this one class, that I can’t wait to see what has happened by the end of the year!