A peek into Music | February

Music by Sergie Prokofiev

According to a recent post on Gadgets Page, Prokofiev was commissioned by the Director of the Central Children’s Theatre in Moscow,  Natayla Sats, to write a musical symphony for Children so that they could learn the sounds of different instruments from an Orchestra. The Story teaches the listeners, vigilance, resourcefulness and bravery.

Synopsis: A young boy named Peter disobeys his grandfather and climbs over their garden wall. Peter encounters a wolf, and is then helped by his friends, a bird, a duck and a cat. They are able to capture the wolf and take him to a zoo.

Both Peter and your children learn a lesson in listening, team work and friendship through the beautiful Orchestra musical instruments and pictures in the story telling of Peter and the Wolf.

Peter and the Wolf and explains how each character in the story is represented by an instrument in the symphony orchestra.

Ms. Lisa reviewed which instruments represented the entrance of each character into the story. She introduced the kettle drum, French horn, Clarinet, Oboe. She even brushed up on the basics of How to Play Congas. Each character has their own song which is played by one particular instrument. When Ms. Lisa plays each character’s music, the children can pretend to play that instrument, or move around like that character for some music and movement.

Each class began with a puppet singing hello to each student. Pork Chop was one of the greeting puppets this month.
Ali the Alligator also took a turn leading the “Hello song”.


Pork chop singing to the Talmadge campus children.

This week Ms. Lisa also began teaching the students to the black keys of the keyboard. Each child had a chance to play their own melody with the black keys.




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