Music and Movement! | A Peek into Music Class | December


We always begin every music class by singing the “It’s music time today” song. Then, the music class sings the Good Morning song with the puppet of the week. The puppet sings good morning and each child sings Hello, and the puppet’s name back to the puppet.

The students learned the musical terms for a Fast beat, Alegro, Slow, Adagio and a “walking/medium” beat, Ondonte.

This month the classes hummed and sang to “Little Peter Rabbit”.  They sang Hello to Pork Chop the pig puppet.

The students played Triangles to Christmas songs and even decorated with some christmas lights to make the class more festive. They also tapped rhythm sticks to a song about a dreidel.

They  continued learning how to clap whole notes ( whole note hold it), half notes, quarter notes and 2 eighths.

The students also practiced singing their songs for the  Christmas Concert with Ms. Lisa.

May everyone have Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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