A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the last couple weeks the kindergartners read a poem called Every Time I Climb a Tree. The poem is about a little boy who enjoys climbing trees, and describes what all he sees while he’s in the tree. To start the reading we went outside and observed the trees and discussed what we saw and heard while observing. We then read the poem together and talked about how poems have rhythm, so we clapped out the rhythm together while I read aloud. The students got to write their own poem of a place that makes them feel free like the boy felt in the poem. They also drew what things the boy sees while he’s up in the tree. Because, it was the end if the volume, the students got to pick a character from the last three stories we read to ask a question.

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks

-The students will listen to a story about a lazy rich man.

-The students will answer interpretive questions and complete activities about the story.

-The students will evaluate how well they shared and listened to each other during the story.

Take A Peek Into Our Reading Group | January 2018

This week we started a new story called The Fire Cat. Our first reading we read the story and shared our questions with one another. This lesson provides a connection to the story so that it helps the children understand the story a bit better. In our second reading, the children listened to the story and then we did a movement activity. The children acted out a scene that took place in the firehouse when the cats come to look at the truck. The kids had a blast with this one. We then finished up our lesson with a writing activity. With our lesson the children were able to think more deeply about the key details in the story.

Our new story this week:)

A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of January 29

This week our “Peek” was written by two of our students! These students read our previous blogs, took pictures around the room, and filled in a blog template. The students did some editing together and with a teacher so what you will read below is their final product. There are still some misspelled words in their final product, but in a Montessori classroom we focus on the process, instead of the end result. Dr. Montessori believed when we put all of the emphasis on the final product, we devalue everything leading up to that point. This can discourage repetition which will make mastery of a skill difficult. The purpose of the students writing the blog is to provide you with a glimpse into the room through their eyes, to provide them with practice of real world skills, and to give them a deeper understanding of the materials in the room. We hope you enjoy their work!

“A Peek at Our Week” by Tyler (Fourth Grade) and André (Second Grade)

Throughout the week it was exsiting and interesting. We did a lot of things. We did knew science experiments. It was lots of fun. This is the blog.

This student is getting a lesson on Metric Measurement. She is also learning measerments smaller than a meter.
This student is a 3rd grader. He is doing the cheackerboard.
This student is a third year. She is doing the microscope. She is looking at the fingerprints of are classroom.
These students are doing the racks and tubes. It is divison they are doing.

“A Peek at Next Week” by Ms. Ashley

Next week, first grade students will review division with the Stamp Game, will discuss two straight lines on the same plane, and will learn the external characteristics of nematodes. Second year students will look at multiples and factors, will continue to review angles on a transversal, and will discuss landforms made of rocks, both natural and manmade. Third year students will practice multiplication on the Flat Golden Bead Frame, will review the rules of the apostrophe, and will discover the main characteristics of annelids. All Lower Elementary students will talk about the year and its parts and will begin the Africa Continent Study. Fourth year students determine relationships between primates, will bisect the height of triangles to find the area, and will begin studying viruses.


  • Greater Cleveland Aquarium “Going Out Experience” permission slips are due Monday, February 5. If your child would like to attend, the slip must be turned in on time in order to reserve our spot.
  • Our School Dance “Fun”raiser is Saturday, February 10, from 2-4 pm
  • Lake MetroParks Farm Park Field Trip forms are due Friday, February 16. This is a field trip for the entire class, not an optional “Going Out Experience.”
  • We need your help to make our Valentine’s Day party a success. Please take some time to review our list of supplies and sign up if you can bring something! Our list can be found here.

A Peek Into Music | January 2018

January was full of cold and snowy days but we stayed warm and active with Miss Lisa! We focused on rhythm and tempo this month. We used rhythm sticks and scarves to practice these skills.

Here students are using scarves to follow Miss Lisa dancing to the music. This lesson was focusing on the tempo of the music.


Here Miss Lisa is collecting rhythm sticks from students. The rhythm sticks help teach students about counting the beats and keeping a rhythm of the song. When they are collected Miss Lisa always encourages them to use their imagination to become an animal with the sticks.


A new unit we started at the beginning of January and finished at the end was “Peter and the Wolf”. We learned about the characters, the instruments and the story line of this classic tale.

Here Miss Lisa is introducing the instrument of Peter in “Peter and the Wolf”. Before listening to the entire story, students learn and identify which instruments indicate which character in the story.


Here the class is listening to “Peter and the Wolf”. Miss Lisa has illustrations to go along with the music of this tale.
Here is a great view of the wolf. Check with your student to see if they remember what character he goes after!

We had so much fun this month leaning about ” Peter and the Wolf”. The illustrations and music told such a vivid tale we will not forget anytime soon! We also learned about all sorts of instruments. Try listening to this with your student and see what they can identify at home.

A Peek Into Science | Cuyahoga Falls | January 2018

Absorption – To take something in.

What will happen if we pour water in a container containing paper towels and another container containing Sodium Polyacrylate? What is Sodium Polyacrylate? It is the material in diapers. All the children shouted,  “Ewwww”~ for diapers.

Mr. John took the container with the Sodium Polyacrylate and water, and dumped it out above the children’s heads. No water spilled out! We had fun learning about absorption!

Leak Proof Baggy

Polymers – Polymers chains working together.

“What? You poked holes with a pencil in a baggy filled with water? It didn’t come out?”

Yes! We slowly, but firmly pushed sharpened pencils through one side of a zip-locked bag filled with water. The water doesn’t leak at all!

Why? Plastic bags are made out of Polymers which are long chains of individual molecules, called monomers. So poking the bag with water means separating polymer chains without breaking them.


Play Dough Shapes

Buoyancy- A force in a liquid pushing against an object in the liquid.

We dropped different shaped (a bowl and a sphere) Play dough in water. The sphere shaped dough sank while the bowl shaped play dough floated. The sphere is dense and cannot push enough water out to stay a float. The bowl is able to push enough water out to equal its weight and therefore, floats!

We made our own slime!!!

We mixed Borax, Elemer’s glue and water. We stirred it with the spoon first and when we felt the long strands of molecules starting to connect, we used our hands!

Borax is the compound that is responsible for hooking the glue’s molecules together to form the putty-like material.


A Peek Into Art Class | January 2018

With Ms. Renee

We started off the new year traveling back in time to the very first artists: cave painters! We read The First Drawing by Mordecai Gerstein and talked about what it was like to live in the time of the cave people. Then we taped our “cave walls” to the walls of the room and made our very own drawing! We even signed them with our handprints like the cave people did.


Our next stop in time was the Ancient Egyptians! We learned that Egyptians also told their stories using drawings on stone, this time on the walls of their temples. We also talked about the dress of the Egyptians and how beautiful their clothing was. We read Let’s Visit Cairo by Lisa Manzione to learn more about Egypt and what makes this part of the world so unique. Then we decorated our very own Egyptian collars to wear over our clothes!

Next we traveled to Ancient Rome and learned about tesserae and the art of mosaics. The Romans used tiles to tell their stories on walls, ceilings and floors, so people started to imitate this on their homes, and learn to use different techniques and materials, like using 5KG buckets of weber grout for their tiles. Then we created our own mosaic using yarn and paper squares for our tiles.

Our last project of the month was an exploration of painting! The students had fun breaking into groups and traveling around the classroom visiting different painting stations. The students experimented with unique paintbrushes, rollers, painting with small cars, yarn and pom poms. It was so neat to see how involved and focused they all were while they did this!

A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of January 29th

This week was so much fun as we dove into learning about the Five Senses! We learned that our senses are Taste, Hearing, Smell, Sight, and Touch.We learned that our senses are very important to helping us discover and learn more about the world around us! We explored our sense of Hearing by playing our Silence Game we normally play during our morning line time. During the game, a candle is placed in the middle of our circle and the children and teachers sit as silently as possible. Before we started our Silence Game this week, I asked the children to close their eyes and, while they were sitting in silence, listen to all the sounds around them. The children also enjoyed taste testing jelly beans and guessing which flavor jelly bean they were tasting. So much fun!

Working on the three part Amphibian cards! This material in the Science area also is great preparation for reading, as the child matches the pictures and the names of the animals!
Working on the Weaving Material from the Practical Life Area. This material helps the child to develop their sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence. Also, by weaving from left to right, the child is being indirectly prepared for reading!
Proud of her cutting work!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Transportation

-Learning about different ways to travel.

-Learning songs about different ways to travel.

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms.Kate/February 2,2018

This week was all about learning the difference between living and nonliving. I was super impressed at how well our kids grasped these two things. We had fun reading a variety of books, drawing living and nonliving pictures then separating them into the correct categories, singing songs, and a few other fun activities. It was a really fun week!!

This week three of our friends got their very own journals! In our classroom our friends are able to work on their journals at any point during the day. I have a jar that is filled with different writing prompts that they are able to choose.  
When working on the teen board the children are able to associate the numbers 11 through 19 with the symbols. 
When working on our plant and animal puzzles the children are taught the proper names of the different parts of the plant and animal. Children also gain fine motor and pincher grip skills when picking up the pieces. 
The binomial cubes purpose is for the child to construct the cube according to shape and color. 
Today we celebrated our 100th day of school!!! We had a blast going on a 100th day scavenger hunt, making 100 day crowns, drawing what they would buy if they had a hundred dollars, and much much more!!  

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week is all about nocturnal animals. We will explore the different animals who only come out at night with a Venn diagram, songs, crafts, and different activities that help them get a better understanding!

Academic Enrichment | week of January 29th | Tallmadge

Measuring: The kindergarten students have been learning how to measure to the nearest inch and half inch.

Their first walking field trip to the Tallmadge Library!
This student is measuring a tissue box to the nearest whole or half of an inch.
This student is journaling about how she jumped out of bed in the morning, because she was so excited to come to school!
This student is measuring lines on a paper to the nearest whole or half of an inch and recording it.

A peak into next week: Measuring to the nearest forth of an inch.

Peek In Our Week ~ Mr. John ~ Week Of February 5th, 2018


Best friends, besties, BFF’s, call it what you will but the camaraderie in the Montessori Classroom runs deep.


Happy Birthday:
The Primary Montessori Classroom is comprised of students ranging ages from 2 1/2 to 6 years.  Here are my newest 5 year old student, 6 year old student, and our 29 year old teacher.



Healthy Teeth:
We had a Dental Hygienist visit our room and she explained the importance of brushing and flossing.  Also, the students played a game of healthy/unhealthy foods for your teeth.



Cultural Subjects:
Your children can count to ten in 20 different languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish, Kiswahili, and Welsh).


Line Time Lesson:
The class went green for the week learning about recycling, conserving energy, and pollution.  I explained that pollution was anything that made our environment dirty.  We learned there is littering.  Littering can be people throwing trash on the side of the road or dropping a candy wrapper in the woods.  We now know that we need to put trash in an appropriate container.  We learned that air pollution is created by factories’ smokestacks and cars exhaust.  Water Pollution is caused by factories dumping chemicals in the water or people throwing trash in the water instead of putting it in a trash can.  The 3 R’s were introduced and now we all know to reduce, reuse and recycle!  We thought of ways to conserve energy.  We came up with turning off lights in rooms we are not in or turning off the TV if we are not watching it.  We thought of turning off the water while we are brushing our teeth or turning down the heat and wearing a sweater instead.  During the kindergarten lesson a student realized the room was just as light with the lights off as it was if the lights were on.  Now we do our kindergarten lesson without lights.


Peak In Our Room:

Kindergarten Students have deadlines of work that is assigned. These girls are feverishly working to get their work done before the deadline or face “The Wrath Of John” . Just a play on words for you Trekkies.  For Non -Star Trek Fans it’s the movie named “Wrath Of Khan”.


This boy combined two weeks of lessons by putting together Elvis The Pelvis and placing internal organs where they are supposed to go. I did not teach him this and he came up with this himself. The Montessori classroom gives the child room to explore and create.


This student is receiving a lesson on The 9 Tray. He was in awe with how tall the thousand cubes stacked and this may have been an “ah ha” moment where he physically sees “how big/much” nine thousand is compared to nine units.


These two students are practicing writing cursive with the sand tray and writing on paper. The uninterrupted movements of the hand may make cursive letters easier for children to form, and for this reason, Absorbent Minds Montessori School introduces children to cursive writing first.


What’s Next:

Line Time For Week Of 2/12/2018: Presidents of the USA
Letter Of The Week:  T t
Rhyming Word Of The Week:  bed
Language:  Dutch/Flemish will be added


Mark your calendar


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