Take A Peek At Our Week/ Ms.Kate/May 3, 2018

This week our class learned all about Life cycles! We read some fantastic books on, chicken, flowers, frogs, ladybugs, and butterflies. They also watched videos, made crafts, and did activities that went along with our theme. Check out below some of the cool books we read.

One of our kindergarten friends is working on compound words. When working on this he is combining two or more words that function as a single unit of meaning.
Our friends are creating their own chicks out of paper plates, and paint!  
When working on the small bead frame it shows the relationship between categories of the decimal system. It also clarifies position and place value. This helps them with addition and subtraction.  
The teen board associates the numbers eleven through nineteen with the symbols 11 to 19.  
The pink tower develops visual discrimination of three linear dimensions; length, height, and width. The brown stair develops visual discrimination of width. 

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week is all about grandparents in lieu of our grandparents day that is coming up.


May 11th is mom’s for muffins. Start time is 7am.

We are taking a walking field trip to the fire station May 14th. Check out your kiddos folders for the permission slip.

Teacher appreciation week is May 6th through the 11th.

Grandparents day for our class is May 15th.

Don’t forget to bring in a white shirt for your kiddo!!!

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | April 2017

April was an incredible month in our Elementary Enrichment Classes. This month, students explored Roman numerals in everyday life, Aboriginal art, and practiced their recorders while playing along with recorded music. Let’s take a look inside the enrichment classrooms for this month.


In Art, students are moving along the timeline of art styles and techniques. This month they explored different cultures and the art they create. Students began with creating designs of animals and symbols on fabric, much like the traditional embroidered designs in Panama. Then students explored the Aboriginal “dream stories” of Australia where they painted animals and symbols using only brightly colored dots. After that, students explored African art by making pinch pots from clay and painting them in a traditional manner. At the end of the month, students shifted back into an artist focus by investigating Georges Seurat and Pointillism. Students were excited to go from large and basic forms of art to art that is literally composed of dots made from the tip of a paint brush.


In Latin, students have been using what they have learned about Roman numerals earlier in the year and applying it to everyday situations. This included writing their age in Roman numerals, their street address in Roman numerals, and numbers 1 to 100 in Roman numerals. In the picture, students were telling time in Roman numerals, as well as doing basic math in Roman numerals. Alongside this, students are preparing for a Grandparents Day performance, complete with well known characters and student made props. The students loved using the ancient and often overlooked Roman numerals in everyday life, and have carried over this ability into writing the date on their work plans in Roman numerals.


In Music, students have been zealously practicing their recorders in anticipation for Music on Thursdays. By this time, every student has a plethora of belts dangling from their recorder in honor of the songs they have mastered. In the picture, two students practice playing their recorders during a work period in effort to master the song they are both working on. Practicing the same song together helps students get the timings right, as well as an opportunity for peer feedback. In class, students have also been practicing playing their recorders along with pre-recorded music. This also has the same effect on their timing and rhythm.


April came jam-packed full of school events and weather changes. In between all of this, students explored different cultures and art techniques, learned new skills that date back to 300 C.E., and learned to play an instrument in sync with each other and with pre-recorded music.  We can’t wait to explore what is in store for the next month’s journey in Art, Latin, and Music.

Peek In Our Week | Academic Enrichment, Cuyahoga Falls | Week Of 4/23/2018


This week we discovered the conjunction.  The conjunction serves as a bridge between two sentences.  The conjunction also makes your writing flow better.

Kindergarten Students working on their Grammar Packets.

Next Week:

Lesson- Prepositions

Sight Words Of The Week- look, many

Synonym Of The Week- Nice

A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of April 23

This week, we learned all about Outer Space! We learned the names of all the planets in our solar system. We also learned that our Sun is a star! We also learned that all the planets orbit the Sun! We also learned that one orbit of the Earth around the Sun takes one year! We also learned about the International Space Station and watched a video clip of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon!

Working on the Triangle Box! When using this material the child construct an Equilateral Triangle in several different ways! This is also great preparation for Geometry later!


This child is perfecting his fine motor skills and pincer grip by using the Bead Drop work from the Practical Life area of the classroom!


This sweet girl said, ” Ms. Kristen, my mommy doesn’t know about the dwarf planets!” We decided to write their names down so she could show her mommy later!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Insects

Peek In Our Week | Mr. John Class | Week Of April 23rd, 2018

Line Time:

This week we learned about Life Cycles.  We went over the life cycle of mammals which is a very boring life cycle as our birds, reptile and fish.  We did discover that the life cycle of a toad/frog is a bit more unique (jelly eggs, tadpoles, froglet, frog).  Although, the life cycle of the butterfly is very interesting (eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis / cocoon, butterfly/moth).


Cultural Subjects:

Your children can count to ten in 25 different languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish, Kiswahili, Welsh,  Dutch/Flemmish, Polish, Serbo-Croation, Cebuano, Malay, Hindi, and Farsi).


Peek In Our Week:

This girl is working on the 10 Board/composing number from 11 to 99. This reinforces symbol, quantity and pattern. Notice the patter she came up with on her own?


She is working on the 9 Tray. The 9 Tray reinforces symbols, quantity, and patterns.


He is working with the Blue Rectangle Box. This work you can make many shapes. He discovered he can make a ginormous hexagon.


This student is working on the hundred board. The Hundred Board reinforces numbers/symbols and patterns.

Next Week:

Line Time- Food Chains

Letter Of The Week- A a

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bib

Adding Language of Turkish


Upcoming Events:

Moms and Muffins – May 11th, Friday 7am to 7:45am School Gym

Grandparents Day- May 16th, Wednesday

Zoo Field Trip May 25th, Friday

Take A Peek Into Our Week/April 26th 2018/Ms.Kate

I am just so proud of how well our class did at our International Festival. Our Kiddos worked so very hard for those three weeks!! I couldn’t be more proud..LOVE THEM!!!
Last week we had a few beyond beautiful days! Outdoor play enables children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out exercise,fresh air, and activity, we were also able to teach them some cool martial arts moves thanks to the best Martial Arts School. Outdoor play develops disposition for the outdoors, for physical activity, and care for the environment.


Book share day is my most favorite day of the week at school! When reading books aloud to children, it stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world.It also helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word.
Our friend is working on the color box three box. When children work on this they are working on visual discrimination and perception of colours. Box three contains 63 colour tablets in seven graded shades of nine colours.
One of our kindergarten students is working on our multiplication bead box. The purpose is to assist the child with memorization of the multiplication tables.
When working on the three long bead chain the child is able to practice linear and skip counting. This material is also a preparatory activity for more advanced work in the elementary grades, such as “cubing.” 

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week is all about the different life cycles such as chickens, plants, trees, and insects.

Please don’t forget to check your child’s cubby for replacement clothes!

A Peek at Our Week | Ms. Courtney’s Classroom | Week of April 23rd

Solar System: This past week we talked about how the sun, eight planets, comets, meteoroids, asteroids and stars make up our solar system. We discovered that each planet is very different from one another. Some are made of gas and some are made of rocks. Some planets have rings or moons, while others are tilted on their side.

Work Time

Parts of a Bird Puzzle: These children are tracing and coloring the bird puzzle by doing this they are learning how to grip and hold a pencil correctly. It also helps refine their hand control to steady the pencil and they are learning the characteristics of a bird.
Trinomial cube: This child is learning how to build a trinomial cube, while also getting an introduction into algebra and preparation for the formula a3+3a2b+3a2c+6abc+b3+3ab2+3b2c+3ac2+3bc2+c3.
Color Box 4: This child is grading different colors from darkest to lightest, while also refining her sense of sight.
Planets: These children are putting the planets in order starting with the one closest to the sun Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Cards and Counters: This child is demonstrating his knowledge that each number is made up of separate quantities. He is also able to visually see the sequence of numbers and how many separate units go together to form each number.
Pattern: This child is creating specific patterns using different colors and shapes.

Guest Readers



Tallmadge Grandparents Day | May 9th

Moms N Muffins | May 11th | 7 am to 8 am

LAST Bring Your Parent to Work Time | May 21st

Memorial Day | NO SCHOOL | May 28th

Last Day of School | May 31st

Kindergarten Graduation | June 1st | 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

A peak into next week: Dinosaurs

Academic Enrichment | week of April 23rd | Tallmadge

Articles: This week the students continued learning about how articles (a, an, the) are a part of speech used to indicate nouns. A hooks up with consonants. An hooks up with vowels. The hooks up with anything.

Above the students are identifying  and labeling the nouns, verbs and articles found in each sentence, by using a large black triangle for nouns, a large red circle for verbs and a small light blue triangle for articles.

A Peek into Science | 4/16 and 4/23 | Tallmadge Campus

Floating paperclip: First, we filled a bowl with water then without much luck we tried to make a paperclip float. We decided to tear off a piece of tissue paper placing it on top of the water. After that we laid the paperclip on top of the tissue paper. Using the eraser end of a pencil we carefully poked the tissue paper until it sank, and it left the paperclip floating. We were able to perform this experiment because of surface tension.

Colorful sugar water density tower: We filled three cups up with different colored water. Then, we added different amounts of sugar to each cup of colored water (3 tablespoons, 6 tablespoons and 9 tablespoons). Using an eyedropper we layered the water with the most dissolved sugar on the bottom, the middle amount of sugar in the middle and the least amount of sugar on the top. We discovered that the water containing the most amount of sugar was more dense, allowing the water with less sugar  to stack on top of the mixture with a higher density.


A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of April 23

This week our “Peek” was written by two of our students! These students read our previous blogs, took pictures around the room, and filled in a blog template. The students did some editing together and with a teacher so what you will read below is their final product. There are still some misspelled words in their final product, but in a Montessori classroom we focus on the process, instead of the end result. Dr. Montessori believed when we put all of the emphasis on the final product, we devalue everything leading up to that point. This can discourage repetition which will make mastery of a skill difficult. The purpose of the students writing the blog is to provide you with a glimpse into the room through their eyes, to provide them with practice of real world skills, and to give them a deeper understanding of the materials in the room. We hope you enjoy their work!

“A Peek at Our Week” by Darin (First Grade) and Isabel (First Grade)

On Monday we ate outside. On Tuesday we made litter bugs. On Wednesday we saw an astronaut read us a story.

She is doing Plant Kingdom Chart. She made her own Plant Kingdom Chart. This helps your brain.
She is doing Bohr diagram. She’s building an oxagin atom. It helps lern what air molicules look like.
He is playing recorder. Recorder helps with music. Recorder teachs you music notes.
Ms. Courtney showed us animals. The chik was soft. The chik was cute. The chik was squirmy. The chik was quick. The chik was fun.
The duck was brown. The duck was cute.

“A Peek at Next Week” by Ms. Ashley

I can’t believe next week begins our final month of school! Next week, first year students will learn the etymology of the words “numerator” and “denominator,” will practice their knowledge of right, obtuse, and acute angles, and will learn how animals satisfy their needs. Second year students will have their next Metric System lesson, will begin studying quadrilaterals, and will complete their study of the main characteristics of vertebrates. Third years will learn the Large Bank Game, will study the internal systems of birds, and will begin drawing their imaginary island! Fourth year students will add integers, begin studying transitive and intransitive verbs, will look at toolkits of hominids, and will begin studying protists.


  • Spring Portraits – Tuesday, May 1, beginning at 9:30 am! Part of the proceeds from the photos will go towards buying our classroom new materials! Please sign up here to reserve your spot!