A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of October 2nd

A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of October 2nd

I can’t believe it’s already the first week of October! The students have accomplished so much in such a short time. All students discussed the differences between prehistory and history, made constellation tubes from your donated toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and practiced summarizing. This week first graders practiced math facts with the Addition Snake Game, had their first experience with Geometry Proofs, danced like molecules, and discussed density of objects on Earth. Our second graders began adding fractions with like denominators, added to their editing repertoire with inserting punctuation marks, and practiced finding good information for research. Third grade students measured using fractions and decimals, reviewed the use of the thesaurus, discovered equivalence of the constructive triangles, and found main characteristics of Porifera. The fourth grade students solved word problems about currency, learned about daffynitions (coffee – someone who is coughed upon), discovered relationships of angles in Euclid’s Theorem, and practiced proper adjectives. We spent time together this week practicing our play that we will perform for the Primary students at both campuses, trying papaya, and using a drill!

Elementary Montessori students do a lot of research throughout their six years with us, both independent and assigned. To help students feel successful, first year children are introduced to many research skills. These students learn how to use an index and table of contents, how to avoid plagiarism, how to determine if information is useful, and how to organize their information. This first grade student is recording research about Black Widows onto a research note card. This card must be labeled with the title, author, publisher, and copyright date for later use in a bibliography.
One of our Spelling choices this week was “Michelangelo Write.” Students that chose this activity had to tape their paper to the bottom of a table before writing their words three times each. It was quite a sight to see students working on and under tables!
Using a pumpkin from our Ramseyer Farm trip, students had their first chance to use the drill this year. Before using the drill independently, students had to learn how to insert the drill bit, how to put on and remove the battery pack, how to lock the drill, and how to drill forward and in reverse. Some students drew faces on the pumpkin before drilling out the shapes to make a jack-o-lantern.
This fourth year student and a third year student wanted to practice estimation by estimating the amount of books in the entire school. They counted books in our rooms, Ms. Courtney’s room, the office, and the storage closet. Their estimation was 1,001 books and the final count was 1,091.
Thanks to your help collecting toilet paper and paper towel rolls, we were able to make constellation tubes. We began our work by defining the word “constellation” and sharing what we already knew. We looked at drawings of common constellations and then made our tubes. Students had to label their tubes with the name of their constellation and poke holes in the paper on top to form the constellation. You can see it if you look towards the light or shine a flashlight through the tube. We also have constellation cards on the shelf for students to practice their sewing skills!

A Peek into Next Week

Next week Lower Elementary students will discuss end punctuation, different types of measurement, indenting a paragraph, leaf veins and plant stamen, and will begin studying North America. Upper Elementary students will begin decimal studies, continue exploring Euclid’s Theorem, and work with the microscope. We have our first bus field trip on Tuesday, October 10, to Holden Arboretum. While there, we will learn about plants and animals of Ohio and try their Canopy Walk! Please dress your child for a day outdoors and send a disposable lunch.

REMINDERS: Holden Arboretum Field Trip 10/10

Please sign up for the Parent Education Night (10/25) about preparing your child for success now and in the future. You can sign up for the workshop here.

A peek into our Academic Enrichment for kindergartners | Tallmadge Campus 9/29/17

The past two weeks we have covered North America and the bodies of water surrounding the continent. We also covered Ohio and its surrounding states. We learned things like:

Tracing and labeling North America (Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Hudson Bay, Great Lakes and Gulf of Mexico).
Learning and identifying the three largest countries in North America (Canada, United States of America and Mexico).
Ohio’s state bird is a Cardinal.
Ohio’s state flag is the only flag that is not a rectangular shape.


Our next unit we will be diving into is Landforms!

A Peek into our Academic Enrichment with kindergartners | Cuyahoga Falls Campus 9/29/17

Academic Enrichment with Mr. John
Over the past few weeks together we looked at the bodies of water that “touch” the continent in which we live, North America. The students know that Hudson Bay is to the north and Gulf of Mexico is to the south. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east and to the west is the Pacific Ocean. We also identified where the Great Lakes are. Do you know what the significance of “HOMES” is?

Next, we took a look at the great state of O-H-I-O. Your children know the official “things” of Ohio:
Tree: Buckeye Tree
Fossil: Trilobite
Mammal: White Tail Deer
Flower: Scarlet Carnation
Insect: Lady Bug
Drink: Tomato Juice
Rock and Roll Song: Hang On Sloopy

They also know it is the Buckeye State, the abbreviation is OH, and the capital city is Columbus.  We also looked at the surrounding states of Ohio and learned the abbreviation and nickname for each.

Reading Group with Ms. Kate

This week our Reading Club read the story Big Wolf and Little Wolf. After the story, I encouraged the children to ask questions from the story. We then worked together as a team to come up with basic comprehension questions. After our discussions, we completed the sharing questions. The children really enjoy copy writing their sharing question from the white board. They feel so proud of their writings and drawings. During the next week, we will be focusing on vocabulary, acting out and analyzing a section of the text. We will also explore the story’s meaning by discussing interpretive questions!


Handwriting with Ms. Kristen

All of our practice using form drawing has paid off and the kindergarten students are working hard on forming their cursive letters. We are working our way through the alphabet. In the past two weeks, we have been working on C-H. The children are carefully learning step by step how to form each letter and are working on copy writing sentences using words beginning with the letter we are currently working on that day. I am so proud of our young writers!

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | September 2017

This month has been full of exciting enrichment classes. Latin, Art, and Music are in full swing, with each class fully immersing students into the topic at hand. Each class has started with the fundamentals and progressively advanced through the month. Let’s take a look inside the enrichment classrooms for this month.


In Art class, students have been studying colors and how each interacts with the others. Students began by designing 3 dimensional cubes in the fashion of Mondrian using straight lines and primary colors. In the following weeks, students were able to connect themselves with colors by creating a self portrait in combination with colors of their choice. This month wrapped up with mixing only primary colors to create a full spectrum palette, then using those colors to paint pears. A solid foundation of color theory leads students to a more holistic understanding of what color is, how it is used, how we perceive it, and the connotations and emotions associated with each.


In Latin, students began studying the Greek gods and their influences on Greek and Roman culture. Students were familiar with many of these characters, but with further exploration, there is always something new to learn. Reading and writing Roman numerals came next as it is a staple in Latin language. Students also began exploring applicable Latin words, such as “hello,” “teacher,” and “bye.” In the future, students will continue to explore conversational Latin and language structure. With this understanding of different languages, students can begin to make the connections not only between Latin and English, but more importantly the influences languages have on each other and the overall structure of language itself.


In Music class students have been exploring the history of music and the numerous composers who have made an impact on how we understand music today. In the picture, students are researching Beethoven and his contributions to the musical realm. In class, students played “Name That Tune” and “Musical Hangman.” They also explored the staff and scales by becoming the notes and arranging themselves on a musical staff. In the latter half of the month, students began working with the handbells and playing “Jingle Bells,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” This musical journey allows students to make connections between the music they have heard in the real world, composers of the past and present, and their own musical creativity.

What a fantastic month we had in all our enrichment classes! We can’t wait to explore what the next month’s journey in Art, Latin, and Music.

Peek at our Week | Ms. Kate’s Class | Week of September 25th

This week we learned all about what respect is, and using our manners. Throughout the week, we had discussions about what is a peacemaker and what a peace breaker does. We also made our own classroom rules as a group. Together as a class, we also created a listening chart. I was super proud of how well the children grasped this concept!

Our friend here is working on the Geometry Cabinet. With this work the children discriminate their geometric shapes. They are also learning new vocabulary.
Our kindergartners are working on their weekly journal entries. When children are journal writing they are able to write about personal experiences, and their reflections. It also teaches children that their thoughts, feelings, and words can be transferred from their minds to paper.
This week our friend worked really hard on the trinomial cube. The purpose of the amazing material is for the preparation for mathematics, working on three dimensional patterns. This is also an introduction for algebra.

Take a Peek Into Next Week !
Next week is all about apples! We will be focusing using on the life cycle of an apple, learning about Johnny Appleseed, tasting different types of apples, and making homemade applesauce!

A Peek At Our Week | Mr. John’s Class | Week of September 25th

Akron, The New York Of The Midwest???

This will be my last post about the oddities I learned of Akron when I moved here.  Akron has boroughs. Yes, boroughs.  When I was given directions to find something I was told’ “Go to Wallhaven, you’ll be near Northhill, or Highland Square is a cool place.”  I was expecting to find a subway that took me to all of these fun and exotic places!  Little did I know they were about ten minutes from each other!  Now that I am a fully immersed Akronite, I now understand what/where people are talking about when they mention Goodyear Heights or Westhill.  I nod my head in agreement because I now know what they are talking about…  The Boroughs Of Akron.

This week we talked about living and nonliving things. Your children now know what makes a living thing a living thing!  All living things reproduce, grow, eat or take in nutrients, breathe or exchange gas, and need water. We are all in agreement that plants, animals, trees, grass, are living things!

A Montessori classroom consists of multi aged students. In the Primary Classroom we have 2 1/2 to 6 year old children. This is our newest 3 year old!
The Number Rods are one of the beginning materials in the Math area. Number Rods help the child experience the “quantities” in addition to counting from 1 to 10.
This Math work is called Cards and Counters. This reinforces that each symbol (number) is made up of separate quantities. *** Notice the other students observing the student working on this material *** A big part of the Montessori classroom is the student learning from their peers by observing or by the older student teaching younger students.
Color Box 2 can be found in our Sensorial area. It is very attractive to our children with all the colors it contains. The children match the colors and identify what colors they are. We also introduce the terms primary colors and secondary colors when the student is ready.
This material is called Pink Rhyming and found in the Language area. The Pink Series focuses on the short vowel sounds. Pink Rhyming consists of the five vowel sounds and rhyming word within each group. For example. HAT: bat, cat, fat, sat. DOT: cot, rot, hot. **** Notice younger students observing the older student work ****


Peek At Next Week:

Characteristics:  Warm Blooded, have hair or fur, vertebrates, born alive!

Letter of the Week:
F f

Rhyming Word of the Week:

A Peek at Our Week | Elementary | Week of September 25th

This week our “Peek” was written by two of our students! These students read our previous blogs, took pictures around the room, and filled in a blog template. The students did some editing together and with a teacher so what you will read below is their final product. There are still some misspelled words in their final product, but in a Montessori classroom we focus on the process, instead of the end result. Dr. Montessori believed when we put all of the emphasis on the final product, we devalue everything leading up to that point. This can discourage repetition which will make mastery of a skill difficult. The purpose of the students writing the blog is to provide you with a glimpse into the room through their eyes, to provide them with practice of real world skills, and to give them a deeper understanding of the materials in the room. We hope you enjoy their work!

“A Peek at Our Week” by Ainsley (Third Grade) and Tyler (Fourth Grade)

This week the first year students learned the artical. The second year students learned AM/PM. The fourth year student learned the noun folder. He also learned Estimation. This week the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years learned the yarn timelein.

This student is doing Spelling. His activities are write your words three times in cursive and write your words one time in bubble letters. Spelling helps with research.
These students are lerning racks and tubes 3 digit division. The next step of this is division on paper.
We held adishons for the halloween play. The adishons were for “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.”
This student is doing science. She is practicing the volcano.

A Peek into Next Week

by Ms. Ashley

Next week, Lower Elementary students will be taking a deeper look at the Timeline of Life. First year students will discuss capitalization and the Dance of the Molecules. Second year students will edit sentences, measure angles, and discuss how animals satisfy their needs. Third years will discuss types of sentences and the main characteristics of Porifera. Fourth years will work with direct objects and will begin studying multiples. All students will study the compass and map keys. Some students will travel to Tallmadge Circle to complete their compass work!

REMINDERS: Picture Day is Tuesday, October 3. There will be no gym Friday, October 6.


A Peek At Our Week | Ms. Kristen’s Class | Week of September 25th

This week our classroom was very busy and full of fun! We learned all about community helpers. The children enjoyed learning what a community helper is and the different jobs they can have. We learned that police keep us safe. We also learned that without construction workers we wouldn’t have our school building. We also enjoyed having parents come and speak to our class about how they help our community! The children also enjoyed learning some words in French with Ms. Mel during afternoon group time.

Proud of his work on the 100 Board! This work aids the child in counting from 1 to 100 and aides them in mastering numeration.
This classroom visitor came to speak about what it is like to be a nurse at Akron Children’s Hospital! The children tried on hats and gloves that nurses wear and listened to their heart beats with a stethoscope!
Another student’s family came and shared with or class as well! Dad is a High School Writing Teacher and Mom is also a Nurse. He shared with us about the different types of characters you may find in a story. She shared with us how she goes to people’s houses and helps to take care of them. They also shared how they help others by being a foster family!


A Peek At Next Week:  All about Farms!
Students will learn all about what it takes to run a farm, what animals are on the farm and we will even make butter together.  We will also learning ASL farm vocabulary.

A Peek at Our Week | Ms. Courtney’s Classroom | Week of September 25th

Topic: Five Senses

This past week the children learned how our five senses help us understand and explore the world around us. Our five senses help us collect information about ourselves and our surroundings. They also learned to identify the five senses: hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and seeing.  We discovered that sometimes we use two or more senses at once; and how important it is for our senses to work together. The children had the opportunity to practice using their senses to determine properties of objects and distinguish them from one another.


Taste testing sweet, salty, bitter and sour foods.



Work Time

Tracing Name: This child is tracing her name in cursive. By doing this she is developing fine motor skills and coordination because her eyes and hands have to focus on the same thing in order to form each letter.
Color Box 2: This child is using her ability to discriminate and identify different colors in order to match them.
Pumpkin Scrubbing: This child is using many motor skills while also remembering the order and sequence of each action to successfully pumpkin scrub, which naturally leads to the development of concentration.
Floor Mopping: This child is mopping the classroom after lunch, doing this makes her more aware and willing to care for the classroom environment.
Spindle Box: This child is matching the correct quantity of spindles to each numeral symbol. She is also being introduced to the concept of zero and what its symbol looks like, while also seeing the natural sequence of the numerals.
Color Box 4: This child is grading different colors from lightest to the darkest, while also refining his sense of sight.
Tracing Tree Puzzle: This child is tracing and coloring the tree puzzle by doing this he is learning how to grip and hold a pencil correctly. It also helps refine his hand control to steady the pencil.
Pattern Peg Board: This child is reading the pattern control chart and creating the same pattern on the peg board. By doing this work she is gaining the skills needed to recognize and create patterns. This will not only help her determine patterns in math but also provide her with the needed pre-reading skills in language.
Cursive Chalkboard Writing: This child is practicing writing cursive letters on a chalkboard. She is developing multiple skills involving her eyes, arms, hands, memory, posture and body control.
Pyramid Puzzle: These students are matching the different colors together in order to create the pyramid shape. This puzzle involves not only the ability to concentrate but the ability problem solve.

Guest Reader (if you are interested in being a guest reader email me at cowens@themarterkids.com)


Picture Day Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Look into Next Week: Leaves

  • The students will observe the differences in leaf shape.
  • The students will observe the different Fall colors and the fun we can have with leaves.
  • The students will sort a variety of fall objects.
  • The students will learn different textures leaves have and identify them.


A Peek At Our Week | Ms. Kristen | Week of September 18th

This week in our classroom, we learned All About Apples! The students enjoyed learning about the life cycle of the apple. We discovered apples are ripe in the Fall, and apple trees sprout beautiful flowers in the Spring! We also discussed different things that can be made from apples and the names of the different parts of the apple.

Working on the Parts of The Apple work together using three part cards!


Proud of her work! This student used the chalkboard to to practice writing the letter “H”.


Proud of his work using the Metal Insets! This material is designed to aid the child in steadying their hand for handwriting!


A Peek Into Next Week:All About Community Helpers

-What do community helpers do for us?
-Hearing from guest speakers who are Community Helpers
-How do we call 911?
-Learning French with Ms. Mel!