A Peak into Music Class | September 2017

In September, the students met Ms. Lisa our music teacher, learned the rules for music, and how to use certain instruments.  The instruments we learned how to play were rhythm sticks, castanets, and maracas. The students also learned musical terms such as staccato, legato, allegro, andante, and adagio.

Singing hello to Allie the Allegator. Ms. Lisa has the students watch Allie’s mouth while they sing hello to her, so they know whe to start and end singing. This teaches them how to follow directions and how to sing together like a choir.
Using egg shakers to match the beat of the song.
Using maracas to make the sound of a train. The students marched in a circle like a train and had to listen when Ms. Lisa rang the bell and played the train whistle to know when to start and stop. The song played in defferent tempos as well, so the students practiced walking slowly, at a medium pace, and at a fast pace.











A Peek into Science | Tallmadge Campus

In Science this month, students learned the term oxidation and discovered that when you add bleach to something it becomes oxidized, therefore its properties change.



The students experimented with air pressure using a hair dryer and ping pong ball. They discovered that the air from the hair dryer flows around the outside of the ball, so if they positioned the ball carefully, the air flowed evenly around each side making the ball float midair. We also talked about how gravity pulls the ball downward while the pressure below the ball from the moving air forces it upward, meaning that all the forces acting on the ball are balanced and the ball hovers in midair.


The students experienced seeing sound waves using a metal spoon and pan. They also learned that sound waves are what allows us to hear different noises.


For science this week we filled a Ziploc bag up with water and gently using pencils pierced through the bag until it pierced both sides, surprisingly NO water leaked out! The students discovered that the plastic the Ziploc bag we used was made of naturally formed a seal around the object as long as it stayed in place.


Our next experiment, we created an environment where we could see the oxygen/carbon dioxide process of plants by submerging a leaf in water and placing it in the sunlight. The process of photosynthesis allowed us to see bubbles on the leaves and as the leaves released its’ extra oxygen from being submerged, the oxygen was seen as bubbles in the water.

It has been a fun month exploring in Science!

A Peek into Science Class | Cuyahoga Falls Campus

by Ms. Mel

What a fun month in Science class!  Together we asked many questions and made new discoveries!

Magically Inflating Balloon- Chemical Reactions. The balloon filled with the carbon dioxide which resulted from a chemical reaction created by mixing vinegar and baking soda. We loved this experiment!
Density – The mass in a specified volume.  The egg in salt water floated! The egg in freshwater sank!
Cylinder Strength – Distribution of Weight. Look! The paper cylinder holds 8 books.
Density – The difference in the weight of two objects of the same size. Shake the bottle! The oil and water seperated. The oil rose to the top.



A Peek into Dance Class | Tallmadge Campus

We started off our dance class with some fun warm-up routines and stretches set to music (because music makes everything better) to get our bodies and our minds ready to dance. Once we were all warmed up, we tested our skills with several movement routines across the floor including skipping, galloping, and multistep combinations. After mastering the floor routines, we ended our class by practicing our jumping technique jumping over a foam block. There was so much growth seen in just this one class, that I can’t wait to see what has happened by the end of the year!


A Peek into Dance Class | Cuyahoga Falls Campus

We are having fun in dance class at our Cuyahoga Falls Campus!  In the pictures below the children warmed up with some jazzy music that had them dancing and clapping. Afterwards they practiced with the 4 walk step in groups of 3.  Dance classes are just beginning.  We are excited to see what our students learn accomplish this year!



A Peek into Tae Kwon Do | All Campuses

Students love to begin Taekwondo class with a warm up run through the jungle with Mr. Allen.  They also spend time in their class learning and practicing new forms before moving on to some Ninja kick boxing and Ninja Rocks. At the end of class we play some Fireball, which has always been a favorite among our friends!


At Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class |Week of October 2

This week we learned All About Farm Life! The children enjoyed learning all about what animals live on a farm, what farmers grow, and some ASL and Spanish words for farm animals. The children also enjoyed watching a video clip of a baby chick being born and making their own butter to taste test! So much fun!

Work Time:

Working on the Part To Whole material from the Language area of the Classroom! Much like putting a puzzle together, using this material is great preparation for reading!
Proud of her work on the Opposite Cards in the Language Area of the classroom!
The Green Knobless Cylinders, bringing two friends together to learn how to build shortest to tallest, which is great preparation for Math!


A Peek Into Next Week:

-Learning all about pumpkins.

-Making pumpkin muffins.

-How do pumpkins grow?

-Learning the poem “Five Little Pumpkins”



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Peek At Our Week | Mr. John’s Class | Week of October 2, 2017

Mr. John’s Babblings…

“When Music Mattered”

In the time period when I was growing up, music was a social barometer.  Let me explain.  There were the “metal heads” who liked Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple.  There were the “pop rockers” that liked Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, The Who.  The disco era was included in my time (but I refuse to remember any of those bands).   Me?  I dabbled in most genres but my passion was the New Wave/Punk movement.  I was fascinated with the new sound and subculture of it all.  There was one major problem, no mainstream Cleveland radio stations played this music.  Only college radio (WRUW, WCSB, WJCU, WBWC, WOBC) did.  You see, I lived in Amherst, Ohio and was about 30+ miles away from Cleveland.  So, pulling in these stations was not easy and I had to find the time slots when this music was played.  I would be huddled by my Realistic stereo (purchased from Radio Shack) fine tuning the dial searching for the music I loved and having my tape deck poised to record anything “cool”.  This was when I found bands like The Cure, Bauhaus, The Pistols, Joy Division, The Ramones, Black Flag, The CJ’s, T Grissle, The Clash.  My point is, back then the music you listened to defined “you”.   I am not sure if music now a days has the impact on today’s youth like it did in the past.   I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  You tell me.

On a sad note a rock and roll legend passed away way too soon, Tom Petty.  He’s Runnin Down A Dream!

This past week we learned about Mammals.  Mammals are vertebrates (have a spine or backbone), warm blooded(their body temperature does not change), have hair or fur, live bearers, and eat/drink mother’s milk when young.  Some mammals live in the water such as dolphins and whales.  The only mammal that can fly is the bat! Oh and people are mammals!

Cultural Subjects:
During line time we can count to ten in 7 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and Japanese).


We had an alumnus visit our classroom and read. This special alumni student is in 4th grade and goes to Resnick Elementary School.


In the Math area you can find the Addition Charts. The purpose of this material is to practice with addition problems which will lead to memorization to facts.
This is a math work called the Exchange Game. This is the introduction to addition “carryovers” while still reinforcing the comprehension of quantities in the unit, ten, hundred, and thousand columns.
Cursive writing falls into the Language area. Research indicates that cursive trains the brain to have better hand-eye coordination and reading efficiency.
This material is the famed 9 tray. It connects the symbol(numbers) and quantity. This student is using this material to do addition equations. Students learn the operation of addition, visual representation of addition, and learn vocabulary of addition such as addends and sums.
Geography, YAY! We were focusing on the bodies of water that are adjacent to the continent in which we live, North America. To the north is Hudson Bay. To the South is Gulf of Mexico. To the East is the Atlantic Ocean. To the west is the Pacific Ocean. In our neck of the woods are the Great Lakes.


Peek into next week:
Reptiles! Their characteristics and example of reptiles.

Letter The Week:
G g

Rhyming Word Of The Week:


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A Peek into our Week | Ms. Kate’s Class | Week of October 2nd

This week we had so much fun learning all about apples. We had fun  learning about the parts of an apple, the life cycle of an apple tree, painting with apples, graphing our favorite apple, and making homemade applesauce. We had such a blast!

Our friend is working hard on the Geometry Cabinet. The purpose of this work is for the child to gain visual and tactile knowledge of the geometric forms.
Our friend is working on our picture to picture match work. This work is a pre-reading skill . Picture to picture matching also brings in deep concentration which can be very calming for a child. It also provides an opportunity to master a skill, and helps to demonstrate their knowledge in the world around them.
This week we made homemade applesauce together. The children were able to cut the apples and place all of the ingredients  into the crock pot. It was super yummy!

A Peek into Next Week:

Next week our class will be jumping into Autumn! we will have fun exploring different types of leaves, why leaves change color, having fun with leaf rubbings, fun learning new fall songs and more!

Parents this weekend will be the perfect fall weekend for a hike. Go and explore a favorite trail. While you are there try to find some colorful leaves! You are more than welcome to bring in your leaves to share!



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A Peek at Our Week | Ms. Courtney’s Classroom | Week of October 2nd

Topic: Leaves

This week the students learned that a leaf is one of the most important parts of a plant. They discovered that leaves produce food for the plant through a process called photosynthesis, and that leaves of different plants vary widely in size, shape and color. Also, the children learned the life cycle of a leaf and why leaves change color in the fall. They discovered the different parts of a leaf like: veins, blade, midrib, petiole and stipule.

Work Time

Moveable Alphabet: This child is identifying and matching the symbol for each sound he hears while sounding out the name of the object in order to correctly label each object.
Hand Grasping: Initially the child will use his whole hand to transfer large items from one bowl to the next. Then they will start transferring smaller items like the child in this picture using their fingers. As the items for transferring become smaller the child is required to use their pincer grasp more and more strengthening their finger muscles needed to grasp a pencil.
Animals/Continent World Map: These children are learning the names of the animals and where they live, while also sorting the animal picture cards and the seven continent labels in the appropriate location on the world puzzle map.
Moveable Alphabet: This child is saying the word of the object and matching the symbol with the correct initial sound to the object.
We found a lion on the playground at recess!
Geometric Solids: This child is developing a sense of awareness of three-dimensional shapes to objects in his environment. He is able to identify and label shapes such as sphere, ovoid, ellipsoid, cone, cylinder, cube, triangular prism, square prism, triangular based pyramid and square based pyramid.
Linear Counting: These children are working on one of our cubed bead chains, they are identifying the names of the numbers and seeing the correspondence of the quantities with the written number on the cards.
Land/Air/Water: This child is sorting and naming objects that you would see in the sky, on the land or in the water.



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A Look into Next Week: Apples

  • The students will learn to describe an apple using all of their senses.
  • The students will discuss all the different shapes apples can be.
  • The students will taste test red, green, and yellow apples.
  • The students will explore the inside of an apple.