Peek Into The Week | Mr. John’s Classroom | Week of January 8th, 2018

What Did You Say?


Have you been hearing some strange terminology coming from your children lately?  If you have, I am the one to blame.  My grandmother came straight off the boat from Czechoslovakia with her two sisters.  The only people that could communicate with grandma because she only spoke Slovak were her 6 children but as I got older I realized grandma knew a heck of a lot more English then she let on.  Although, some of the words stuck with my cousins, brother and sister, and myself.  Giving examples of  my grandma, most of my aunts, and mom wore a scarf over their head called a babushka.  I don’t think I have ever used this word in the classroom but I do use is the word doopa/dupa quite often which means you’re rear end, hiney, or butt.  For example.  “Everyone put your doopa on the line.  I also call students paczki.  The paczki is a polish jelly filled, fried donut.  At times I used the term poopolushka.  I just made this word up because it sounds Slovak and sounds fun and I use it as term of endearment.  For the word for pants I may use the word gotchies.  I also say oyskamoyschkie.  I am not sure if I am getting the pronunciation right but grandma would always say this when she was aggravated with us (which was often).  At one point I asked my dad why he never taught me the language.  his reply was ” When grandma dies we will not speak the language anymore.”  With that said I hope the language of Slovak will remain with your children and carry on the native language of the family Kotrady (not a typo. Just ask). 

The below meme was a conversation on Facebook between my sister and some cousins regarding the cold weather we just had.



Girls Just Want To Have Fun– and so do boys…   Sometimes we just get goofy in the classroom.



Cultural Subjects:
Your children can count to ten in 15 different languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagolog, Hebrew, and Korean).

Happy Birthday:
A Montessori Classroom has students ranging from 2.5 to 6 years of age.  Here are the newest 5 year old students.


Peeking Into The Classroom:

Doing Chores in the Montessori Classroom is a staple activity. Here you can see students emptying the trash, sweeping the floor, and wiping the table tops.  Everyday a child is given a different task to do.   Doing chores helps the child enhance focus and confidence, gives them a sense of accomplishment, gives them self-reliance and purpose, increases empathy by learning to be responsive to others’ needs, instills a work ethic, and improves a sense of belonging.

This student is working on equations with the Stamp Game. The Stamp Game is a tool for learning and reinforcing knowledge of the four maths operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is just more abstract, yet concretely demonstrates the maths process to students that are ready for this material. This student is working on equations of multiplication, with multiple carry overs in all columns. For example 654 x 6.

This student is working on one of my Science Boxes (frogs and toads). She is reading a book on frogs and toads and has four pieces Jelly eggs, tadpole, froglet, and frog. She puts them in order to reinforce the life cycle of a frog/toad.

Here are two friends working on the sandpaper numbers. The aims of sandpaper numbers are to give the child a sensorial impression of the form of the symbol. To show the succession of numbers. To show base 10 Recognition of numerals 0-9 Preparation for writing numbers.

Upcoming Stuff:

Line Time Lesson: The 5 Senses

Letter Of The Week: P p

Rhyming Word Of The Week: bun

Family Trees
Recess Attire
Chinese New Year

***  NO SCHOOL Monday 1/15/2018  ***




Peek At Our Week ** Mr. John ** Week of December 18, 2017

‘Tis The Season For…..

Christmas songs

This time of year when you turn on the radio you will be inundated with Christmas songs.  Depending what radio station or streaming app station you listen to you will hear songs from country artists, back in the day (1940’s) not that I remember those days, rock, soft rock, etc…   I am going to share my Christmas Playlist and it’s not for the faint of heart, lol.  There is no distinct order I am just jotting them down as I think of them.

Band Aid, Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Kinks, Father Christmas

Pogues, Fairy Tale Of New York City

London After Midnight, Christmas Song

Cruxshadows, Happy Xmas, War Is Over (John Lennon Cover)

Ramones, Merry Christmas /I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight

Chris Squire & Alan White (From Yes), Run With The Fox

Greg Lake, Father Christmas

Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping

This Ascension, Mysteruim (a version of On This Day Earth Shall Ring/Personet Hodie)

Bono reciting a poem called “Driving To Midnight Mass, Dublin, On Christmas Eve” by John F. Dean

Pretenders, 2000 miles

Finally …. David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

I know I have more but it’s getting late.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, Happy New year, Happy Festivus, and what ever you celebrate!  Just be happy and safe.


Festivus for the rest of us!


Happy Birthday:

A Montessori classroom hast students aging from 2 1/2 to 6 years of age. These are my two newest six year old students.


Peek In Our Week:
I just wanted to say your children did a great job at the Christmas Show!!!!  Those two songs they sung were very difficult pieces to sing.  The church I attend has an extremely accomplished music program and the Men’s, Women’s, Children’s  (age 8 to voice changing for boys) sing these songs on Christmas Eve to a packed house.  Very seasoned choristers that practice five hours a week. I wanted to do something different and the set up for this year’s show gave me that opportunity.  I felt these Carols were very beautiful songs and the students would be more than qualified to pull it off.  The soloists that did Past 3 O’ Clock did a very fine job.  My daughter, niece, and nephew were all soloists for this song at age 12, my youngest son did it at age 9. I was so impressed the two 6 year old students did so well.  I do want to thank all of the staff involved from teachers practicing with the children to the office staff securing the location to mapping out EVERYTHING that needed to be done.  Of course, I wanted to thank the parents for everything you did including taking your children to the restroom before the show.  The Absorbent Minds Montessori School Family is truly a special one.


Peek Into The Next Work Week:

Winter Break ENDS:  Wednesday 1/3/2018  :))

Line Time:  Reintroducing Ground Rules

Letter Of The Week:  N n

Rhyming Word Of The Week:  bob

Start bringing in the family trees.

**Students will need snowpants, winter coat, gloves or mittens, hats, and boots to be able to go out for recess.**



Peek At Our Week | Mr. John | Week Of December 11, 2017

I think I have matured (GASP)

I just couldn’t do it…

I look back when I was a teenager that was of driving age and wonder to how I am not dead or maimed for life.  My buddies and I did some stupid stuff in our/parents cars.  I mean really stupid stuff.  I remember speeding up at railroad tracks that were on slight hills and becoming airborne and hitting the ground with such force that we would bounce and hit our heads on the roof of the car.  This was a time where seat belts were optional.  Only minor damage to the tie rods occurred and once a ruptured oil pan. Another fun thing to do was riding through the pile of leaves on the side of the road.  Always a fun thing to do except when there was an occasional rock or big tree limb buried in the pile.  For the life of me, then and now, I could never figure out why Jim and I did this stunt.  Riding in his Buick Skyhawk we, I should say he, stepped on the gas and drove straight into a road barricade.  Other than our screams at first then laughter after we knew we were alive and unharmed, a cracked windshield and minor front end damage resulted.  Im still in awe how he talked himself out of any kind of punishment from his parents.

This all brings me back to this Tuesday morning which we had a significant first snowfall.  I pulled into the school’s unplowed, snow covered parking lot and got this crazy thought about doing donuts.  I started revving the engine, started to turn the steering wheel……..  Then I chickened out.  I thought what if I hit someone?  What if I lose control and crash into the play ground? What if I hit a dry spot and roll the car.  Yes, I thought I may roll the car!  Yikes.  A slight fishtail was all I could handle.  About 10, 20, ok 30 maybe 40 years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about doing donuts.  My thoughts sound very similar to my parents.  Is it getting old?  Responsible?  Maturing?  Chicken?  Lol  Should I even miss my teenage bravado?  So many questions and so little answers for such a seasoned mature guy.



Line Time:
We kept practicing for The Christmas Show and learned about Christmas traditions from around the world. 


Peek Into The Classroom:

These students are having fun with the Trimonial Cube. As you can see they just did the outer wall of this material. This is another extension that the children can create different versions of materials.


This picture depicts a seasoned reader reading to a younger student. My readers have to accomplish two things before mastering a book. 1) read the story fluently and 2) give details of the story.  I start out with reading the Hooked On Phonics books then the students graduate to my “Max” books. When those are mastered I introduce chapter books such as Magic Tree House, Billy B Brown and / or Jack books.


This student is preparing the snack to share with the class. The student that brings snack for the week prepares her snack for week. This is a Practical Life skill. The Practical Life area enhances fine motor skills, concentration, and life skills such as pouring, folding, scooping, and excuse my sophomoric humor, cutting the cheese. hehe


The direct purpose of the sandpaper letters is to teach the child the sounds of the alphabet by means of auditory, muscular, and visual memory. Also, memorization of letter sounds plays a part in learning the letter sounds.


Peek To Next Week:

We will still be focusing on the holiday season.

December 20, Wednesday:  Pajama Day/ Show and Tell (no weapons)

December 21: Winter Break Begins  :))

January 3: Winter Break Ends  :((

Students will need snowpants, winter coats, hats, gloves, and boots to go outside for recess.

Peek In Our Week / Mr. John / Week of December 4, 2017


They ain’t what they used to be

The last time I was perusing the snack room and I visit it often I noticed one snack has been shoved to the back of the shelf (literally and figuratively) and that snack is the pretzel.  When I was young (not that long ago) the pretzel was the staple snack for children.  They are salty, crunchy, and relatively healthy.  They come in many different shapes such as the large pretzel rod, the fun bow tie, and the cute small sticks.  Of course, there were potato chips and Frito’s (corn chips) but those were real treats when we got those.  Then Doritos and Pringles were introduced in the 70’s and that was about it for new snacks hitting the market.  Going back to the snack room.  For parent / teacher conferences the teachers were given a bag of individually packaged snacks which included Cheetos, Sun Chips, Baked Potato Chips, and Pretzels.  I think it was a bag of twenty( five each). I needed a salty snack so I reached on top of the refrigerator stuck my hand in the bag, fished around for that perfect snack and all that was left were pretzels.  Bland, boring, run of the mill pretzels.  HEAVY SIGH.  I was really wanting the other snacks I mentioned.  Then I look at the after care snacks the school offers and I found the box of pretzels were full but the CheezIts, the ever popular Goldfish, and Veggy Straws were almost empty.  I am wondering if there is really a shift in the preference of snacks or is it I am just bored with pretzels.  Anyway, give me Cheetos (the crunchy and cheesy poofs), the plethera of flavored Doritos( by the way when they first came out only taco flavored was available), or Combos, Sun Chips, Pringles ………….  Next I will give you my take on breakfast cereal and candy bars.


Line Time:
Your children are busy little carolers practicing for the Christmas Show.  We also leaned a few fun traditions of Christmas around the world.


Cultural Subjects:
The Montessori classroom consists of 2 1/2 year old students to 6 year old students.  Meet our newest 5 and 6 year old students.



Peeking Into The Classroom:

This is a lunchtime scene. Every student scheduled in the morning is included with lunch. This is new this year and a great change to the schedule. Lunch is a time for socialization. Lunchtime has three main purposes which are socialization, table manners, and time management. The first two are self explanatory but time management may need an explanation. Time management includes time for socialization and eating their lunch. Also, the student has to manage eating healthy food before treats.


Another picture from lunch is a student opening a bag. We encourage students to be self sufficient when opening bags, bottles of water, or string cheese. If the student is unable we ask them to go to three students before a teacher. “Three before me” is what the teachers tell the students.


This work is a creation made from the red rods found in the sensorial area and the number rods which is found in the Math area. As you can tell the biggest rods on the bottom and the smallest towards the top to create a square based pyramid. Notice the square based pyramid that is part of the material called the geometric solids (which are three dimensional shapes) on top of this creation. The students found the relationship once again.


These students are working on the bead chains which the main purpose is linear counting and skip counting. In addition to linear counting, the bead cabinet provides a concrete representation of abstract mathematical concepts. While children at this age are not able to verbalize these concepts, they can represent them. Through the use of the bead chains, number squares and cubes, and numeral arrows, the bead cabinet concretely demonstrates: skip counting — 10, 20, 30, 40, . . . 1000, multiples, squared numbers: six 6s = 36 , cubed numbers: ten 100-squares = a thousand cube.


Peek Into Next Week:

Practicing for the Christmas Show and learning about Christmas around the world.

Christmas Show Attire: Red and/or white

December 13: Christmas Show Practice 6 pm to 8 pm at Cuyahoga Falls High School

December 15: Christmas Show 6:30 pm to 8 pm at Cuyahoga Falls High School (NO AFTERCARE)

December 21: Winter Break Begins  :))

January 3: Winter Break Ends  :((



Peek In Our The Week| Mr. John| Week Of November 27, 2017

Don’t steal the covers

You can’t because they weigh a ton

With the colder approaching I added a few blankets to my bed.  Actually, I added a heated blanket and a down blanket.  I have not turned on the heated blanket YET but now I am faced with a predicament.  I am not used to all this insulation.  So I toss and turn, both arms out from the covers, one leg from under the covers.  Then I am hot, then cold, hot, cold.  On some of those colder nights I am completely under the covers. Sometimes I wake and it is pitch black and I get a little startled by the darkness but then immediately go back to sleep.  What I am not used to is the weight of the added blankets.  The tossing and turning I mentioned equals a workout at Cross Fit.  I may have dislocated my shoulder and pulled my hamstring trying to maneuver. I sometime just lay there wondering if I will suffocate or just get crushed in my sleep.  My daughter tells me I should sleep better.  She says studies have been done that weight on your body will help you relax.  She also told me it is just like swaddling.  Swaddling?  What the heck is that?  I had to look that one up.  So, every night I face the enemy and the enemy stares back at me and invites me to sleep.  I oblige, get crushed or swaddled and eventually fall asleep.

Postscript:  As mentioned, I haven’t turned on my heated blanket yet but when I do I will crank it to 10 (11 as a This Is Spinal Tap reference.  And I am sure I will feel like a basted turkey.


Line Time Lessons:
‘Tis the season for the Christmas Show practices.  We started to practice and will be practicing for the next few weeks.  My class is trying something a little different this year.  We are going in the “Way Back Machine” to Merry Old England and performing two traditional carols.  They are a bit different in melody but I know our extraordinary students will be able to pull it off.


Peek Into My Classroom:

We had a pair of alumni come in to visit, read, and tell our students about their experience at their new school. You’re not seeing double they are twins.


This student is working on one of her her assignments in her kindergarten binder. She is working on her 100 page. This where she writes from 1 to 100. Then 101 to 200 and so on. This develops her concentration, betters her handwriting, and helps her recognize patterns.


This student is working with money. She already knows the value of each coin and now she is counting change.  She is also familiar with “paper money”.


We have discussed the visual discrimination of the Pink Tower and Brown Stairs but this child has found the relationship between the two materials. Students will match the corresponding pieces of these material. This student did match the the corresponding pieces but he took it to another level and made this creation.


This happy boy is proud of his accomplishment with the Ten Board. The purpose of this material is to associate quantities with symbols(1 ten is 10, 2 tens is 20…). He has learned how to include “units” with the “tens” to compose numbers from 11 to 99. As you can see he has four 10’s and five units to make 45.  It looks like he discovered a pattern by composing 23, 34, 45…


Peek Into Next Week:
Christmas show practice and we will learn about different Christmas Traditions from around the world. 

Upcoming Events:
Christmas Show Attire: Red and/or white

December 13: Christmas Show Practice 6 pm to 8 pm at Cuyahoga Falls High School

December 15: Christmas Show 6:30 pm to 8 pm at Cuyahoga Falls High School (NO AFTERCARE)

December 21: Winter Break Begins  :))

January 3: Winter Break Ends  :((

Peek At Our Week| Mr. John| Week Of November 13, 2017

I Never Was A Girl

Not addressing any current restroom issues

What I mean by this is that I never had a sister close to my age or a close friend who was a girl in my teen years. I was not sure if I had the skills or moxy to raise a daughter but I did create one.  What a joyous roller coaster ride this has been.  It really began when the frequent trips to the mall began and I’d walk her and her friends from store to store.  Then…. THEN…. it was “Dad, we are going to shop and we will meet you in the food court.”  So she graduated from Claire’s to Hot Topic, pink to black, nice saddle shoes to combat boots.  If any of you know me well enough I’m kind of proud of this direction she took.  Picking her up after a football game (she is in band) I always get the impromptu “Can you drive three of my friends home too?”  My daughter in the front seat, three girls in the back seat and they all talk at the same time.  My daughter has to unbuckle, turn around, kneel facing the back to talk to her girly friends. While riding in the car my boys are content to just look out the window, grunt a few times when I ask them a question, and hate the mall. I think she has the idea she has me wrapped around her finger by the amount of requests for money and taking her out to eat.  Maybe it is because I cave only ten percent of the time, OK, maybe 90 percent of the time.  I lost count when my checking account went into over draft status. I saw a meme about raising daughters and it was Spanky from the Little Rascals throwing money out the window.  How true!  Now I have a sixteen year old daughter that went to her first concert without an adult last week, is starting to drive, and is planning her trip to Europe after she graduates from high school.  Do you want to contribute to her Go Fund Me Account for Europe?  Do you want to contribute to MY Go Fund Me Account?  Hmmmm, where did my princess go?  A dad is curled in a corner… weeping.




Line Time Lessons:
 We traveled back in time and discovered some fascinating things about certain dinosaurs.  We learned that dinosaurs no longer exist and that they are extinct.  We know dinosaurs exist because scientist found their bones or fossils.  From these fossil we saw that some teeth were long and sharp to tear flesh from it’s prey which belonged to meat eaters or carnivores (T Rex).  Some teeth were flat for grinding plants, leaves, and branches and belonged to plant eaters or herbivores (Brachiosauras).

Cultural Subjects:
We can now count to ten in 13 different languages (English, Sign Language, Latin, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, and Hebrew).

Peeking Into My Classroom:


We had an alumnus come in on her day off from school. She is in the 6th grade and came in to read to our class and help with lessons. I asked why she came back to her old school and she told me she had such a great experience she wanted to come back and give back to the school. Her words not mine.
Metal Insets are a popular material found in the Language area. This work has many purposes. The main purpose is to prepare the child for handwriting and improve the fine motor skills. Also, it introduces the child to Geometry and the names of a variety of shapes.
The chalk board is found in the Language area. The main purpose, obviously, is the introduction to handwriting. I like my students using chalk because most like the feel and can erase if a mistake is made. After my classroom students may not have an opportunity to use chalk. This student is getting a lesson from our University of Akron field student.
The students are drawn to this material that are photographs of familiar objects and the become aware of the relationships between things. We discuss the associations and point out other examples in the everyday world. This increases the child’s experience and vocabulary.
The 100 board simply a board with 100 squares (10 x 10 squares), that come with 100 number tiles that fit nicely. The Hundred Board is useful for number recognition, number sequencing, counting, patterning, possibly skip counting (depending on your method) most of all it’s perfect for just reinforcing the understanding of numbers from one to one-hundred. Notice this child is not only placing the numbers in order but she is randomly finding where the tiles go. She has identified the pattern of this work.


Peek To Next Week:

Line Time Lesson:
 Thanksgiving and Pilgrims

Letter Of The Week:
 M m

Rhyming Word Of The Week:

Upcoming Events:
11/21/17 (Tuesday): Harvest Party/Stone Soup

11/22/2017 (Wednesday): NO SCHOOL. Happy Thanksgiving

11/22-11/26/17: Thanksgiving Break

11/25/2017  Noon:  The Game!



Peek At Our Week| Mr. John’s Classroom| Week Of November 06, 2017

The Jinx

Does it really exist?

Geeez, I use a lot less shampoo since I got my hair cut. You may have noticed that I hadn’t had my haircut since the third week of the college football season (the loss against Oklahoma). Since that haircut, the Buckeyes went undefeated until the devastating loss to Iowa.  Did I jinx The Buckeyes?  I was telling people that I played high school football with Phil Parker who is the Defensive Coordinator for Iowa.  Hmm, not that I believe in the jinx or anything but why take the chance on angering the universe?  See I don’t really believe in the jinx.  Like wearing the same jersey or shirt on game day,  sitting in the same place while watching the game on TV, or hanging a flag at the same time on game day.  My dad seriously believed in the jinx.  We were traveling to Chicago on time and my car broke down but we got it fixed.  I made some comments how my car was making noises and it was going to blow up.  Dad was freaked out, didn’t move, stayed quiet.  I asked what he was doing or what was wrong because I thought he was having a stroke.  He said DO NOT JINX YOUR CAR!  Well,  20 minutes later the engine threw a rod through the engine.  For days, I adamantly heard how it was all my fault that my car broke down.  In fact, that was the last time my dad ever left Lorain County.  So I ask you does the jinx exist?  I may have a tiny thought that it may because I was way over due for a haircut and that I endured many comments during this time of having flowing locks such as being called emo boy, hippy chic…? Justin Bieber, the biebs,  sheep dog, Ringo, Rapunzel, Shaggy, Fabio.  I admit my sides were looking long and funky and I even thought I kind of looked like Grandpa from The Munsters.


Line Time Lesson:
This week we creeped and crawled and learned about insects, arachnids, and invertebrates.  We first looked at insects.  The characteristics of an insect are they have three body parts, head, thorax, abdomen.  The also have six legs and two antennae.  We sang the song “Head, Thorax, Abdomen” to the tune of Head , Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  Some examples of insects were ants and crickets which can be found, enclosed not free, in the classroom.  Also, the mantis, bees, butterflies, and dragonflies.  Arachnids are eight legged creatures that have a head and a thorax.  Some creatures that are arachnids are spiders (tarantula named Charlotte) that is in the classroom, scorpions, and the tick.  Both creepy crawlers are invertebrates which means they do not have a backbone or a spine or a bony skeleton but actually have an exoskeleton.  An exoskeleton is is the external skeleton that supports and protects an animal’s body. Other invertebrates are earthworms, jellyfish, and crawfish.

Cultural Subjects:
We can now count to ten in 13 different languages (English, Sign Language, Latin, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, and Swedish).

Bees… bzzzzzz:

Pastor Kirk has several bee hives and talked about bees and brought in his equipment. The children tried on a protective mask, touched (an empty) hive with wax, and saw real live bees (in an enclosed hive).



A Peek In The Classroom:

We’re a happy family. The babies are growing, mom is doing well, and the aunties are accepting the litter. Anyone want pet rats????
The old colored water with with flower experiment. As you can see we chose dark purple (which did nothing to the flower), green (which turned the flower yellow), and blue (which turned the flower blue).
My kindergarten students tracked the color changes in their personal binders. We came up with possible reasons why the purple did nothing. We thought maybe too much coloring couldn’t get up the stem. The yellow maybe had more yellow in the coloring.
Line Time… The aim is to increase body control and concentration. The child sits criss cross, hands to themselves, and are quiet. This is an exaggerated picture of catching a bubble (no talking), safe hands (hands to ourselves), and sitting on the line calmly. My morning line time can last up to thirty minutes and your child sit nicely for the duration of this line time.  At line time I present information about days of the week, months of the year, the date, the weather, we count to ten in different languages, my weekly theme, and announcements. Also, as a bonus they get to hear my morning banter.
The child needs to practice, perfect, and consolidate the body’s movements. For this reason, Dr. Montessori began using the “Walking on the Line” as a Practical Life exercise. This exercise helps the child control his body, develop balance and perfect equilibrium, as well as to strengthen the mind’s control of its body’s movements. No pushing, no cutting, and no running across to the other side of the line. We play a classical piece of music, Pachelbel’s Canon in D Minor, which is exactly five minutes (4:57). After I ring the bell and the children stop, look, and listen, they proceed to clean, and walk the line. After the music ends the children sit nicely on the line.


A Peek Into Next Week: 

Line Time Lesson:
Dinosaurs and the unique things of select dinos.

Letter Of The Week:
L l

Rhyming Word Of The Week:

Upcoming Events:
11/16/17 (Thursday): Progress Reports emailed

11/17/17 (Friday): Parent Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN)
Follow the link to sign up.

11/21/17 (Tuesday): Harvest Party

11/22-11/26/17: Thanksgiving Break

11/25/2017  Noon:  The Game!













A Peek At Our Week| Mr. John’s Classroom| Week Of October 30, 2017

Mr. John Reminiscing


October. And kingdoms rise. And kingdoms fall.   Ahhh, I can not believe October is over.  Not sure if October or September is my favorite month but I do love both months.  Fall in general is my favorite season.  Fall instead of Spring reminds me of newness or beginnings.  I think it all began in my youth when I went back to school and saw old friends, made new ones, and caught up on events of the summer.  Also, starting school meant the end of the dreaded “two a days” for football (one year it was “three a days”) and brought Friday night football games (the Fighting Comets of the green and gold), the band, cheerleaders, hanging out at McDonald’s after the game, going to “get togethers” or just driving around for hours (do they call that cruising?).  We would ride in Jim’s 1976 Buick Special with three on the tree.  I never really had a curfew but my parents would ask what is there to do at 2am.  My response was the midnight movie.  Do you know how many midnight movies I did NOT see?  That’s what we did in Amherst, Ohio back in my day and when a cheeseburger was 49 cents and gas was 60 cents a gallon.  Well, I don’t have to tell you those days are over for me, obviously.  Now, it is binge watching Netflix on chilly October nights snuggled under a blanket and bed at 8pm.


Cultural Subjects:
We have been counting to Ten in 11 different languages (English, Sign Language, Latin, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, and Romanian).


Peeking Into The Classroom:

This is an action shot of a student sorting. Inevitably, our reading books get mixed and become out of order but this student is assigned every day to put them in order. This set of books has four sets of ten and she enjoys the responsibility of doing and completing this task.


Rolling a mat develops O.C.C.I (order, concentration, coordination, independence) and development of muscles. The mat is to be rolled tightly and with even ends. Also, the purpose of the mat is to give the child his / her own personal work space while working on the floor.


The reason for this picture is not the material but how a student who is four years old is presenting and showing his peers how to use this work. Kindergarten students are not the only ones that present materials to others. All students have the potential to show others how the work with materials.


Did you ever wonder how the teachers keep track of all our students with all those materials on the shelf? The answer is a Montessori tracking program called MRX (Montessori Records Express). It tracks the individual student with the materials they are working on and mastered. It also exports that information to our progress reports and tracks attendance. We use MRX with our tablets.


This assessment this student is working on is called the Albanesi Assessment. This test is a bridge between the Montessori works and a traditional test. We give these tests to our kindergarten students and old preschool students.

Peek Into Next Week:
Next week we will learn about insects, arachnids, and invertebrates.

Letter of the week:  K k

Rhyming word of the week: ox


Upcoming Events:
11/16/17 (Thursday): Progress Reports emailed

11/17/17 (Friday): Parent Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN)

11/21/17 (Tuesday): Harvest Party

11/22-11/26/17: Thanksgiving Break


A Peek At Our Week: Mr. John’s Class: Week Of October 23, 2017

Mr. John’s Musings

One Of My Pet Peeves and there many… Shopping Carts

Shopping carts.  Not that shopping carts irritate me it is the instances when I find a shopping cart stranded in the middle of the parking lot.  Just sitting there minding it’s own business until the wind kicks up then it is an evil creature seeking out any unsuspecting car and hopelessly marring a beautiful paint job.  I’m not annoyed with the cart itself but the person who left it in the parking lot.  It really does not take that much effort to walk you cart fifty feet to the cart corral and it will reduce car scratches and help the workers collecting the carts.  Whenever we (my children and I) get out of the car my children look for those stray carts since I’ve trained them to retrieve them and take them back into the store.  At first they were annoyed with my request to get the carts but now they are fully on board and are on the verge of being trained to give “that look”  to the people leaving the carts all over the parking lot.


Line Time Lessons:
This week we swam the waters and learned about fish.  We learned that fish are vertebrates,  cold blooded, they have slimy, scaly skin, and some are born with jelly eggs and some are born alive.  Some examples of fish were tuna, eel, and the ever popular shark.  We know that all fish live in water.  


Culture Subjects:
We have been counting to Ten in 11 different languages (English, Sign Language, Latin, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, and Russian).


The Primary Montessori Classroom has students ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 6 years. Here are two of my newest five year old children.



Views To The Classroom:

This student combined five different works (knobed cylinders, knobless cylinders, pink tower, brown stairs, and the bead cabinet). She found the correlation between all five of these works. Involved purposes are visual discrimination, fine motor skills, critical thinking, O.C.C.I ( order, concentration, coordination, independence). It took her over 40 minutes to complete this work(s) and that did not include clean up/putting it away.


This student is working on an activity that is found in the Language area. It contains three part cards and focuses on the short vowel sounds. It utilizes three letter words so the child puts together the letter sounds to make a word.


The Knobbed Cylinders are found in the Sensorial area and the purpose of this material is visual discrimination of dimensions. Preparation for writing; coordination of the fingers used to hold the pencil. Refinement of voluntary movement. The child will be able to fit the cylinders with one precise movement. Preparation for mathematics.


***** Look at the look of concentration *****The aim of the Knobless Cylinders in the Sensorial area is to observe and compare the different series with each other. Getting a clearer understanding for the different dimensions and their correlation.


Take A Peek Into Next Week:
Birds and the characteristics of.

Letter Of The Week:

Rhyming Word Of The Week: