Peek At Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 1/10/22

A Peek at Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

This week we discussed Hibernation, Migration, and Adaptation!  We talked all about animals that need to sleep through the cold months, the animals that move south where it is warmer, and the animals that grow extra fur or feathers so that they can stay here for the winter.  We learned that wood frogs almost freeze completely solid except for their hearts and lungs, arctic foxes fur can change from brown to white to help with camoflauge, and birds are not the only animals that migrate – humpback whales and caribou do too!

We also participated in our winter Wildlife Wednesday!  While discussing the types of birds that adapt to our Northeast Ohio weather we determined that it would be hard for them to find food.  Our solution was to feed the birds  that we often see outside of our classroom windows!  We hung up two bird feeders right outside our classroom and then made our own bird feeders to place in the bushes outside.  We are looking forward to bird watching all winter long!


All About Those Shapes!

My favorite part of the Montessori environment is that the children direct their own learning.  Our lesson plans said winter, but the students decided they needed to learn as much about shapes this week as they possibly could!  We spent many line times this week talking about sides and angles, as well as looking for shapes all over the school building!  We adore their excitement about the world around them!

Enrichment Spotlight – Music with Ms. Lisa!

We have been studying “Peter and the Wolf” during music class.  Each character in the story is portrayed by a different instrument.  We have enjoyed listening to these different instruments and acting out the story.

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Topic:  Healthy Habits and Healthy Foods

Letter of the Week: Xx

Number of the Week: Making 10

Important Dates:  January 17: NO SCHOOL – MLK Jr. Day

February 14: Valentine’s Day – Pajama Day & Show and Tell

February 18: NO SCHOOL – Teacher Inservice Day

February 21: NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

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Peek In Our Week <> Thee Buckeye Room <> Week Of January 10, 2022

Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
To honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we learned a bit about his life and his accomplishments.  The students became actresses and actors as they recreated Rosa Parks making her stand on a bus in Montgomery Alabama.  The students enjoyed playing the part of the bus driver, Rosa Parks, “the mean guy”, a police officer, Martin Luther King Jr., and passengers on the bus.  We discussed our differences such as skin color, eye color, hair color, and gender.  Then we discussed how we are similar.  We talked about discrimination and segregation.  We talked about if someone with red hair wouldn’t be allowed to do art “just because” they have red hair or if anyone who had blue eyes would have to go to a different classroom with less materials, broken crayons, or no books “just because” they have blue eyes.  I had only boys fetch the chairs for the skit and brought that to the attention of the class.  We had some very sad girls…. I did let the girls take the chairs back after the skit.

Below is a picture after the skit where everyone can sit where they want.  The thumbs up means the students approve.




A Message From Mr. John (Those Pesky Masks):



Did you know?

Roller coasters were invented to distract Americans from sin
In the 1880s, hosiery businessman LaMarcus Thompson hated that Americans were tempted by hedonistic places like saloons and brothels. So he set out to straighten up one of the most immoral places he could think of: Coney Island in New York. There, he built America’s first roller coaster to give New Yorkers some good, clean fun—away from seedier pastimes.


Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 18 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic with the Lebanese dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian, Irish) 


Know Your Languages (Irish):



Enrichment (Music):

Children pretending to be ducks for Peter And The Wolf. Sorry it is blurry but it was an action shot.


Peek In The Classroom:

She is working on the material called Cards and Counters found in the math area. It consists of a set of wooden numbered cards and small red wooden circular counters. The purpose of this activity is to help children associate quantities with numbers.


This student is working on a math material called the Second Introduction To decimals. Introduction the Decimal System is a Montessori Math Early Childhood lesson. Pretty straightforward, the goal of this lesson is to introduce the numerals of the decimal system. We play a game of exchanging. When she gives me 10 units I will give her 1 ten and so on. So, in these works and exchanging with addition and multiplication the magic number is “10”


You have heard that a Montessori classroom is child run. Well, no teachers were involved in this activity. One of the most popular extension works is making the Maze with the Red Rods. The children build a winding path that uses the longest rods first and then the smallest rods to make the interior. The students have to use visual discrimination skills to decide where the rods need to be placed in order to make The Maze work. Once completed, the children may quietly take off their shoes and walk inside The Maze taking careful steps to ensure that they do not bump a Red Rod out of place. Taking turns and waiting patiently are also important parts of doing this work cooperatively with a classmate, as only one child at a time is allowed inside The Maze. It looks as if one child is running this activity and calling on the next student to walk the maze.


This boy is doing multiplication with the Color Beads. This helps with a visual quantity while doing his equations.


Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Skeletal System

Letter Of The Week- Q q

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bub

Next Language is Kiswahili


Academic Enrichment aka kindergarten:
We learned how to multiply with manipulatives with carry overs.

We practiced writing sentences in cursive. 

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Multiplication Review

Synonym Of The Week: MEAN, selfish, unkind, malicious, hurtful, evil

 Sight Words Of The Week: now made


Upcoming Events:
*** MLK DAY January 17, 2021 ***  NO SCHOOL ***

***Don’t be that family that shows up and there is always one family that shows up, lol! ***

But just for the fun of it let me know if you did show up.  I will not tease, honest!


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Frolic, Friends, and Fun:

Fun with masks. Doesn’t it look like they are thrilled? Hopefully, this will subside.


Sometimes it is better not to ask.


We have some artist aspiring to be Michelangelo.  Get it? Sistine Chapel/painting on his back?


Children and their prized possessions.


I may have to rethink this next time!


Your Kids Say The Darndest Things (Bunnies):




A Peek At Our Week- Aspen- 01/03/22 – SNOW

Happy New Year Aspen families!!! Wow…it was so nice to be back in the classroom after holiday break this week!  We all missed each other so much and were very eager to see our friends and share our stories from the last three weeks. After a much anticipated class reunion, Aspen settled back into their daily routine and classroom activity choosing challenging work!

This week our thematic topic was all about Snow!   The Aspen children learned all about snow; how it is formed,  why we have snow, and took a closer look at snowflake ice crystal shapes.  Did you know that temperature,  humidity,  wind velocity, and the route a snowflake takes determines the type of ice crystals a snowflake has? Therefore, the saying  that no two snowflakes are the exact same is a true statement.  The Aspen children also watched a SciKids educational video about how snowflakes form.  Did you also know that the ice crystals in a snowflake attach themselves to particles of  dust or pollen in the atmosphere?  This helps give a snowflake its shape! Soooo…when we catch snowflakes on our tongue,  we are catching dust particles!! The Aspen kids thought this was interesting and disgusting!!

While we discussed snowflakes and the formation of ice crystals we also took the opportunity to talk about liquids, solids, and gases. We learned about these three states of matter and looked at the properties of each one.  We discovered that the particles in a solid are tightly packed together giving it volume and a definite shape,the particles in a liquid are free to move around each other but are still attracted to each other,  liquids have volume but they do not have a definite shape (they take the shape of whatever container they are in), and the particles in a gas move randomly with little to no attraction to each other, gases have no definite shape or volume.  We then used this knowledge to complete an activity gluing beads to represent the particles in these states of matter.

In Kindergarten lesson the kindergarten students were introduced to multiplication with the Stamp Game and explored the process of multiplication in depth.  They also reviewed handwriting skills by connecting letters to form words to create short sentences.   In Reading  Group we discussed the short e sound by practicing our phonics with short e words, and practiced our Comprehension skills.

Next week our topic is all about the Arctic and Antarctic !  We are going to compare and contrast these environments while learning all about the habitats (biomes), animals that live there, and their various geographical characteristics.

Book Share will be on Thursday next week!


Learning cursive with a friend!


Learning about Australia and coloring a map of the Australian territories and states.


Using a pin to pinprick the outline of a snowflake.
Teaching a friend how to cut a snowflake.


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Peek In Our Week !!! Thee Buckeye Room !!! Week Of January 3, 2022

Thee Buckeye Room Bulletin


Line Time:
We started to learn about our body and how it works.  We learned about our five senses (touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste).  Did you know you can “feel” with any part of your body? Of course parents know that.  Who has not stepped on a Lego in bare feet and screamed in pain? But we associate touch with our fingers (hot/cold, hard/soft, rough/smooth).  We hear loud noises, quiet noises, high iand low noises, “Are we there yet?”.  We need light to see and if we close our eyes we can’t see.  The lights being turned on at 5 am on a Saturday morning.   There are good smells like cinnamon, vanilla and bad smells like a dirty diaper and vinegar.  My favorite was the taste test where we tasted sweet (sugar water), salty (salt water), sour (pure lemon juice), and bitter (unsweetened baking chocolate).  The children enjoyed “most” of the tastes.  Hehe!!!!






The calm before the storm.  Drinking sugar water (sweet).


Then BOOOOM! Unsweetened baking chocolate that is representing bitter!

I present to you the collage of disgust.









A Message From Mr. John:



January Birthdays:
A Montessori classroom consists of students ranging in age from three years to six years.  Here is our newest three and six year old students.



Did You Know?

Dolphins are known to be one of the smartest animals on the planet—possibly because they can conserve their brain power. Because they must be constantly on the lookout for predators, the marine mammals have developed a neat trick of maintaining partial consciousness even as part of their brain sleeps. Researchers have tested whether this “half sleep” negatively impacts the animals’ alertness during the day, but have found that even after five days of having their nocturnal alertness constantly tested, they’ve remained as alert and perceptive as ever. ******* Sleep With One Eye open. Clutching Your Pillow Tight. Enter light….. ******** Who knows that song?


Know Your Languages:



Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 16 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic in the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Korean, Hungarian)


Academic Enrichment: (Science)

How much water can a diaper hold?  One of these children found out not more than 5.5 cups and got a wet head.





Peek In The Classroom:

One of my Kindergarten students decided to write a book called “The Life Of A Frog”


Simply stated…. Reading


Girls working on a phonics worksheet and a photobomb


If it ain’t messy it ain’t fun. Using shaving cream to practice handwriting.


Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- MLK/diversity

Letter Of The Week- P p

Rhyming Word Of The Week- bun

Next Language is Irish


Upcoming Events:

Pajama Day and Show and Tell Friday January 14, 2021, No weapons and girls wear shorts under nightgowns

*** MLK DAY Monday January 17, 2022 ***  NO SCHOOL ***
***Don’t be that family that shows up and there is always one family that shows up, lol! ***


Academic Enrichment:
Weekly Theme:
We learned how to multiply w/o carry overs 
with manipulatives. We learned what the Multiplicand, Multiplier, and Product are.

5(multiplicand) x 3(multiplier) = 15(product)

Not straight edge but the symbol for multiplicatuion.


 We practiced writing sentences in cursive.

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Multiplication with with carry overs

Synonym Of The Week: Sick: weak, unhealthy, ailing, infected, frail

Sight Words Of The Week: could who


Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

A few students mimicking Mr. John. Notice the offering of the hasdsha


We workem hard in Thee Buckeye Room!


I have no idea what is going on.


Children come from other classrooms to visit my animals and that’s ok.


Your Kids Say the Darndest Things: (Taco Bell)





Peek at Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 1/3/22

A Peek at Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

Happy New Year and Welcome Back Cherry Blossoms! We hope you had a restful, healthy winter break and a wonderful holiday season with your families.

This week we jumped right back into learning!  We were quite surprised to learn that the month, year, and season changed while we were at home for winter break!  We said hello to January, practiced saying 2022, and discussed what is special about the winter season.

Check out what new winter works are on our shelves!


The best part of winter weather is snow!  We took some time this week to learn all about snowflakes.  We learned that ice crystals form inside clouds, the ice crystals then stick together to form snowflakes! We know that snowflakes have 6 points and that it is unlikely that any two snowflakes look exactly the same!


Our New Number Blocks!

One of our amazing families donated these number blocks to our classroom.  We are enjoying using them to explore putting numbers in order and seeing that they grow from small to big or big to small.  We’re also using these number blocks to start an exploration with addition!

Enrichment Spotlight – Science with Mr. John!

Mr. John introduced us to absorbency this week.  We saw how much water a paper towel will absorb vs. a diaper! And one of our friends found out what happens when there’s not enough absorbency for all of the water!

Peek Into Next Week!

Focus Topic:  Winter/Adaptation, Hibernation, Migration

Letter of the Week: Mm

Number of the Week: 1-10 with the Colored Bead Bars

Important Dates:  January 17: NO SCHOOL – MLK Jr. Day


Peek In Our Week Thee Buckeye Room Week Of December 20, 2021

The Buckeye Room Bulletin


What a bummer we had to end the year this way.  Let’s Be Careful Out There!




My hair hasn’t been this long since about 1978 when Aerosmith was popular!

I think I got Live Bootleg or Draw The Line by these guys in 1978 for Christmas.


*****  Back to school the week of 1/3/2022  *****





Peek at Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 12/6/21

A Peek at Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

We continued our study of HolidaysSt. Nicholas surprised us on Monday when he left some chocolates in our shoes!  We loved our special dessert at lunchtime! We introduced Kwanzaa and Las Posadas this week.  We talked about where in the world these holidays are celebrated, the history behind the celebrations, and symols associated with these holidays.


On the Work Shelves for December!


Your children have practiced so hard for the Christmas Show… which is TONIGHT!  We are so proud of all of their hard work preparing these songs to share with you.

Peek Into Next Week!

Next week we will be discussing Christmas!  We will be working on some super secret projects for our families, and enjoying our last week together before winter break with some fun days!

MONDAY 12/13 – Wear Red or Green

TUESDAY 12/14 – Crazy Sock Day

WEDNESDAY 12/15 – Hat Day (Can be holiday related but doesn’t need to be!)

THURSDAY 12/16 – Wear your Holiday Attire!  Christmas sweaters, tshirts, whatever you have!

FRIDAY 12/17 – PAJAMA DAY!  During the afternoon, we will be participating in holiday games, show & tell, a movie and a snack.  More info to follow!

WINTER BREAK – NO SCHOOL – December 20th – January 2nd.  School resumes Monday, January 3rd.

This is the perfect hat for Hat Day next week!


Peek In Our Week !!! Thee Buckeye Room !!! Week Of December 6, 2021

The Buckeye Room Bulletin

Line Time:
We are practicing our lines and practicing the songs for the Christmas Show


Did You Know?
According to a The Wall Street Journal article, the character Capt’n Crunch’s real name is Horatio Magellan Crunch, captains a ship called the Guppy, and was born on Crunch Island, a magical island off the coast of  the Sea of Milk—with talking trees, crazy creatures and a mountain (Mt. Crunchmore) made out of Cap’n Crunch cereal.  The article refers to the Captain’s bicorne as a “Napoleon Style ” hat,  and claims that this has led to speculation that he may be French.




A Message From Mr. John (Your Children):



Cultural Subjects:
Your children can now count to ten in 16 languages (English, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Arabic in the Lebanese Dialect, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Korean)


Hair Styles (Of The Rich And Famous):
Some people have equated my hair with Boris Johnson’s and Steve Bannon’s hair.  You decide.




At least my hair is blonde like Boris Johnson’s and not gray like Steve Bannon’s, right?  RIGHT ?!?!


Peek In The Classroom:

She is working on the color beads with symbols. This reinforces the Math concept of quantity and numbers.


Our high school intern Emily presenting a lesson she created.


She made the letter A


Again, Angela creates excitement with her new works. Angela looks just as excited as the students.


Peek Into Next Week:
Line Time- Family

Letter Of The Week- N n

Rhyming Word Of The Week-bog

No new languages until the next year


Academic Enrichment:
Weekly Theme:
Addition with the Golden Beads (Dynamic/Carry Overs)

We practiced writing in cursive three letter words

Next Week:
Weekly Theme: Multiplication with the Golden Beads (Static/No Carry Overs)

Synonym Of The Week: No Synonyms

Sight Words Of The Week:  No Sight Words

Half of the kinders were absent and the remaining students are confused why.


Upcoming Events:
Pajama Day and Show and Tell: Friday, December 17 (Please No Weapons)

Christmas Break: Monday, December 20. Returning Monday January 3


Friends, Frolic, and Fun:

My redheads.


At times I confuse these two handsome boys.


We work em hard here at AMMS!


More handsome boys.


Your Children Say The Darndest Things (Must Be Santa):




A Peek At Our Week- Aspen- 11/29/21- Conifers

This week in Aspen we revisited our lesson on trees focusing on conifers or trees that stay green all year long!  We learned that these types of trees remain green all year and they keep their leaves through the winter. During group lesson we learned that these leaves are called needles and conifers bear cones that contain seeds.  At the same time, we also learned how to identify and name different types of conifers and evergreens. We also got to observe and touch differnt types of conifer branches that our classmates brought in for our botany tray. We then watched a very interesting Scikids video about conifers and watched another video that taught us how to determine if a tree is a Spruce, Pine, or Fir tree.  The Aspen kids were then given a mission to investigate, observe, and report to the class if they had a conifer or evergreen in their home or yard.  Many of us realized we had one in our living room to celebrate the holiday season!

This week in Aspen we were also busy practicing our songs for the upcoming AMMS Christmas Show! We practiced singing our songs, how to stand on the stage carefully , respectfully, and  practiced saying our lines (for those students that have them).  If your child has lines for the program have them practice at home as well.  This week during group lesson we will be practicing for the Christmas program.




Fun with the Moveable Alphabet!  Working on beginning sounds and building words that match the objects in our phonetic object basket!


More Moveable Alphabet fun! Learning how to create and read words in cursive.


Making bubbles with the whisking activity.


Working on addition with the gingerbread button activity.


Working on the sponge painting wreath craft. Gluing sequins, bows, and pom poms to decorate it.


Peek At Our Week – Cherry Blossom – Week of 11/29/21

A Peek at Our Week in the Cherry Blossom Classroom!

The Cherry Blossom Classroom has been learning all about Holidays!  We started with Thanksgiving – we discussed Pilgrims and Native Americans, feasts to celebrate the harvest, and things that we are grateful for.  We hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

This week, we discussed two holidays – Hanukkah and St. Nicholas Day.  We talked about where in the world these two holidays are celebrated, the history behind the celebrations, and the symbols associated with the holidays.  We created menorahs in class and will have a special St. Nicholas Day surprise on Monday!

Wooly Bear Winter Predictions!

One of our students found a couple wooly bear caterpillars at her home.  She shared pictures of Spark and Rambo and we observed how much brown and how much black we saw on the caterpillars.  We discussed that some people believe the wooly bear caterpillar can predict what type of winter weather we will have just by how much brown and black you see on their bodies!  FYI, the wooly bear caterpillars are predicting a long, cold, snowy winter!

All New Works for December!

Take a look at all of our new work trays for December!  We are having so much fun exploring new materials!



Enrichment Spotlight – Music with Ms. Lisa!

Cherry Blossom students are working hard preparing for our Christmas Show!  We practiced singing on stage this week!

Peek Into Next Week!

We will continue our study of different holidays around the world – focusing on Kwanzaa and Las Posadas.  We will also continue preparing for THE CHRISTMAS SHOW!

Letter of the Week: Yy

Number of the Week: 1-10

Important Dates:

Christmas Show Rehearsal: Wednesday, December 8th

Christmas Show: Friday, December 10th

Pajama Day: Friday, December 17

Winter Break – No School: December 20-December 31.  School Resumes on Monday, January 3rd.