Enrichment Spotlight – 10/11/19

It was a busy week in Mr. John’s Class this week! We learned so many new things in Music, Science, and Art!

In Music, Miss Lisa introduced us to music that was staccato (jumpy) and legato (smooth). We practiced these concepts with scarves!

Mr. John taught us all about polymers this week. We learned that polymers love to stick together!

In Art, Miss Dayna taught us how to draw a pumpkin step by step with crayon, we even added texture to out pumpkins with shapes and lines. Then we painted our pumpkins with watercolors and were surprised to find that the crayon shine through the paint!

9/27/2019 Enrichment Spotlight – Art

Enrichment Spotlight – ART!

Miss Dayna introduced us to centers this week! We discussed primary colors, the color wheel, shapes, and drawing textures. We really enjoyed all of our art exploration!

We started with the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. Then we had the opportunity to mix our primary colors to see what would happen next!

This child is using the color wheel and colored rocks to experiment with the color order of a rainbow.

We were hands on with our play doh and created shapes and animals.

We learned that making small circles, lines, and zig zags could add textures and patterns to our art.

9/13 Enrichment Spotlight: Music & Taekwondo Demo

Our class experienced their first music lesson with Miss Lisa this week. We learned that music can be forte  (loud) and piano (soft), plus we made our own music with tambourines!


The children also attended the Taekwondo Demo on Monday with Master Barnick. We ran from a bear and practiced our punches and high kicks. So much fun!