A Peek into Elementary Enrichments I December 2018

December has been filled with joy and excitement in the Elementary classroom! For all of you that attended our annual Christmas show, thank you!

Ms. Lisa and the bell choir wowed us with their talents! The piano soloists also showed how hard the student’s have been working this year. One of  the best parts of the practices was seeing how supportive the students were towards each other. Several times I walked into the Enrichment room and would find a few students gathered around the piano listenting intently to another student practicing their piece. It is is joy to see the students encourage one another.

Everyone had tons of fun making the show a wonderful success!


The student’s will resume their music classes and piano lessons with Ms. Lisa the week they come back from Christmas break.


This month we welcomed out new art teacher, Ms. Dayna. She has presented several creative seasonal projects to the students that helped them get into the holiday spirit!

Elementary students observed several christmas bulbs and illustrated their findings on black paper using oil pastels.

They also exlored printmaking with tempera paints. They used foam stickers to create patterns for some ugly sweater stamps.

Lastly, all students made paper ornaments to take home for the holidays.

These students are displaying their oil pastel ornament paintings.


Check out the bulletin board displayed at the entrance. Here you can take a look at the wonderful art work the students have been creating!








The students are loving Latin! Each week Mr. Matt brings a creative lesson for the students to learn a new Latin skill.

Most recently, the students learned how to sing two popular Christmas songs in Latin. See if you can guess the songs!



Mr. Matt also brought in a few books that showed the students pictures of the city of Pompei, the ruins of Mt. Vesuvius, and Caecilius, who lived in at the time of the volcanic eruption.



We are very thankful for the clever and imaginitive minds that we see our students display each day. Our enrichment classes serve as catalysts to the outside world for each child. The echrichment classes are times the students can vere away from their lessons and daily tasks to explore new areas of interest alongside their peers. It is amazing to see their new creations in art each week, their musical talents develop with Ms. Lisa, and their language skills progess with Mr. Matt! Thank you for sharing them with us each day! It has been a remarkable first half of the year and we are looking forward to the second half!

See you next year!


A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | November 2018

We are thankful for our Enrichments at Absorbent Minds! Your children are wonderful artists, performers, and inventors! Throughout the month of November the students have been learning new skills and having fun in all of their Enrichments.

Ms. Lisa has been working diligently with the students helping them prepare for the upcoming Christmas show. They practice the handbells every week as well as their piano and song selections. You are going to be blown away at their talent come December 14th.



One of the highlights of Art this month was that I had the opportunity to guide a class with the Elementary students. We had a blast creating ferocious creatures! If you haven’t already, check out the Elementary bulletin board when you pick up your child to see their creative artwork.



Discipuli autem gratias Latine! 

The students are thankful for Latin and the new things they are learning from Mr. Matt! Over the last few weeks the students have been learning new Latin words and phrases as well as learning to say what they are thankful for! It is awesome to walk by Latin lessons and hear the students perfecting their new language skills.





As December inches closer, look for more information and updates about our the Christmas program on December 14th. We are excited to share the student’s talents and creative ideas with you throughout this holiday season.

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | October 2018

Elementary Enrichments are in full swing now that October is nearing its end.The students are enjoying learning the hand bells in music class, trying new games in gym, and being intoduced to creative art techniques. Latin began the 15th and the students are fascinated by it! Mr. Matt will be with us on Monday mornings to work with small groups of students on Latin history, vocabulary, and language skills.

Lower Elementary just completed their pumpkin paintings. They learned how to shade using darker colors to create a three-dimensional look. They also learned about shadows and how to use them to add dimension in the artwork. They are continuing to learn how to shade and create light with their pumpkin still life projects in watercolor.


Upper Elementary just completed their projects studying Modern Abstract Artists, Mondrian and Kandinsky. They were allowed to choose which artist they wanted to reference and create their own design reflecting the artist’s style but with their own twist of imagination. Their artwork is impressive! Check out the hallway at the front of the building to see their designs!



Above: Ms. Kathleen providing background information about the painters.




The first two weeks of Latin lessons were successful. The students learned how to translate basic phrases from Latin to English and from English into Latin.

Below are a few examples of words and phrases they have been learning over the past two weeks. Ask them about their lessons to hear what they have been learning!

Translate from English to Latin:

The boy is good.

The dog is big.

Translate from Latin to English: 





Another fun way for our students to explore their creative sides is in music class with Ms. Lisa.

This month, the Elementary students are learning to read notes from the treble clef. They are using this knowledge as well as rhythmic studies to learn to play Christmas songs on the bells. They are also working on proper singing and breathing and using these skills to enjoy singing Christmas songs. We hope to share some of these songs with parents and other guests at the Christmas show. Can you believe we are already thinking about Christmas??!! It is right around the corner! All of these skills, especially playing the bells require great concentration and self control. We have also learned that singing properly requires more concentration than some might think. All of our students are working so hard!





Above: These first graders are learning to play Christmas inspired songs. Tis the season!


Friday mornings are always a blast for the students. Our gym teacher, Mr. Warner, keeps them entertained with all kinds of fun games and activities. Some of their favorites are hockey, scooter dodgeball, kickball, and capture the flag. The students stretch before every class and we make sure to send them with water to keep them hydrated.


We are so thankful for our Enrichment instructors at Absorbent Minds. Our students are learning many skills that will help them focus, collaborate with their peers, and relieve any frustrations they feel throughout their day. Most importantly, they are having fun!!!

Check back next month for another Elementary Enrichment update.



A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | September 2018

Can you believe that the fifth week of school is almost over??? The month of September seems to have flown by but there was plenty of creativity being cultivated both in the classroom and during the weekly Elementary Enrichment’s that began the week of the 5th. The Elementary students have a blast participating in Art and Music on Thursday afternoons. This year our students are split up into Upper Elementary (3rd-5th graders) and Lower Elementary (1st-2nd graders) groups when they attend Art and Music classes.


Elementary began the year by studying the artist, Wayne Thiebaud with our new instructor, Kathleen Clark. Thiebaud is a modern American artist best known for his beautiful paintings of cakes, doughnuts, and ice cream cones. Yum! Who doesn’t love dessert?

Students used the subject of ice cream cones in learning how to use tints ans shades of each color to create realism in their artwork. They went on to design their own background using oil pastels. They learned how to create an interesting pattern with lines and blending. Next, the students drew their own desserts using the artist’s examples to help create their own compositions. They learned about shading and shadows to create a three-dimensional appearance in their artwork. Their dedication showed as several of our students were found revising their pieces at the end of the day in order to make it their best! They are a talented group of artists!

Below are some of our artist’s designs.


Ms. Kathleen teaching the students about shading.



Music is the other half to the Elementary enrichment’s on Thursday afternoons. Ms. Lisa has spent the month of September introducing basic musical concepts to the children. They learned about the musical staff, Treble clef, various types of notes and their place on the staff, along with the sounds each note makes. Ms. Lisa used the song “Do Re Mi” to help the students learn the introductory note sounds. That is a favorite with the children as well as myself. I may have been singing along in the room next door! The students also played several hand-held percussion instruments this month. Ask them about the sounds they were creating!

Coming Soon: The Elementary students will begin learning how to play the hand bells. We look forward to the beautiful sound of the bells that we will soon be hearing throughout our halls.

Ms. Lisa also conducts piano lessons on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for many of the Elementary students. Her passion for teaching music overflows to the students who love to learn from her each week. If your child is not signed up for piano lessons at the school and is interested please contact Brandy or Kelly for more information.




Art and Music class give our students a wonderful opportunity to explore their creative side and see their individual artistic talents shine. We are grateful to have our enrichment instructors who provide fun and interactive lessons at Absorbent Minds!

We expect October to be just as much fun. Stay tuned for a monthly update!

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | April 2017

April was an incredible month in our Elementary Enrichment Classes. This month, students explored Roman numerals in everyday life, Aboriginal art, and practiced their recorders while playing along with recorded music. Let’s take a look inside the enrichment classrooms for this month.


In Art, students are moving along the timeline of art styles and techniques. This month they explored different cultures and the art they create. Students began with creating designs of animals and symbols on fabric, much like the traditional embroidered designs in Panama. Then students explored the Aboriginal “dream stories” of Australia where they painted animals and symbols using only brightly colored dots. After that, students explored African art by making pinch pots from clay and painting them in a traditional manner. At the end of the month, students shifted back into an artist focus by investigating Georges Seurat and Pointillism. Students were excited to go from large and basic forms of art to art that is literally composed of dots made from the tip of a paint brush.


In Latin, students have been using what they have learned about Roman numerals earlier in the year and applying it to everyday situations. This included writing their age in Roman numerals, their street address in Roman numerals, and numbers 1 to 100 in Roman numerals. In the picture, students were telling time in Roman numerals, as well as doing basic math in Roman numerals. Alongside this, students are preparing for a Grandparents Day performance, complete with well known characters and student made props. The students loved using the ancient and often overlooked Roman numerals in everyday life, and have carried over this ability into writing the date on their work plans in Roman numerals.


In Music, students have been zealously practicing their recorders in anticipation for Music on Thursdays. By this time, every student has a plethora of belts dangling from their recorder in honor of the songs they have mastered. In the picture, two students practice playing their recorders during a work period in effort to master the song they are both working on. Practicing the same song together helps students get the timings right, as well as an opportunity for peer feedback. In class, students have also been practicing playing their recorders along with pre-recorded music. This also has the same effect on their timing and rhythm.


April came jam-packed full of school events and weather changes. In between all of this, students explored different cultures and art techniques, learned new skills that date back to 300 C.E., and learned to play an instrument in sync with each other and with pre-recorded music.  We can’t wait to explore what is in store for the next month’s journey in Art, Latin, and Music.

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | March 2017

March was a wonderful month in our Elementary Enrichment Classes. This month, students continued to hone and develop the skills learned from the previous “time traveling” months. Students investigated ancient stories, Renaissance and Impressionist artists, and developed their musical skills. Let’s take a look inside the enrichment classrooms for this month.


In Music, students have been diligently practicing reading music and playing their recorders. Each student has a piece of music to practice during the week then an opportunity to perform that piece in Music class for their peers. When a student has mastered a piece, they are presented with a more challenging piece. Each of these performances have an accompanying “belt” which is tied around their recorder. Some of the songs students have been practicing are “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring,” “Hot Cross Buns,” “Gently Sleep,” “Merrily We Roll Along,” and “Ode To Joy.” These belts can be seen on their recorders in the attached picture. It is obvious that the students take playing the recorders very seriously, as you’ll see each student has at least 2 belts. By practicing on their own and performing in front of their peers, students are learning the life long skills of time management, concentration, and public performance.


In Latin, students have been reading from scripts and putting on short plays about some well known ancient stories. These stories include “King Midas and the Golden Touch,” “Zeus and Pandora’s Box,” and “Icarus and Daedalus.” Though these titles may not seem familiar, the morals attached to them are ones the students have heard and experienced before. As the students read through their lines they become more connected with the characters and the outcomes, then openly discuss the decisions the characters made, why they made them, and if they have ever been in similar situations. Even though these stories are ancient and mythical, their morals still hold true to the students’ lives, and have a lot to teach us about decision making, values, and thinking ahead.


In Art, students began exploring the Great Masters of Art. This started with traveling back to the Renaissance for an investigation of Michelangelo and his works. Students learned about the historical setting Michelangelo lived in, some important Renaissance vocabulary, and the very interesting logistics that went into painting The Sistine Chapel. The students tried their hand at painting upside down under a table, and began to understand the issues Michelangelo faced everyday during his four year project. Then the students turned their attention to the Impressionist movement in France and Claude Monet. After studying brushstroke technique, color, and light, the students painted their own flowers from Monet’s garden. For this painting, students were challenged to create a large piece and fill the entire paper, just as Monet did. Next on the list of Impressionists, the students meet Vincent Van Gogh. They investigated the numerous interesting qualities that made Van Gogh so unique, as well as why he spent so much time painting flowers. After this investigation, the students held a Van Gogh art critique using official critique guidelines. The students wrapped up this month by creating their own sunflower paintings on 8×11 canvas.


Even though March only had three academic weeks, the students certainly accomplished a lot in Music, Latin, and Art. Their recorder skills have greatly improved, they have looked into their own moral values through stories, and created works just like the Masters of Art before them. We can’t wait to explore what is in store for the next month’s journey in Art, Latin, and Music.

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | February 2018

February was a fantastic month in our Elementary Enrichment Classes as it coincided with The Winter Olympics. This month also continued with the theme of traveling back in time to explore ancient techniques of music and art. Students investigated ancient artifacts to get a first hand feel for what it was like in ancient times, and used that information to recreate those time in the classroom. Let’s take a look inside the enrichment classrooms for this month.


In Music, students have begun playing and practicing the recorder. This is simply a joy to every student who has played one before, and to every student just being introduced to it. Starting from the ground up, students learned the in-depth history of the recorder, how to hold the recorder, the proper finger placements, then finally, drawing on their sheet music reading skills developed earlier in the year, reading music and playing well-known songs. In contrast to the hand-bells, each student is responsible for their own timing and musical scale. This full musical responsibility flexes their figurative rhythm muscles and their literal minor muscle group dexterity. Each student is given a “belt” and accompanying sheet music that is challenging but within their zone of proximal development. The students practice their pieces and can “test out” by preforming their piece for the class, and are then promoted to the next belt level and a different piece of music to master. This course of exposure, practice, and performance allows the students to absorb the essences of reading, playing, and making music for others, which in turn solidifies confidence not only in music, but in body awareness, spacial ability, and the connection between theory and reality.



In Latin, students celebrated the The Winter Olympics by studying the origins and history of The Olympics, and participating in their own Mini-Olympics, complete with grape vine medals for the winners. In lieu of wrestling and chariot racing, students participated in a balloon race, ring toss, and Latin trivia. Alongside this, students recreated The Olympic rings and solved Olympic puzzles. In studying the basis of this ancient event, students can further see the importance and magnitude history has on the culture we have today.



In Art, students completed their self portraits in ancient Egyptian style and wrote their names in hieroglyphics. These works were showcased on the staircase of the Tallmadge campus. Staying in their time machines, students also created 2-dimensional vases in ancient Egyptian style, using symbols, patterns and figures to depict different ideas and emotions. Through this project, students began to realize how difficult it was for ancient people to express complex ideas, even when they had advanced much further away from cave paintings. The highlight of this month has surely been the creation of 3-dimentional papier-mâché Egyptian vases. These vases have been built around a balloon, with a ring installed for a base, and bottomless paper cup for the neck. While constructing this work in progress, it has become obvious to the students how truly talented ancient artists were- their vases were made of hand-made clay, formed by hand, and sun dried, after being painted with handmade paints and pigments. By making these vases, the students are instilled with a sense of appreciation for the ancient artists not only for their craft, but also for their dedication to such a tedious art form.


With all the energy built into February, time seemed to zip by as we studied the intersections of ancient time and current time. With these studies, students are even more connected to history’s influence on the present, and have learned the ever-present affect it has on our everyday lives. We can’t wait to explore what is in store for the next month’s journey in Art, Latin, and Music.

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | January 2017

January has come and gone, but with it came some outstanding enrichment experiences for our Elementary students. This month carried a theme of revisiting old skills and techniques, both in the content and activities. Fueled by the energy of a new year, students celebrated what they have already accomplished, and prepared for all the new things to come. Let’s take a look inside the enrichment classrooms for this month.


In Art, students took a step back in history and became a team of time traveling artists. They researched ancient art forms, including cave painting and hieroglyphics. After their research, students created their own cave paintings by hanging canvas on the walls and painting while standing up. These painting included traditional bison, mammoths, symbols, and stick figures, along with some current millennia surprises. Through this alternative approach to painting, the students internalized some of the real life struggles that went into cave painting, i.e., there is nowhere to rest your elbow, and how difficult it is to portray complex ideas through symbols. Returning to their time machine, the students later created self portraits in the style of ancient Egyptian carvings. These portraits were challenging for the students in a different way than the cave paintings in regard to the flatness and perspective. Though these works are still in progress, the students are proud of their work and in overcoming these artistic challenges. As in all Art education, this connection to the past is essential to developing their current skills, and in understanding where these skills originated from.



In Latin, students focused their attention on Zeus, Hades, Pan, and Dionysus. This interesting combination of characters led to fascinating conversation among the students and sparked interest, which led to independent research. Students depicted these characters interacting with each other, and made pseudo-comics based on historic paintings and woodcuts. Alongside this research, students also completed word searches, crosswords, and word scrambles regarding the gods and goddesses. It is obvious through their works that the students are not only learning the facts about these historic figures, but also thoroughly understanding their roles between each other and in this ancient culture.



In Music, the students celebrated their fantastic performance at the Christmas show with a party in Music class, it was a great party withy music and a bouncing castle from Jumpers Jungle. They sang along to some of their favorite songs, played freeze dance, and appreciated their peers as they played songs they have been practicing on the piano. Later in the month, they took a step back and practiced the fundamental skill of singing simple songs with emphasis on ascending and descending notes. The task of singing in front of their peers was occasionally unnerving, but with the help and support of the class, each student felt encouraged to participate. Toward the end of the month, the students were very excited to rediscover the bucket drums in a more creative setting. They practiced rudimentary cadences, played “repeat the beat,” and bucket drum telephone. The students also took this opportunity to explore all the different sounds the buckets could make when set on their side, facing each other, etc. This exploratory setting allowed the students to revisit an instrument they truly enjoyed playing, but in a way that was driven by their own curiosity.


January’s Enrichment classes all came with their own form of a time machine- revisiting an instrument in a new way, recreating ancient art through ancient techniques, and researching ancient cultures. This retrospective was a great way to welcome the new year! We can’t wait to explore what February has to offer in Art, Latin, and Music. For more information regarding our classroom work you can contact us via phone or through our new help desk that we’ve begun using thanks to these help desk solutions.

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | December 2017

December was an exciting month for everyone here in the Elementary Classroom. December is my favorite month because of winter, I always love to take a good cup of coffee while reading the best Midas Letter Stock News. This excitement carried over into all the enrichment classes as students prepared for the Christmas show and the holiday season. To get an in-depth look into the students’ enrichment experiences, I asked to interview several students, and they were more than eager to share their thoughts on the many elements of Music, Latin and Art. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.


When asked about Art class, one student was excited to share, “The stained glass windows were really fun. We got to use water colored pencils then paint them with water. I have never used water colored pencils before. They went on to say, “Miro was the most difficult. It was harder because the paper was very big and it had to be filled. It turned out very good though.” Another student agreed, saying, “I liked when we did the stained glass window project because you got to use these colored pencils, then add water to them to make them water colors. I am proud of this art work.” Students work on these pieces for multiple weeks, and follow all the steps of planning, drafting, polishing, and presenting. These and other works have been presented in our hallways over the past months.


It is obvious the students thoroughly enjoy Latin class. A student said, “My favorite thing in Latin is when we research Roman gods because they are very interesting and they have powers. And at the end of Latin, we always play a fun game.” In a different interview, a student added, “My favorite part is learning about the gods and the games we play. Zeus is my favorite god because he’s like the captain. We made New Years cards from our favorite gods. We’ve also sang songs, like happy birthday in Latin.” Students have also learned other traditional holiday songs in Latin class. Latin class encompasses a broad spectrum of history and culture, and presents the information in a way that is relative to the students’ every day life.


The Elementary students are passionate about Music class and everything it has to offer. One student excitedly shared, “Bells are my favorite thing to do in music. I am high C. I don’t have a favorite song because they are all so much fun to play. I had a great time using the bells at the Christmas show! I’m very excited to start using the recorders again; it’s my favorite thing to do in music.” They went on enthusiastically, “I also want to say that Ms. Lisa has been doing a great job teaching us music. She teaches us a lot of songs.” A second student added, “I like all the instruments we get to play, especially the recorder. We get a different ‘belt’ every time we master a song. If you get to black belt, you are really good at a lot of songs. I also really enjoy playing the piano for the class!” In Music class, students are learning music fundamentals and theory, as well as practical application and presentation of practiced musical pieces. This combination helps each student practice the foundations of music in both written and expressive ways.


December may have been a shorter month, but it was certainly made up for in content and energy. All the students worked exceptionally hard in their enrichment classes to create unique works and present what they had learned to others. Every student is looking forward to a wonderful holiday and we hope they return empowered with new ideas, creativity, and momentum in 2018 for the upcoming seminars on online trading in their Computer and Technology subject which can be viewed on http://www.borse.pro/trading-online?amp. Until then, see you next year!

A Peek into Elementary Enrichments | November 2017

This third month of enrichment classes has certainly built on the previous two months, and it can be seen in ever facet of the students’ work! The skills the students have learned from the beginning of the year are thoroughly concreted and they are building connections to much bigger ideas and goals. Let’s take a look inside the enrichment classrooms for this month.


In Art, students worked with water colored pencils to explore shades, tints, and value scales. Unlike water color paints, students confidently colored their canvas with these pencils, then brushed on water to thin the colors, move them around, and blend them. Watching colors blend to create new colors is always an exciting experience for the students. This approach was used for three different works of art this month; a hand drawing which accentuated warm and cool colors, an experimental painting of an ice cream cone using different saturations of a single color, and a psuedo-stained glass window that concentrated on blending colors with contrasting edges. Students also added definitions and examples to their tri-fold art booklets under value scales and tints. Through these exercises, students realized and came to fully appreciate the process of changing the tint and shade of a color, as well as how these ideas fit into their everyday life.


In Latin, students have been focusing on their studies of Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Poseidon, Aphrodite and other gods and goddess. Students have been doing independent literature based research on these gods or goddesses of choice. Within this research, students are discovering what role each god or goddess played in society, what elements of daily life they were likened to, and any connections or influences they have on modern English vocabulary. The students also took time out to draft hypothetical Christmas cards from their god or goddess of choice; pictured, “Have a smooth sailing Christmas- Poseidon.” This research has been escalated from the direct instruction of the previous months to a interest based approach that truly internalizes this information in the learner. By making these connections to their everyday lives, students are not only finding the value in Latin history, but also gaining research experience, widening their understanding of the foundation of English language, and solidifying their conceptualization of social normalities of the past.


In Music, students have been working diligently on their handbell skills and technique in preparation for the Christmas Program. Students have been practicing identifying which bell is associated with which note, reading music, and a plethora of traditional holiday songs, both with the handbells and singing. Within the Montessori method, there is a built-in emphasis on students’ ability to learn about music and express themselves through music. The physical action of listening to and playing music speaks to students of all ages. Students began by listening and observing the teacher play the music with the handbells as she modeled how to handle the bells and the correct way to play them. This is followed by the routine and reinforcement of Music class where they work toward success and enjoyment. The final step includes sharing what they have practiced for others, both in the classroom for their peers, and on the stage for a formal concert. This cycle is holistic in that students learn from their environment, work toward a goal set by themselves, and present their works to others.

This month definitely built on the previous months in all Enrichment Classes. Students have been drawing from their solidified skills and have created works that are thoughtful, intentional, and skillful. We can’t wait to explore what the next month’s journey in Art, Latin, and Music.