Enrichment Fun for the week of 03/02/20

Following directions learning how to draw the Lorax, using simple shapes to create form.

Following each step and helping our friends achieve their goals!

Our drawings of shapes are starting to come together.

Getting the Lorax’s mustache just right!

Enrichment Fun for the week of February 24, 2020

Science fun with water and oranges!!   What will happen if we place an orange into the water in the tank?  What will happen if we put a peeled orange into the water in the tank?  Will they both sink?  Will they float?


OH MY! The unpeeled orange floats and the peeled orange sinks!  What???  This can’t be! Let’s try this again!

Trying it again! This time we tried to hold the unpeeled orange down for 10 seconds! Guess what?? It still floats! Why does this happen? The secret?? There is an air bubble in the unpeeled orange that allows it to float.

Enrichment Fun for the week- 01/06/20

Telling a story with music!  Different instruments represent different characters!

Different instruments create unique sounds.  We had so much fun listening and learning the names of instruments.

Learning about absorption with water, paper towels, and a diaper (contains Sodium Polyacrylate).


What will happen? The water is going to dump on her head for sure! The water poured into the container with the paper towel dumped all over Mr. John’s head! What will the water poured into the diaper do?

No water dumped on to her head! She’s completely dry!!!

Let’s try this again! Maybe if we pour lots of water into the container with the diaper it will dump onto our head! Watch out!!!!

We dumped two and a half cups of water into the container with the diaper and we still remained dry! Why????  Because of absorption! The Sodium Polyacrylate in the diaper is more absorbent than the paper towel. The diaper absorbed all of the water keeping us dry!


Enrichment Fun: Week of 12/09/19

Learning how to create Gingerbread house with form! We isolated our lines to combine them to create shapes!


Ms. Dayna’s Gingerbread house! We also learned various techniques for creating designs on our houses.


Drawing our own designs!!

Clean up is also a part of art! Rinsing our dishes and brushes!

Enrichment fun week of 12/02/19

Getting ready for Science fun with Mr. John!  Listening and thinking about what our hypothesis will be.  Creating our Ketchup Submarine!


Our infamous Ketchup Submarine,  more experimentation with buoyancy!  The air pocket (bubble) in the Ketchup packet allows the packet to float!


Squeeze the bottle and applying pressure on the packet causes the bubble to get smaller.  As the bubble gets smallet the Ketchup packet gets more dense than the water around it.  This then causes the Ketchup packet to sink!  Release the pressure and  the packet will float! Science!!!!!

Learning about form or shape in art class as we read The Cat And The Bird. Did you know that form or shapes can be found all around us? We found and observed forms in our classroom!

Using blocks of different shapes (form) to create our own designs on paper.  Did you know there are warm and cool colors? We discussed and experienced the differences between these colors as we explored form.

Sharing, and helping our friends as we create our artwork!


Taste the rainbow?? Nope, Skittles are for Science Experiments!! A failed experiment?  Will the colors mix?


The experiment is a success!   The colors are beginning to dissolve  into the water and leave the candy! Will the colors mix? Create a rainbow?

Look at all that color! The Skittles are water soluble they dissolve in water and the color will dissolve and absorb into the water! Notice how the actual colors have not yet mixed? The secret to this magic, wax in the candy!

Art and science erinchments for 10/28/19


Art enrichments, learning how to listen and follow directions while using simple shapes to create a work of art!


Listening and observing how to draw owls using different types of media. This art class we earned the privilege  of using a sharpie to draw our lines and contour for our owls!


Using our sharpies responsibly and drawing our owls.  Next step, adding color with water color paints.


Mr. John’s  super spooky Halloween  science experiment!  Fun with dry ice!


Adding our dry ice to water! Whoa, what happened?  Bubbling water and lots of fog! How much dry ice can we add to our water?  Experimenting and formulating our hypothesis is fun! Science!!



Enrichment Fun with Mr. John’s Class for the week of 10/14/19



Tambourine and Bell fun during music class.  We have been learning how to listen to rhythm  and follow along to the music.


Taking turns learning our new dance routine. Learning to listen to the music and have our dance steps match the rhythm!

10/04/19 Enrichment fun with Mr. John’s class


Making sure that we warm up our muscles and stretching before ballet.



Walking on our tiptoes and balancing.



The geometric shape the cylinder is strong! How many books can our cylinder hold?


Still stacking the books!  Waiting for the books to fall! How many more books can our cylinder hold?

Our cylinder is still standing! In total, our cylinder was able to hold twelve books!

9/20/19 Enrichment Spotlight – Music & Science


Learning to use Rhythm  Sticks with Ms. Lisa.  We followed the rhythm  of our music.

Here go our ants marching one by one while we practice following rhythms.

Exploring the differences between  fresh water and salt water in our egg experiment!

Sink or float?  Amazed that our egg floated to the top in salt water !