Peek at our Week | Ms. Kate’s Class | Week of September 25th

This week we learned all about what respect is, and using our manners. Throughout the week, we had discussions about what is a peacemaker and what a peace breaker does. We also made our own classroom rules as a group. Together as a class, we also created a listening chart. I was super proud of how well the children grasped this concept!

Our friend here is working on the Geometry Cabinet. With this work the children discriminate their geometric shapes. They are also learning new vocabulary.
Our kindergartners are working on their weekly journal entries. When children are journal writing they are able to write about personal experiences, and their reflections. It also teaches children that their thoughts, feelings, and words can be transferred from their minds to paper.
This week our friend worked really hard on the trinomial cube. The purpose of the amazing material is for the preparation for mathematics, working on three dimensional patterns. This is also an introduction for algebra.

Take a Peek Into Next Week !
Next week is all about apples! We will be focusing using on the life cycle of an apple, learning about Johnny Appleseed, tasting different types of apples, and making homemade applesauce!

A Peek at our Week | Ms. Kate’s Class | September 18th

We had so much fun this week learning about our families!  All week long we had a variety of activities which  gave a better understanding of what a family is. We had many discussions about who is in our family, brothers and sisters, special traditions families celebrate together, and how all families are different. We also shared our family trees.

One of our kindergartners working on the South America Map. With this material they are learning how countries fit together into a continent and learning about the different countries. They are gaining fine motor skills but tracing and coloring the map.
Sharing our family trees!  The children take so much pride in talking about their families.

A Peek into Next Week: We are learning about Respect!
– Learn how how we can respect others
-What does respect look like?
-How manners tie into respect



A Peek at Our Week | Ms. Kate’s Class | Week of September 11th

This week we had so much fun learning about ourselves. We made different graphs that focused on the letters of our name, eye and hair color. We also lead discussions about what makes us so unique and special!

We started out the week by reading a special book about how everyone in the world is special. We then lead a discussion about what makes each of us special.


Our sweet friend is working very hard on the number rods. The aim and purpose for this material is to help memorize the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10, to show that each number is represented by a object, as a whole, and separate from others.


During our one on one time, our friend has been working super hard on his sandpaper letters. The direct purpose and aim from this amazing material is to teach the child the sounds of the alphabet by means of muscular and visual memory.

A Peek into Next Week:
Next week we will be focusing about our family. Throughout next week your child will be able to share their family tree to their classmates, create different charts about who lives in their home, and what a family is. We will also be discussing our different family tradition, and creating a family portrait.



  • Ramseyer Farm Field Trip Friday, September 22. Please make sure your child is in tennis shoes and is dressed for the weather. Please send lunches in a disposable container with disposable items. We will be unable to warm up leftovers at the farm.
  • Family trees are due next Week!




A Peek at our Week | Week of September 4th

This week we focused on friendship. Throughout the week we had so much fun learning friendship songs, making a kindness quilt, learning about being a bucket filler and a bucket dipper. We also created a chart about how we can be good friends to others.


This week we had a lesson on cutting. The children were able to pick a shape out, color it, then cut it out. This work is great for their fine motor skills!


One of our friends was copying our basket of red sight words. With this activity she is gaining fine motor skills, letter recognition, and copy writing skills.

This week we welcomed a new friend☺

Literacy is super important to have in the classroom. It promotes letter and sound recognition, as well as word recognition. Reading also sparks imagination!

A Peek into Next Week!

We will focus as a group on “All About Me!”

  • We will learn about our similarities/differences,
  • Why am I special?
  • Our birthdays
  • Identifying our emotions


A Peek at Our Week | Week of August 28th

We had a great first week back to school! This week our class had so much fun getting to know each other and learning about the rules of our classroom. The children became familiar with our chores, Grace and courtesy lessons, and how to be respectful to one another.  We are looking forward to a great year ahead!


  During our line time I gave a lesson on how to interrupt other’s in the correct way. The direct purpose of this lesson is to teach the children Grace and courtesy in the classroom.







   This week each child learned their chore for the week. By giving our children chores inside the classroom it helps build a lasting sense of mastery and self – reliance. It also increases concentration and independence.






This week I gave a few lessons on how we place our works on our math the correct way. This shows the importance of how we treat our works and the space around us. This prepares them for independence and also teaches them organizational skills.


A Peek into Next Week:
Next week will be all about friendship. We will focus on what friendship is, how we treat our friends, and singing new songs about friendship.

REMINDER: There is NO SCHOOL on Monday for Labor Day!



Ms. Kate’s May-June 2017 Newsletter Article

Classroom News:

May was such a busy month! Our class learned about insects and jumped into a space shuttle and flew into outer space. Our class also had fun learning about plant life cycles and had a blast during Grandparents Day and at our field trip to the zoo!


The first week was all about the different life cycles. The first life cycle we talked about was about frogs. We formed a chart that showed the different stages in their life. I also made a new three part card work with objects to go a long with the cards. We then learned all about the butterfly. With this lesson I brought in a butterfly kit so that the children were able to see the whole cycle of a butterfly. The children were so fascinated by this. Next to the caterpillars we placed a basket full of journals so that the children were able to chart what they see on a daily basis. We then discussed the life cycle of a plant. For the children to get a better understanding of this lesson the children grew their own beans in zip lock bags so that they were also able to see all of the changes. The children loved watching the plant go from seed, to sprout, to growing a stem with roots, to the full plant! We then had fun learning the life cycle of a chick. The children made a small booklet that showed each of the phases of a chicks life. It’s so important to have hand on things that go along with the lesson. I feel as though it clicks with the children when they can actually see what is read to them in a book.





We then focused on outer space. During this time we learned about the solar system, stars and constellations, galaxies, the eight planets, the sun and moon, the space shuttle, and the first man who walked on the moon. Wow, what a busy couple of weeks! We first stared out by creating a web of the solar system. Throughout our space lesson the children added the information they have learned onto the web. During our lesson, the children learned about the eight planets since the 9th planet is now a dwarf planet. They learned the order of the planets and neat little facts about each one. They loved learning about Jupiter and its famous hurricane like storm. They thought it was pretty cool that Mars is called the “red planet” due to the red dirt, dust and sky. We also learned about how there are thousands of different galaxies and how the spiral shape is the most common type. The children also learned about night and day. For this activity I had one child stand in the middle of the circle and pretend they were the sun. I then had another child pretend to be the earth. I explained to them that the Earth takes 365 days to orbit around the sun, but as it’s orbiting it is also rotating.  The kids loved this activity!! During this time we talked about what stars are, the lunar eclipse, the different constellations, and about observatories.  We then talked about Neil Armstrong and how if they went to the moon they would still see his footprint. Near the end of our outer space lesson the children learned about life in space, gravity, and astronauts. I showed a video of a launch and what it is like for astronauts up in space. The children loved it!!




The third week we focused on grandparents. I thought this would be a good way to have lessons with them since it was our grandparents week at our school! Everyday we read a different book on grandparents. We had fun telling them all the different ways you can say grandma and grandpa in the different countries. The children also enjoyed making charts about why their grandparent is so special to them. For example, Levi said “ They make my favorite food!” Brooklyn said “ When I go and visit them they buy me toys.” And Alitza said “ My grandma makes me smile.” We also made a chart about how Grandparents can be, what they have, and what they are. It was such a special week that week. Thank you to all of the grandparents that came and spent time with us! For the grandparents who want to keep a young and fresh looking skin, has a certified doctor specializing in mini facelift in Boston, MA. To schedule a consultation, call (617) 735-8735.



With the last two weeks remaining, the children had a blast learning about different insects. The children discovered that insects have six legs but spiders and other arachnids have 8 legs. We also created a web together that was all about dragon flies. We read such a detailed book about them and the children had to tell me fact that they learned. Throughout the week we talked about Bees and why they are important, and why we need them. We also had fun learning about ladybugs and making a fun craft!




I can’t believe how fast the school year has gone by. I have truly enjoyed watching my kiddos grow throughout the year. I will miss them so very much. Also, thank you to all of my families, for everything that you have done this year. I wish the best of luck to those families who are going to new schools and look forward to seeing everyone else next school year! Have a great summer!!!




Academic Enrichment | Kindergarten
Mr. John

The beginning of May we looked at the preposition. I explained the the preposition is a “where word” not a “werewolf”. The we got really excited about the Interjection. Interjections added a bit more to the sentence by showing excitement. Either this excitement is a little or a lot of emotion. We came to the end of the sentence and learned about the period, question mark, and explanation mark. Then we learned when to capitalize words. “I” not eye, proper nouns, and words at the beginning of a sentence.

Handwriting Enrichment
Ms. Kristen

Our Handwriting Lessons this month focused on learning about different types of poetry. We focused on writing acrostic poems, couplets, haikus, and shape poems. I loved how creative the children have become with their writing! The topics ranged from poems about their best friends to penguins, to basketball. We also had journal prompts such as, ” What animal are you excited to see at the zoo?” and ” What did you do over Memorial Day Weekend?”. I have been amazed with how the children have progressed from the beginning of the year to this point! They have become amazing writers!

Reading Group | Kindergarten
Ms. Kate

During the month of May our reading group had a lot of fun! We focused on the story called Feraj And The Magic Lute. I loved this story because each lesson was something different that O thought really stood out to all of the children. The first activity we read through the story and talked about any of the words they weren’t certain about. They then had to complete the picture about where the bag of gold was hidden. We then went over the My Questions and lead a wonderful discussion on all of their questions. Having group discussions really make the children think, be creative, and get a better understanding of the story.

Later on that month the children had the most fun acting out the different parts of the story. The children then came together and formed a group creative writing lesson. The children came up with a song about the magical lute. They brainstormed all of their ideas and we charted them on paper. Lastly, the children made a treasure map of where the gold could be hidden in our school! What a fun month!! I truly enjoyed teaching this bunch of amazing kiddos this year!


Science Enrichment:
This past month during Science class the Kids enjoyed about 4 different experiments but their favorite one was on the last day of school!


This is done by using 1 bottle of Diet Coke and 1 pack of Mentos.
When Mr. John dropped candy Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke the Coke shot up into the air and dropped down the side of the bottle. Why? because a bottle of soda is filled with Carbon Dioxide.

The Mentos fall to the bottom, forming lots of bubbles. When this gas is released it forces the liquid up and out in a GIANT exploding geyser of sticky soda. The Children loved watching this and screeched with delight.


Art Enrichment
This past month in art was inspired by spring. Ms. Michele had the students make paper flower sculptures. The students made a circle out of a strip of paper for the middle, and then made tear drop shapes for the petals. They could use a pattern with the colors, use warm colors, or cool colors. The flowers turned out beautiful with all the different patterns and colors the students used. The next spring inspired artwork came from butterflies. The students learned about symmetry and how to paint a butterfly with symmetry since butterflies are identical on each side. Ms. Michele had them paint with watercolors. The third week we painted Vincent Van Gogh inspired flowers in a vase. The students learned about his painting technique. Vincent painted with short squiggly paint strokes because he wanted it to seem like is art was moving and alive. Ms. Michele placed vases with flowers in the middle of the table, and had the students draw on paper first, and then she showed them how to paint like Van Gough, and had them return to their seats to paint. The paintings turned out looking just like Van Gogh’s painting called Sunflowers.

To end a wonderful year filled with art, Ms. Michele had a Claude Monet inspired artwork planned for the young artists. They looked at his painting called Bridge Over Pond of Water Lilies. They learned about Impressionism, which is what style Claude Monet used. Impressionism is the use of dabs or small brush strokes of unmixed colors to simulate the actual reflection of light. The students did a wonderful job of recreating the outdoor scene, and I can say I was quite “impressed”, pun intended. Thank you Ms. Michele for all of your hard work this year, and we hope you have a wonderful summer!


Music Enrichment
In music class during the month of May, Ms. Lisa reviewed many of the concepts that she taught throughout the year. This month the please and thank you song was played and our students love it and the movements to the song. The bells were used and much fun was had! We also sang the forgiveness song. The children talked about the meaning of forgiveness and sign language was introduced as part of the song. The instruments used were the rhythm sticks. The life lessons learned were so terrific. She reviewed what staccato and legato mean, sang about having a choice for your behavior, sang about being kind, sang about telling the truth. Ms. Lisa also taught us a new song this month called Let the Sun Shine In! Diligence was also a characteristic talked about through music and movement. The instruments used were the triangles, tambourines and the maracas. Music and the important values taught is so much fun at AMMS!

Ms. Kate’s April 2017 Newsletter Article

Bonjour! Spring is finally here! I love seeing the warm sunshine and the colorful flowers in bloom! This month has been super busy getting ready for the International Festival and learning about all of the different continents and countries. The children also enjoyed our guest speakers from different backgrounds and cultures.




The first week I introduced the seven continents to the children by showing them our continents puzzle. We discussed the four main countries in North America, which are The United States of America, Mexico, Canada, and Greenland.  The children also learned about our flag, which consists of 13 horizontal stripes, which are red, white, and blue and represent the first colonies and states in the union. The flag also has 50 stars, which represent the 50 states in the Union. The children also learned about Christopher Columbus, the climate, and cultures of North America.




The second week we focused on three countries from Europe. We learned about Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. First I Introduced our map of Europe to the children. I then showed them were Italy takes place . We then talked about their flag and what each of the colors represented. Green means hope or the hills, white means faith or mountains, and red represents charity or for the bloody wars. We then colored our own flag. The next day we talked about all the different kinds of food that come from Italy. We talked about the famous pizza and the history behind it. We then had so much fun creating our own pizza out of construction paper, scissors, glue, and marker’s. We then enjoyed learning about Germany. I started out by showing the children where Germany was located in Europe. I then showed them the flag and went over what each color represents and then they were able color their own flag of Germany. The next country we talked about (which is one of my favorites) was the Netherlands. I showed them a short video on the world famous tulips and windmills. We then created our own tulip made out of different colored tissue paper.




The third week we went over the two countries Spain and France. I showed them where both countries were located on the map and what each of their flags looked like and what they represented. Both Ms. Ame and I showed them short clips about the Eiffel Tower, French food, and the importance of family. The children loved learning about the different traditions they celebrated, festivals they have, and the different languages that they speak. We had fun coloring an Eiffel tower, learning about snails that they eat. It was such a fun week! Throughout the week we also had fun learning about Ireland and why we celebrate St. Patrick’s day, and the meaning of the shamrock. We also lead a discussion on the country Belgium and made a beautiful windmill for our International Festival!




Our last week was all about Farms. We first discussed why it is extremely important that we have farmer’s. We read a short book then we lead a group discussion about all the things that they learned from our book. I loved that they really payed attention and were able to talk amongst each other about farmer’s and what they do. The next day we reviewed all about farmer’s. We then moved on to the machine’s that they would find on the farm. As a group we talked about what each machine did and how it helped the farm, animals ,and crops. Throughout the week we did different activities that talked about the different typed of farms you can find such as, crop farms, poultry farms, dairy farms, and grain farms. Ms. Ame had a blast with them talking about the different animals you would find on the farm, then the kids constructed a barn out of colored popsicle sticks, and glue. Lastly, we discussed the food we get from the different animals and farms, and where they go to. We had such a busy but fantastic month! I’m so very proud of how hard the children worked and their songs and lines!!!


Academic Enrichment Group Time | Kindergarten

with Mr. John

We started out the month by looking at the pronoun. We learned the pronoun takes the place of the noun and at times makes our lives a bit easier. I stressed NEVER call a person “it” because it is rude. Moving forward we discovered the adjective. The adjective describes nouns but we did not leave out the verb(what describes the verb?) an adverb of course. That is it’s main job but it can also describe adjectives and other adverbs. We closed out April with learning about the conjunction. It serves as a bridge for two separate sentences bringing together these two sentences as one.

Ask our Kindergarten Students about adjectives and adverbs!

Handwriting Enrichment
with Ms. Kristen

This month in handwriting, we have continued to focus on forming complete sentences. The Kindergaten students also enjoyed correcting my capitalization “mistakes” in example sentences. We continued journaling together. Our kindergarten students continue to impress me with their handwriting and creativity!


Reading Group | Kindergarten
with Ms. Kate

For the month of April we focused on a poem called Seashell. This poem came from Spain and is spoken by someone who has been given a seashell. We had fun talking about what happens if you hold up a huge seashell… you can hear the light sounds of the ocean. We first read the poem in English and then lead a short discussion on what they think it meant to them. We also went over any vocabulary words they weren’t sure of the meaning. Next, I read the poem in Spanish. Seashell in Spanish is “ Caracola” After the poem was read, the children then drew a picture of themselves walking on the bottom of the sea and what they think it would look like. The children then stood up and shared their drawings with one another. I can see such a difference in their confidence with standing up and sharing in front of their peers. We then had such a fun time acting out our drawings! It was such a fun poem!
Music Enrichment
by Ms. Faith

In April, Ms. Lisa focused on singing songs about our character. The students sang and did motions to songs about telling the truth, about cooperating, saying please and thank you, and about being kind. The students participated in partner dances, and even learned a new song from Africa called Roll and Rock. Ms. Lisa always incorporates gross motor movement into her lessons. She sang Have You Ever Seen a Lassy, and the students picked a movement, such as skipping, galloping, and hoping to move around during the song. Another activity Ms. Lisa had for the students was to review what Staccato and Legato mean. Staccato notes are short and jumpy, whereas Legato notes are smooth and long. The students were given a castanet and a scarf to walk around in a circle while listening to a song. When the music played Staccato notes, the students played their castanet and ran on their tiptoes. When the music played Legato notes, the students moved in slow flowing motions with their scarves. Thank you Ms. Lisa for sharing all of your instruments for us to learn!


Science Enrichment

by Ms. Kathleen

Our favorite science experiment from the month of April was the Tea Bag Hot Air Balloon! These are some of the questions Mr. John and the scientists asked themselves: What will happen when you set an empty, unused teabag on fire?
We had many hypothesis given by our students! Mr. John cut open the unused tea bag and dumped out the tea. Then he made the tea bag into a cylinder. Next, he put the cylinder shaped tea bag on a kitchen plate and set fire to it. As the tea bag burns, it floats up into the air. WHY? When the tea bag burns down it gets lighter and the air around the flame gets hotter. Hot air rises and once the burnt tea bag is light enough it gets carried up with the hot air. All the children giggled with delight during this experiment and asked Mr. John to do it again. This is one of our most favorite experiments of the school year!
Art Enrichment
by Ms. Faith

Ms. Michele had students finish their wooden frames that they painted one color, or monochromatic. To finish their frames, they picked out objects and painted them the complimentary color of the color they chose for their frames. Once the paint was dry, the students glued it on the frame to create an abstract piece of art.

The next week, Ms. Michele introduced Pablo Picasso to the students. Pablo Picasso is known for his Cubism art works. He wanted to draw facial features from different angles and that is why the features on his people look different. To create their own Cubism inspired art works, Ms. Michele printed out pictures of facial features for the students to cut out and glue onto faces. Some of them had two noses, an eye looking sideways, and an eye looking forward. The students let their creativity flow, and created some great Picasso style faces.

To close up the month of April, Ms. Michele reviewed the color wheel with the class. They reviewed warm and cool colors, primary colors, secondary colors, and complimentary colors. The young artists drew an owl using different shapes, and they had to use primary and secondary colors to fill in the shapes. After the owls were finished, the students drew details on their pages like a branch for the owl to sit on, or the moon in the background. We always look forward to what Ms. Michele has planned for art each month. Thank you for your hard work Ms. Michele!

Ms. Kate ‘s May-June 2017 Monthly Overview

Themes of the week | Classroom group lesson time (in addition to individual Montessori Work time)

5/1:All About Life Cycles

-Frog life cycle
-Butterfly life cycle
-Plant life cycle
-Life cycle of a chick
Afternoon Group Time: Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of crafts, and activities about the different life cycle

5/8:All About Our Grandparents
-I love you because craft
-A grandchild’s hand craft
-How to say grandma and grandpa in different languages
-Join us for Moms N Muffins!
Afternoon Group Time: Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of fun and engaging crafts about our grandparent’s

5/15: Insects
– Insects/not insect chart
– Spider tree chart
– All about bees
– Dragon fly chart
– Ladybug craft
Afternoon Group Time: Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of crafts and activities about Insects

5/22: Outer Space
– Phases of the Moon
– The sun
– Our planets
– Milky Way Galaxy and spaceships
Afternoon Group Time: Ms. Ame will be doing a variety od crafts, books, and lessons on Outer Space

Monday, May 29th: Memorial Day | NO SCHOOL
Thursday, June 1st: FIELD DAY!

Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.

5/1: review
5/8: review
5/22: review


Rhyming Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.

5/1: moon
5/8: big
5/15: bug
5/22: chick

Ms. Kate’s March 2017 Newsletter Article

Classroom News:

March was a busy month for us. The children had fun talking about Dr. Seuss, learning about different artists, and exploring the our five senses, and also learning about spring. We also had fun celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.


The first week was celebrating Dr. Seuss. The children had a blast this week! Throughout the week the children were able to wear silly socks, mismatched clothes, have crazy hair, and wear a crazy hat! The first day we read The Cat In the Hat. After we read the story, the children were able to create their own cat in the hats out of red and white paper. We then took a silly picture! The next day the children were given a plain sock template and they were able to draw their silly sock they wore. We then made a silly sock graph. Having graphs is super important for children because they provide meaningful opportunity for children to represent and communicate important mathematical relationships. Later on we made green eggs and ham and had a taste test. Lastly we created another graph using all of the books we had read that week, and then graphing our favorites.


The theme for our second week was, Art Appreciation. This week we focused on different artists and their works. The children were able to create their own works from the artists they learned about. The first day we learned all about Claude Monet. We discussed landscapes and why he chose to only draw them. We also learned about oil pastels and how to blend them. The children then created their own landscape while using oil pastels. On the second day, we discussed Pablo Picasso and his different Periods. The children learned about his Blue period and how he was very sad. We also talked about his Rose period where he fell in love and became very happy and all of his paintings were a rosy hue. We then went over his angry period, where all of his paintings were a bit scary. I showed them how he would drew faces in a different way and how all of his drawing were different. The children then drew self-portraits, cut their pictures up and created their own Picasso with Ms. Ame. The next thing we learned about was Vincent Van Gough. The children learned the history behind his art, they were also able to explore his different paintings and why he painted certain paintings the way he did. The children then created their own 3D Sunflower portrait! They also had a lot of fun learning, exploring, and doing different types of art with Ms. Ame!


Our third week was all about spring and the different things that happen during this time. To start out the week we discussed the four seasons. We created a chart that was sectioned into four groups. We then went over the different weather that we get with each season, the clothes we might wear, what the trees are doing, and what the animals might be doing with each of these seasons. We then lead a discussion about the adult animal and what their baby animal is called. We read some wonderful books and then we played a fun matching game where we had to place the baby animal next to its mother. Matching games are great for children’s brain development because it provides an opportunity to master a skill, it also brings in deep concentration which is calming and deeply satisfying for the child, and it also demonstrates that they are capable of making the connection between the real item and the pictorial representation. We also went over the parts of the flower, and the life cycle of a chick!


The last week of March we had fun learning about our five senses. The first day the children learned about hearing and how the ear works. We also listened to an awesome CD that played different environmental sounds where the children had to guess what the sounds were. We then learned about touch and the children had to place their hand in the mystery bag and guess the item that they were touching. We also had fun learning about taste where the children got to taste something sweet, salty, sour, and bitter! We then played a take away game that explained all about sight, and lastly the children had to place a blindfold on while smelling different smells such as bananas, vanilla, lemon, peppermint, orange, and cinnamon. I loved seeing all the children’s facial expressions!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe spring break! See you in April!


Academic Enrichment Group Time | Kindergarten
-with Mr. John

The kindergartners started their section in Language.  We will be learning about the parts of speech until the end of the year.  We went over vowels/consonants, and nouns and verbs.  A noun is a person, place, or thing.  A verb is an action word or something you do.  We the learned there are three articles.  They are A, An, The.  We learned rules when we use those articles.  “A” hooks up with consonants, “AN” hooks up with vowels, and “THE” hooks up with anything.

Cultural Subjects:
My line time and the kindergarten class count to ten in 28 different languages (English, Sign Language, German, French, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Tagalog, Polish, Irish, Welsh, Hebrew, Arabic w/the Lebanese dialect, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish, Swahili, Korean, Serbo-Croation, Hindi, Flemish/Dutch, Malay, Cebuano, Farsi and Turkish)!

Handwriting Enrichment
-with Ms. Kristen

The children learned how to write vowels and consonant blends in cursive this month, such as ” oo”, “ee”, “th”, “sh”, etc. We also ventured into more creative journal writing, answering questions such as ” If you could go on vacation anywhere, who would you take with you and why?” and ” Tell me two things you plan to do over your Spring Break”. I’m daily impressed with their creativity and excitement for writing!

Reading Group | Kindergarten
-with Ms. Kate

For the month of March our Reading group read two wonderful stories called The Frog Prince, and Guinea Fowl and Rabbit Get Justice. With each of these stories the children were able to illustrate and write about what was happening in each of the stories. By illustrating, the children are visualizing the characters and setting of the story. As they make their own decisions about what the hardest thing is, they are learning that their individual perspectives on a story are important. They also had so much fun acting out the stories. Dramatizations can make it easier for students to take in detail and get plots straight! The children really enjoyed these stories!

Science Enrichment
-by Ms. Kathleen

This month in March we did 3 Science experiments,

  1. Density:  What happens when you put a lemon and a lime in a container of water? The lemon floats and the lime sinks. Why? because the lime is denser than the lemon, the lime has more water by weight in it, it is also guessed that lemons have more air in them which makes them float.
  2. Density: What happens when we mix oil, water and Alka Seltzer in a plastic clear bottle? But first we pour water into bottle about 1/4 full. Then pour vegetable oil into bottle until full, wait until it separates. Add 10 drops food coloring. Break a seltzer tablet in half drop into bottle. Watch it sink to the bottom and the bubble greatness begins, bubbles start wildly going up and down the bottle quickly almost in a dancing like fashion, truly entertaining. This fantastic experiment is because the oil stays above the water the oil is lighter than the water. Oil and water do not mix, the structures of the two molecules do not allow them to bond together. When the tablet pieces are added, they sank to the bottom and created a gas, As the gas bubbles rose, they took some of the colored water with them. When the bubbles reach the top, the gas escapes and down went the water. This was for sure one of the Children’s favorites this month because of all that it does, so fun to watch.
  3. Carbonation: What will happen when you place raisins in a fresh glass of ginger ale? The raisins sink to the bottom of the ginger ale. Then after just a few minutes the raisins get covered in bubbles and rise to the top. Then fall to the bottom. They repeat this pattern for several minutes. Why does this happen? The raisins are heavier than the ginger ale. When enough bubbles attach to the raisins they become” lighter” than the ginger ale. The bubbles raise the raisins to the top. When the bubbles reach the surface they pop dropping the raisins to the bottom again.
Up, up the dancing raisins go!


Music Enrichment

-by Ms. Sabrina

Music is so much fun! This month was all about good manners! A song and game about sharing was played! While listening to the directions in the song, the children passed and shared a ball, and had a lot of fun!  The magic words “please” and “thank you” were reinforced through song and by using movement and castanets. “You Have a Choice” was a song played during class, which taught the children that they had a choice to be kind. The children enjoyed using bells, tambourines and rhythm sticks as well this month. The children also learned the difference between forte and piano or loud and soft. They loved raising and lowering their voices with the music. Songs about forgiveness and telling the truth were also shared this month. Ask your child to share all these great songs!

Art Enrichment
-by Ms. Ame

The first week of March Miss Michele felt much better and brought some (much needed) sunshine into our rooms using modge-podge glue with different colors mixed in! The students each created their own sunshine using different colors. These masterpieces will look fantastic in a window that gets a lot of sunshine. The next week Miss Ame stepped in when Miss Michele was sick and taught an abbreviated art lesson on Andy Warhol, that’s what all those colorful cats were about! The students learned a bit about his life and the definition of pop art. The next week Miss Michele taught the students about the definition of monochromatic. Monochromatic means only using a single color.  The students each created their own “house” or creation out of gluing popsicle sticks. Then they painted their creation only one color. It was difficult to pick only one! The next week Miss Michele talked about complimentary colors and introduced the color wheel once again. The students had to identify the complimentary color to the color they painted their creation the previous week. Then Miss Michele provided small boxes full of all sorts of treasures! The students had to be very careful to pick out only the complimentary colored items and glue them onto their monochromatic creation! They turned out so beautiful! If you see yours on the art rack, feel free to take it home! We can’t wait for April and see what multicultural projects Miss Michele will have us make to display at the International Festival on the 21st!


Ms. Kate ‘s April 2017 Monthly Overview

What I will learn this Month in Ms. Kate’s class:

 Themes of the week | Classroom group lesson time (in addition to individual Montessori Work time)

4/03: Europe and International festival practice

  • Italy- We will have fun looking for Italy on our Europe puzzle map.
  • Italy- Italy- We will have fun talking about Italy and making our own English muffin pizzas!
  • Germany- Together we will explore the Europe map and find where Germany is located
  • Germany- As a class we will go over Germany’s flag, and then make a tissue paper flag.
  • Netherlands- We will explore the Europe map to find where the Netherlands is located. We will then create our own special tulip!
  • Friday, April 7th | Dads n Donuts

Afternoon Group Time:
Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of crafts, and activities about Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

4/10th: Europe and International Festival practice

  • France- Creating a flag from France out of paint chip samples. We will also explore France on our map.
  • France- We will have fun creating an Eiffel Tower
  • Spain- learning about the traditional Flamenco dancing
  • Spain- making Maracas
  • Friday, April 14th | NO SCHOOL | Easter break

Afternoon Group Time:
Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of fun and engaging activities about France and Spain.

4/17th: Europe and International Festival Practice

  • Monday, April 17th | NO SCHOOL | Easter break
  • Ireland- We will explore the map of Europe and find Ireland on our map. We will also color the flag
  • Ireland- We will have fun creating a four leaf clover
  • Belgium- We will explore Belgium on our Europe map, and also color the flag
  • Belgium- As a class we will have fun making a windmill
  • Wednesday, April 19th | International Festival Rehearsal
  • Friday, April 21st | International Festival

Afternoon Group Time:
Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of crafts and activities about Ireland and Belgium

4/24th:   All About the farm

  • All about Farmers
  • Machines found on the farm
  • Different types of farms
  • Animals found on the farm
  • What do we get from different farms and animals

Afternoon Group Time:
Ms. Ame will be doing a variety of crafts, books, and lessons on the farm

 Letters of the Week: Try to find objects that begin with each letter wherever you go with your child.

4/3: Ww

4/10: Xx

4/17: Yy

4/24: Zz

Rhyming Words of the Week: Try to find each word in books as you read to your child.

4/3: rain

4/10: barn

4/17: hen

4/24: small

Things to do at home this month to reinforce our themes:

  • Take a nature walk and collect different things you see. Come home a create a piece of art with all of your nature treasures!
  • Visit a farm and see all of the baby animals. You could also bring a journal and write and draw all of the animals you see.
  • Try to spot any of our rhyming words in Dr. Seuss books.
  • Be adventurous and try a new meal or snack together.
  • Go the library and go exploring with the different continent books.