Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms.Kate/February 9th,2018

This week we learned about the word nocturnal and the animals that are categorised for that group. We had fun reading and discovering the certain senses that nocturnal animals have, the difference between diurnal and nocturnal, and what animals do during the day and at night!!

One of our kindergarteners is working on static addition with the golden bead materials. The child gets a better understanding that the process of addition is simply combining the equal and unequal quantities is to form a large quantity.  
Our friends are working on tracing the flower and leaf puzzle. When working on our plant puzzles the children gain knowledge of the parts of the plant and their names. They also gain fine motor skills while tracing and coloring their puzzle.
Our friend is working on the 45 layout. The purpose of this is to reinforce the relationship between the concrete and abstract decimal system.
The pink tower and brown stair teaches visual discrimination of three linear dimensions;length, height, width. The brown stair helps to develop visual discrimination of width.
Dishwashing is part of our practical life area. It teaches the children that all life skills has a number of steps to them that they need to follow in order to become successful.

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

– Valentine’s party is Wednesday from 1 to 230.

Our theme is All about the classic fairy tales. We will have fun reading storybooks, creating our own class fairy tale, fun with crafts, and much, much more!!

Take A Peek Into Our Reading Group | January 2018

This week we started a new story called The Fire Cat. Our first reading we read the story and shared our questions with one another. This lesson provides a connection to the story so that it helps the children understand the story a bit better. In our second reading, the children listened to the story and then we did a movement activity. The children acted out a scene that took place in the firehouse when the cats come to look at the truck. The kids had a blast with this one. We then finished up our lesson with a writing activity. With our lesson the children were able to think more deeply about the key details in the story.

Our new story this week:)

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms.Kate/February 2,2018

This week was all about learning the difference between living and nonliving. I was super impressed at how well our kids grasped these two things. We had fun reading a variety of books, drawing living and nonliving pictures then separating them into the correct categories, singing songs, and a few other fun activities. It was a really fun week!!

This week three of our friends got their very own journals! In our classroom our friends are able to work on their journals at any point during the day. I have a jar that is filled with different writing prompts that they are able to choose.  
When working on the teen board the children are able to associate the numbers 11 through 19 with the symbols. 
When working on our plant and animal puzzles the children are taught the proper names of the different parts of the plant and animal. Children also gain fine motor and pincher grip skills when picking up the pieces. 
The binomial cubes purpose is for the child to construct the cube according to shape and color. 
Today we celebrated our 100th day of school!!! We had a blast going on a 100th day scavenger hunt, making 100 day crowns, drawing what they would buy if they had a hundred dollars, and much much more!!  

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week is all about nocturnal animals. We will explore the different animals who only come out at night with a Venn diagram, songs, crafts, and different activities that help them get a better understanding!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/ Ms. Kate/January 25,2018

This week our class learned about the Artic and the animals you would find living there. We had fun learning about how tall and wide a polar bear is, what types of food they eat, how many cubs they can have, and the reasons why they are endangered. We also had fun learning about the penguin through a What they have, what they are, and what they do graph. Throughout the rest of the week we learned and watched amazing videos on the artic!! It was such a fun week!!!

Could these kiddos be any cuter?! I love watching the friendships bloom in our class as the years go by!
Two of our kindergartner’s are working on our blue rhyming work. This work is our most advanced rhyming material in our classroom. This work takes time and patience.
One of our younger friends is working on our Vertebrate and Invertebrate work. This work has them practicing classification and sorting skills. They are also learning about backbones and which animal has one and which animal or creature that does not have one. He was super proud of himself of this work he completed 🙂
The purpose of the metal insets is to prepare the child for printing, to teach them how to hold a pencil correctly, and to encourage the lightness of touch when using a pencil.
It is so very important to keep different types of books in a classroom. Books spark imagination, can start to see the difference between print and pictures, can start recognizing sight words, and gaining knowledge from books, plus much much more.

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week we will be learning about living and nonliving. The children will be learning these differences through a variety of books and activities!!

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Take A Peek Into Our Week/January 19,2018/Ms.Kate

This week was all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I really love this theme because it teaches the children how everyone in the world is the same on the inside even though our skin color may be different and some of may need to use a psoriasis cream in order to treat certain conditions. We had so much fun learning about his life, the marches he ran, The I Have A Dream speech, Rosa parks, and about peace and love. It was a fantastic week!!

One of our younger friends is exploring with our sandpaper letters.
Ms. Ame is working with a friend on our fabric box. The direct aim of this work is to stimulate the child’s interest in various textures.
One of Ms. Ame’ s lessons was teaching the children how we are all the same even though our skin color is different. The children had to talk about what each of the eggs looked like. Then she asked them what they thought the insides looked liked. Ms. Ame then opened each egg and the children were able to talk about what they saw. It was a great lesson!
One of our kindergartener’ s is working on building numbers with our golden bead materials. This step is to help them get ready for our static addition work.

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week is all about the Artic and Artic animals. The children will explore the different types of animals that are able to live in this area, the purpose of blubber with a simple experiment, where the Artic is on our map and much, much more!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/January 11, 2017

Welcome back to school everyone!! Lol I think everyone was so happy to be back! This week was all about hibernation and migration. The kiddos had such a fun time learning about what these two words meant with fun books, special games, and crafts. It’s only Thursday and they have already grasped the concepts!!!

One of our friends has just started learning to read in one of our phonics folders!!! So proud of her!
Our friend here is working on the cards and counters. The purpose of this work is for the child to arrange the numerals in the correct order, to be able to place the proper quantity beneath each numeral, and to use the visual and muscular impression of odd and even numbers.
One of our kindergarteners is working on the small bead frame. This material is more of an abstract way to do the different math operations. This work is leading the children towards pencil to paper work without a material to help them.
The continent map puzzles purpose is to provide the names of the countries/states/provinces of each continent and the bodies of water that surround the continent.

Take A Peek Into Next Week:

Next week we will be learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The children will be doing a variety of activities that will teach how just because our skin color can be different from others we are still the same. We will also talk about his life and how he helped people. Throughout next week we will also talk about Rosa parks. It’s one of my favorite weeks!!

Take A Peek Into Reading Group | December 2017

Our new story Me First by Max Kornell is about a family who is learning about cooperation, and different types of games. This story takes place in a small town and the type of genre is fantasy fiction. These past few weeks the children have been working hard on session 1,and 2. In the first reading the children listened as I read the story, then they were able to share their questions about it. When students share what they wonder about it is the first step to understanding it. In our second reading we read the story aloud again, then we did a few activities that helped them think more deeply about some of the key details from the story. With this activity the children had to think about a situation that happened in the story. The purpose of rereading a selection or story helps us discover new things about a story. I have really seen such a difference in all of our friends thoughts and sharing questions these last few weeks! Super proud of them!!!


A Peek At Our Week | Week of December 4th | Ms. Kate’s Class

All week long we learned about Christmas around the world! We had so much fun learning about the different traditions and celebrations in England, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Together we read books from these countries, created fun holiday crafts from each of these countries, and even learned how to say Merry Christmas in different languages! I think it is so important to teach our children how other countries celebrate different things.

Pink Rhyming: One of our kindergarteners is working on the pink rhyming all by herself for the first time!!! This rhyming work is more advanced then our picture rhyming cards. The children are able to recognize the middle and ending sounds visually as well as sorting them into the different sound categories.
Dynamic Addition with the golden beads: When working on dynamic addition the child is recognizing the process of addition is simply the combining of equal or unequal quantities to form one large quantity. They are also exchanging ten of one hierarchy for one of the next.


One of our friends is working on our long cubing chain. The purpose of this work is to practice linear and skip counting. This material is also a preparatory activity for more advanced work in the elementary grades.
This week our children did so amazing on their kindness jar! From the first week of school till now they earned 237 puff balls that filled our entire bucket!!! Way to go! For their much deserved reward we had a special pj day full of treats and rewards!


This week I placed clay on our practical life shelf. It was a hit! Using clay is one way our children can use their creative imagination. I love this because it is so open ended and lets the child create anything. One of our friends created dice with the clay and used a fork to create the dots.Using clay helps build their muscles in their hands that will then help with their fine motor skills.
This week was all about Christmas around the world. In this picture the children are cutting out Christmas trees and gluing on sequins. We learned that the Christmas tree first started in Germany and was said that by having one in the house it took away the evil spirits of course some people doesn’t believe this and just go and buy a villa in spain and move there. It then became a world wide tradition. Crafts is a great way for children to grasp the idea or information in a different way. It also helps gain their fine motor skills by cutting, gluing and coloring.

Take A Peek Into Next Week:
The theme for next week is about the importance of giving to others. Together we will talk about the difference between a want vs. a need, making a helping others paper chain, making cookies for the fire fighters, creating bird feeders, and much much more!

Wednesday the 13th is our dress rehearsal at 6pm.

Friday the 15th is our Christmas show at 6pm!

Wednesday the 20th is pj, movie, and show and tell day!!!

Take A Peek Into Our Reading Group | November 30, 2017

This past week we got our new books! The children were super excited! The story we read was called The Three Wishes by Margot Zemach. Our first session we read the story together and then discussed our sharing questions as a class. Our second reading together we listened to the story again, we then read together the highlighted phrases and acted out a scene! Near the end of class the children were able to brainstorm their ideas about what they thought the wife was thinking when the sausages grew on the man’s nose? I love hearing the children listen to each other ideas and then share their own thoughts.

Take A Peek Into Our Reading Group!

Our friends have really enjoyed reading this poem and doing the various lessons every week! This week the children had to draw what they thought Beauty looked like. We discussed the ways the stray cat was described in the poem. The children then talked about The different ways the cat might look like. The other activity was a writing experience. The children had to discuss why they would or would not let the stray in. I love listening to the children’s answers, and seeing them think on their own. I then wrote their answers on the white board and the children then were able to copy down their answers.

New books arrive next week!! They are super excited:)