Take A Peek Into Our Week/September 13,2019/Ms.Kate

Happy Friday everyone!!

What a great week we had!! Our theme for the week was all about Community Helpers! We had fun learning about Doctors, dentists, librarians, mail carriers, construction workers, and teacher’s! We also had fun making some really cool crafts with Ms. Amanda. This week we have been continuing working on our Grace and Courtesy lessons. TGIF!!!

Our different Continent map puzzles have been a big hit in our class this year so far!! When using our different map puzzles your child will gain fine motor skills, and recognition of the different countries.
One of our new friends is working on our Go Together cards. This material explores the concepts of association and recognizing things that go together.
Why teach about syllables? Dividing words into parts, or ” chunks” helps speed the process of decoding. Knowing the rules for syllable division can teach students read words more accurately and fluently. Understand syllables can also help students learn to spell words correctly.



Next week is our field trip!! Don’t forget to turn in your field trip forms!!!

Please make sure your child is wearing appropriate shoes. That means no open toe, and that they are able to put their shoes on and off by themselves!

Have a super weekend!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms.Kate/September 5,2019

Welcome back everyone!! I can’t believe how fast our first two weeks went by!! Our first week was all about Grace and Courtesy. We learned how to roll and unroll our mats, carry a tray, how to sit in a chair correctly while sitting at the table, opening and closing the door the right way, and lots lots more!! Together we also made our own classroom rules!! This week our theme was Apple’s. Together we learned about the life cycle of the Apple, the different parts of the Apple, different foods you can make with apples, and lots of fun crafts with Ms. Amanda!!!

The Metal Insets are used to help with pencil control, to refine hand movements in preparation for writing.
Our different animal puzzles are designed to stimulate the child’s interest in the natural world and help them identify the animals represented and is a hands on opportunity to learn the anatomical parts of each animal.
The Dressing Frames primary purpose is to teach children how to dress themselves through mastering different clothing fasteners. This process also test’ s a child’s hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, as they work with each material.

Ms.Amanda’s Enrichment Corner!

Today was our first week in art!!! Ms.Dana went over the classrooms expectations and then we got to decorate our name tags. It was super fun!!
This week in science class we each got to help out Mr. John! We added baking soda to a balloon, and then shook it into a bottle full of vinegar. When the vinegar mixed with the baking soda, it blew up the balloon! It was so cool!!

Take A Peek into Our Last Week!/ Ms. Kate/May 30, 2019

oh my goodness you guys… how this school year just flew by!! I have loved every monent with your kiddos this year!! Each and everyone of them is so beyond special to me in such different ways that i will never forget them! For those of you who are coming back next year.. YAY I have more time with you!! This week was all about just spending quality time together. We wanted this last week  to be able to sit back and enjoy the kids, and get more snuggles in! We also had such a blast with field day playing board games, sharing our favorite toy, and having fun with different water games!

love this kid so much!! I was so lucky to be his teacher for four years!!!  
Having fun playing a game of trouble! 
Nothing like a game of Candy Land to bring some smiles to these cuties! 
Connect Four anyone:)  
Playing such an awesome cooperative dinosaur game!!  

what a blast we had playing with water on field day!!! Thank you to all of my parent volunteers for making this day so great!!! I hope that everyone has such a wonderful, fun, and safe summer!! Miss you already!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/May 22, 2019

These past two weeks have flown by!! Last week we had a blast with grandparents day! Everyone had so much fun watching science experiments by Mr. John,creating four different crafts, exploring the book fair, and spending time in our room working together!! Grandparents was also our theme for that week as well! Together we read books, lead discussions about what makes are grandparents so special to us, and had fun creating crafts for our grandparents!!!



This week is all about the farm!! Our class is so excited about our field trip on friday!! Together we have lead discussions about all of the different types of farms there are in our country!We also have  been reading some great books on the different animals you would see on a farm, baby animals, and the different jobs people have if they worked on a farm.

this little cutie has been working so hard on our Nomenclature cards. When working on these she is learning how to sort, categorize, and learn the different names of the animals. she is also writing out all of the name cards, which is a great extension to this card work!  
When working on our continent puzzles the child is introduced to a sensorial activity related to working with the countries/continents of the world. They also stimulate an interest in the systematic study of the world and its people. The child also gains focus and concentration skills. 
This guy right here is reading his first Dr. Seuss book!! He has been working so hard this year on his letters, word building, and with his reading!! Way to go!!  


Tomorrow is book share day!!

Friday is our fiels trip, so please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes! Also, please pack a brown bag lunch!

Today I sent an email out about our last day of school so don’t forget to check those out!!!


Take A Peek into Our Week/Ms. Kate/May 9, 2019

Wow!! I can’t believe we only have a few short weeks left of the school year… its flown by! This week was all about space! We had so much fun learing about our 8 planets, the moon, sun, the space shuttle, the international space station, stars and constellations, as well as astronaunts. During our week we read some AMAZING books, had fun with crafts, and also watched some really cool videos of people washing their hair, brushing their teeth, sleeping, and life in the space shuttle!! What a fun week we had!!

When working on the geometric solids the child will use the appropriate languge for each geometric solid.
In the early stages, the purpose of the Binomial Cube is less focused on the complex mathematics behind the material, and rather is to provide a challenge for a child’s ability to find patterns and relationships between the blocks.  
Our cutie here is working on our sandpaper letters. When working on this it teaches the sounds of the alphabet by means of muscular and visual memory.  
When working with the Addition Snake game the child is able to memorize their addition math facts in a fun way!!The goal of this work is to turn the colorful snake into a golden snake by counting to ten!  
The Stamp game directly corresponds to the golden bead material which gives the child exposure to the decimal system. It is just more abstract, yet concretely demonstrates the maths process to young children. It prepares the child for pencil and paper work, and memorization of facts.  


Tomorrow is book share day!!

If you haven’t turned in your permission slip yet for the field trip, they are due TOMORROW!!


Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/April 18th, 2018

Yay! We are officially starting the international festival practice and festivities! Last week we had fun focusing on Denmark,Austria,France,and The Netherlands.We had fun reading amazing books, learning how to say hello, goodbye, please, and thank you in the different languages.We also have been practining our songs and lines!!This week we had fun exploring Sweden, Belgium,Ukraine, Hungary, and Russia!! WE had fun learning about each countries flag,the different traditions they celebrate, and the different foods that they eat! It has been such a fun couple of weeks!

Our friend is working on the Geometric Solids. The Geometric Solids are a key part of the sensorial curriculum area, allowing the children to understand 3D shapes by making them tangible objects.
When working on the Red Rods the child will develop visual and muscular perception of length.
our friend is working on one of our pattern works. Patterns help us make predictions based on our obsverations; this is an impotant skill in math. Understanding patterns help prepare children for learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations.
One of our KIndergarten students is working on her journal. Journal writing with young children serve five major purposes: 1) it teaches children that their thoughts, feelings, and words can be transferred from their minds onto paper for others to see and read.2) children learn to value writing, and to respect the writing of others. 3) Journal writing gives children REAL and RELEVANT opportunities to learn conventions of print. 4) children need to experiment with letters, letter sounds, and inventive spelling in a nin-threatening way. 5) Writing gives children time to practice the fine motor control that will help them become better writiers!
When working on Blue Rhyming  the child is learning the necessary vowel sounds and consonant blends. 
our little cutie is working on our Land, Water, and Air cards. This is such a fun and hands on Geography lesson that helps the child understand the concept of Land, water, and air.  


Tomorrow is book share!

Next Friday is our field trip! If you have not turned in your form, then please do ASAP!!!

NO SCHOOL Monday the 22nd!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/ Ms. Kate/March 8, 2019

Happy Thursday!!!

Last week we had fun learning about art, and  some of the different famous artists such as, Van Gough, Monet, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Matisse. and more!! We had fun pretending we were the different artists and creating the different art works by each of them! We also had a great discussion on art museums and what we can find there!!!

creating a Monet painting!
creating different sculptures with marshmallows and toothpicks.
creating a Kandinsky work of art!
creating Pointillism from George Seurat.
Welcome to our classroom Marshmallow Sparkle!!
Both of our kindergarten students are working on Static Addition. The purpose is to help the child understand that the process of addition is simply the combining of equal or unequal quantities to form one large quantity.


This week was all about Spring!! How I love this time of year!! Finally we are getting that sunny weather we all deserve!! This week we learned the different parts of the Robin and flower, had a discussion about what we see and hear during springtime, and designing our own umbrellas! It was such a fun week!!

The dressing frames primary purpose is to teach children how to dress themselves through mastering different clothing fasteners. This process also tests a child’s hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, as they work with each material.
When working on the sand tray its helps a child learn how to trace letters and numbers on their own, while allowing for the same tactile and sensorial experience as the sandpaper letters and numbers.
Our friend is working on tracing, coloring, and labeling the turtle puzzle. When working on this the child learns the different parts of the turtle, gains fine motor skills, as well as builds his focus and concentration. 


Tomorrow is book share day!!

Next Wednesday is our last day before spring break!! It’s our movie and show and tell day! More info is soon to come!!!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/March 1, 2019

Happy March Everyone!!

I am so excited that spring is just around the corner!! We have simply enjoyed going outside and playing in our sunny weather!! We celebrated our last week of February with celebrating wonderful Dr. Seuss!! Our class had fun trying green eggs and ham, making one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, creating cat in the hats with Ms. Amanda, playing would you rather, having a discussion about all the places WE would go and more!!! We also had the best time wearing silly socks, crazy clothes and hair, wearing red and white, and having pj day!!! Wow what a week!!!

Today my friends really enjoyed working on our long bead chains. When working on our different long chains the child is able to practice linear and skip counting. This material is also a preparatory activity for more advanced work in the elementary grades.


Our two friends are working on folding different sized cloths from our Practical Life area. This wonderful work builds independence confidence and fine motor skills, by utilizing an everyday object. 
This cutie here is working on the Nine Tray. The direct purpose is to introduce the child to the concept of the decimal system, to make the child familiar with the names and relative sizes of the categories.
Patterns help children learn sequencing and to make predictions which leads to mathematical skills, logic structure in algebra, and to establish order in life.

Have a wonderful and fun weekend!!!!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

What a great week we had learning about Sequencing! By the end of the week they were all able to tell me what sequencing meant. All week long we had different activities that had the children place things in order from tallest to shortest, to putting parts of stories in order. They had a blast!!

Our friend is working on our I Spy basket! The purpose of this fun work is to make children aware of the separate sounds that make up words. 
Our friend finished to the 100 board all by himself!! This work helps the child practice counting linearly from one to one hundred!
When working on our different Nomenclature cards it helps the child build their vocabulary and concepts in all subject areas. These can be used with non-readers as the children are able to match up the letters on the labels and figure out which label goes with which picture.
I LOVE all of my friends so much!!!


No school this Monday!!!!

I hope all of you have a great long weekend!!


Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/February 7, 2019

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!

This week was all about Hibernation and Migration! I loved that your kiddos had a blast with this and that they really and truly grasped both definitions! This week we had so much fun reading fabulous books, having fun with crafts, charting which animals belong under hibernation or migration, singing songs and more!! We had so much fun!!

When working on the Brown stair and Pink tower the child learns the visual discrimination of dimensions.
Our friend is working on our Land, Water, and Air card work. With this work the child wil classify and explore the elements of the earth.
This little cutie is working on our Living and Nonliving cards. When working on this your child will be able to classify objects as living and nonliving. They will also be able to identify what living things need to survive.
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why learning cursive at an early age is so important? Research suggests that writing in cursive activates different parts of the brain. Learning cursive is good for children’s fine motor skills, and generally helps students retain more information and generates more ideas!!
When journaling your child will build writing skills, fine motor skills, process feelings, as well as communicating their ideas.


THIS Saturday is our Fundraiser Dance!!

Book Share is Tomorrow!

Please check out our Valentine’s Day Sign ups I sent out! We still are in need!