Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

What a great week we had learning about Sequencing! By the end of the week they were all able to tell me what sequencing meant. All week long we had different activities that had the children place things in order from tallest to shortest, to putting parts of stories in order. They had a blast!!

Our friend is working on our I Spy basket! The purpose of this fun work is to make children aware of the separate sounds that make up words. 
Our friend finished to the 100 board all by himself!! This work helps the child practice counting linearly from one to one hundred!
When working on our different Nomenclature cards it helps the child build their vocabulary and concepts in all subject areas. These can be used with non-readers as the children are able to match up the letters on the labels and figure out which label goes with which picture.
I LOVE all of my friends so much!!!


No school this Monday!!!!

I hope all of you have a great long weekend!!


Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/February 7, 2019

Happy Friday Eve everyone!!

This week was all about Hibernation and Migration! I loved that your kiddos had a blast with this and that they really and truly grasped both definitions! This week we had so much fun reading fabulous books, having fun with crafts, charting which animals belong under hibernation or migration, singing songs and more!! We had so much fun!!

When working on the Brown stair and Pink tower the child learns the visual discrimination of dimensions.
Our friend is working on our Land, Water, and Air card work. With this work the child wil classify and explore the elements of the earth.
This little cutie is working on our Living and Nonliving cards. When working on this your child will be able to classify objects as living and nonliving. They will also be able to identify what living things need to survive.
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why learning cursive at an early age is so important? Research suggests that writing in cursive activates different parts of the brain. Learning cursive is good for children’s fine motor skills, and generally helps students retain more information and generates more ideas!!
When journaling your child will build writing skills, fine motor skills, process feelings, as well as communicating their ideas.


THIS Saturday is our Fundraiser Dance!!

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Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms.Kate/February 2, 2019

What a short week we had! I hope everyone enjoyed being inside and staying warm and cozy! The few short days that we were here was all about Martin Luther King Jr. We had fun learning about what he did for our country through books, crafts, and discussions.

Our friend is working on our Introduction to the decimal system. With this work the child is introduced to the numerals of the decimal system. The child will also become familiar with the names and relative size of the categories. 
When working on the knobless cylinders the child is able to observe and compare the different series with each other. They are also getting a clear understanding for the different dimensions and their interplay. 
Picture to picture matching is one of the most important pre-reading skills.It helps children develop vocabulary skills and visual discrimination a completely abstract way. 
When working on color box three the child is learning to grade the colors from darkest to lightest. They are also orienting themselves in a world of color!  


Book share is always on Friday!

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Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/January 18th, 2019

Happy Thursday everyone!!

This week was all about Living and Nonliving. We had so many fantastic  books that we read that really helped them understand the difference between the two. We also had fun making lists and placing different  living and nonliving pictures into their correct category. Ms. Amanda also incorporated fun songs, crafts, and activities that helped them even more get a better understanding of our theme.

One of our amazing kiddos started to read this week! Yay!!!
Our friend is working on one of our map puzzles. When working on this the child wil gain fine motor skills, will build their focus and concentration, and also they will become aware of the different countries that are on our seven continents.
It was a MAP crazy this week:)
The Binomial Cube is in preparation for the cube root. It is also an introduction for Algebra and preparation for the proof of the formula (a+b)3 at elementary level.
Our two kindergarten friends are working on the 45 layout. this work helps acquaint the child with the written symbols for the quantities and categories of the decimal system.

REMINDERS: no school Monday 21st.

Have a fun snowy weekend!!!

Take A Peek Into Our Week!/Ms Kate/December 19, 2018

Happy Holidays everyone!!

I am placing both last week and this week into our last blog of 2018! These past few weeks have been filled with christmas concert practices, our Christmas program, and christmas crafts!! What a fun filled two weeks we had! During our time together we also learned about snow. We had fun lessons on how snow is formed, how many sides does a snow crystal have, what fun things we can do in the snow, plus much more!!

One of our kindergarten students is working on the map of Asia. When working on these puzzles they are gaining knowledge of the different countries, and also gaining fine motor skills. 
This cutie here is working on one of our syllable work. This is a stepping stone to reading. When children practice breaking up words into parts, reading becomes a bit easier for them.
One of our kindergarten students is working on the Addition finger chart. This activity allows the child to practice memorization of addition facts. 
When working on the nine tray the child is introduced to the decimal system. It also helps them to become familiar with the names and relative sizes of categories. 

I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday break!! See you in the new year!!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/December 6th, 2018

What a fun and busy week we have had! We have been focusing on kindness, and what the word giving means. Together we charted the different ways we can show kindness to one another. I loved hearing such sweet answers from all of them. We also had fun acting out different scenarios and talked through together the different kind things we could do or say in those different situations. Throughout the week we started to prepare our parent gifts… you are going to adore them!!!

This little cutie is working on one to one correspondence with pom poms and christmas trees! When working on this work the child has the ability to match an object to the corresponding number and recognize that numbers are symbols to represent a quantity.
Our friend is working on our new holiday ribbon weaving work. Lacing and stringing activities help young children develop manual dexterity and manipulative skills. Also, by using there hands, children fully intergrate learning experiences.
When working on the trinomial cube the child is challenged to find patterns and spatial relationships.
Our two cuties are working together on tracing, coloring our plant and animal puzzles. When working on this they are gaining fine motor skills, pincher grip, and learning the different parts of the animal and plant. 
We had so much fun decorating our classroom Christmas tree! 


Next Wednesday is our dress rehearsal. Please be there no later then 545, we will be starting at 6 sharp!!

Girls dress in red, boys wear a gree shirt and black or khaki pants. Everyone please wear a santa hat!! If you have any questions just ask!


Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms. Kate/November 9th, 2018

What A fun week we had! This week was all about Community Helper’s. We had fun learning about Doctors, nurses, firefighters, EMT’s, Mail Carrier’s, Teacher’s, librarians, and more! We had fun learning the fire safety method of STOP, Drop, and Roll, graphed what we want to be when we grow up, created different crafts that went with our theme, and More! It was also a hard week as we said our goodbyes to our Ms. Ame. She was an amazing teacher, and her new school will be lucky to have her!

Ms. Ame on her last day. The kids just couldn’t get enough of her:)
One of our kindergarten students is working on the movable alphabet. He was so proud that he was able to place the correct begining letter sound on the pictures! This was his first time using this work..Way to go! 
The movable alphabet was a huge hit in our class this week. Another shout out to this guy who is now starting to form words!!! 
It just makes my heart so full to see friends loving each other:) 
One of our friends is working on cards and counters. This work brings the abstract to the concrete, allowing a child to feel the units as they count.  


Next Wednesday the 15th is our Operation Christmas Child!

Book Share is Tomorrow!

No school November 17th… It’s parent-teacher conferences.

A Peek at Our Week | Week of October 29th 2018

Check out my video update for this week, also including upcoming event information! Click here: https://vimeo.com/298455584/5896149c36

When working on the 9 tray the child becomes familiar with the different categories of numbers, especially with regard to reading the symbols . And also they are learning the wordings of large numbers.
When working on Land, WATER, and Air the child will be able to classify and explore the elements of the Earth.
One of our older friends is teaching a friend our sandpaper letters. The sandpaper letters is to teach the child the sounds of the alphabet by means of muscular and visual memory.
It always makes my heart so full just watching two friends working together to try and figure something out❤

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!!!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/Ms.Kate/October 26, 2018

Happy Friday!!!

What a SPOOKY good time we had this week! Our theme was all about Halloween! Everyday we read a Halloween book, and a craft that followed. We also had fun learning about how Halloween first got started. The kids had a blast decorating our classroom for the party!!!

Our friends working on some Halloween crafts for our party!
Our friend is working on the Four Seasons cards. With this work not only are they learning the different seasons they are learning how to sort and categorize. 
The Addition Snake game is such a fun way for children to begin memorizing addition facts. The goal of this work is to turn the colorful snake into a golden snake by counting to ten.
The Addition Strip board is one method used by students to assist them in their abstract memorization of addition facts up to 18. 
We placed a new work on our shelves last week! We drew our form drawings on black paper and the children were able to place beans on the lines that form the form drawing. This work gains their fine motor skills, and helps to develop their pincher grip.  

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my wonderful parents for helping and contributing to the Halloween party. It was a success!!

Take A Peek Into Our Week/ Ms. Kate/October 19, 2018

What a fantastic week we had!! Our theme was all about fall! We had fun learning about the four seasons, acorns, leaves, what our favorite things to do in fall, chlorophyll, and more! Your kiddos had a blast with different types of crafts, songs, and graphing activities!

I absolutely love having a pet in our classroom. Here are just a few benefits of why having a classroom pet is such a great idea. Pets provides new ways to learn, they encourage a nurturing attitude, it builds self esteem,and it teaches responsibility .
This week Ms. Ame and I introduced how to make silence in our classroom. When making silence the children will develop concentration, precision, as well as social awareness, as they wait for a turn , without disturbing the classmate who is working. They learn to speak softly in response to the teachers quiet voice, and to stop moving and listen when our bell is rung or the lights are turned off. The children did exceptionally well with it!!
The sand tray helps promote writing success! It’s purpose is to help a child learn how to trace letters and numbers on their own, while allowing for the same tactile and sensorial experience as the sandpaper letters and numerals.  
This week this cutie and I worked on object box number one with each other. This work teaches them that there is another way to communicate, helps them realize that a written word is a group of sounds represented by graphic signs and has a meaning. It is also an introduction to reading.  


Our Halloween party is this Friday! If you signed up to bring anything in, you can start bringing it in now!

Book share is Friday! Please bring in any spooky books to share!