A Peek Into Reading Group

With Ms. Faith

Our last story we read was called Me First. It was about a brother and sister who argue and have to be first for everything. Towards the end of the story, they end up helping eachother and allowing the other to go first.

The group discussed how they choose who goes first when they are playing a game. They wrote if they think the siblings should get on trouble for arguing, and they said no because they started being nice to eachother, and no because that means they would be in time out.

A Peek Into the Next Two Week

– The students will be reading a story called The Fire Cat.

– The students will participate in discussions and writing activities.

– The students will learn the vocabulary words: Mixed up, suddenly, wonderful.

A Peek Into Art Class-Ms. Courtney’s Class

With Ms. Faith

This month I focused on colors while contiuing to practice with art materials. The primary students learned about warm and cool colors. They found out that warm colors make you think of warm things like fire and the sun, and cool colors make you think of cold things like water and the earth. The students used oil pastels to color their papers then cut them up in strips and glued them to construction paper.

Next, the Primary students learned about complimentary colors. They found out that complimentary colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel, and when they’re combined in the right way create white light. For our project, the students glued down the center of a flower and then glued the complimentary color of tissue paper around for the petals. Then to add a finishing touch, the group decorated the center of the flower with different lines, which they learned is a segment that has a start and an end.

A Peek Into Reading Group

Over the last two weeks we read a story called The Three Wishes. It was a story about a couple who worked really hard every day, but still struggled to make end meets. They come across and Imp who needs some help. After helping the Imp, he gives gives the couple three wishes.

The students got to come up with a wish they would like to have. They discussed what the husband and wife were thinking about when they ended up wishing for sausages and the for the sausages to hang from the man’s nose, and even got to draw what they thought the Imp looked like.

A Peek Into Next Week

– The students will read the story Me first

– The students will learn new vocabulary words: Arguing, sprinted, trotted

– The students will learn about cooperation

A Peek Into Reading Group

With Ms Faith

In reading group, the kindergartners listened to a poem called The Stray Cat. It was about an old alley cat who wasn’t very pretty. Despite the fact that the cat was dirty and old, a child brings it home and names it Beauty.

The students learned about poems and how the speaker in the poem is the person who is talking, that stanzas are groups of sentences, and that most poems use rhyming words.

The kindergarteners are evaluating how well they shared their ideas during The Stray Cat

A Peek Into the Next Two Weeks.

– The students will learn what a folktale is.

– The students will learn the vocabulary words: trudged, slumped, and useless.

– The students will participate in discussions and evaluative activities.

A Peek Into Art Class

With Ms. Kathleen

We have been studying Pop Art and the artist Andy Warhol. They learned how to shade objects on one side to create a three-dimensional look. We made a series of the same object in four colors on bright colored backgrounds like the artwork of Andy Warhol. Look for their Pop Art to be hung in the hallways soon!

We also studied the artist Wassily Kandinsky and his painting of eccentric circles. I had the students draw several circles in two rows. I then had them draw circles inside the main circles. We then used markers to color each of the circles and inner circles different colors as like Kandinsky did in his painting. The students really enjoyed choosing their own colors and making it unique to them.


A Peek Into Reading Group

With Ms. Faith

The last story we read in Reading Group was called Jamaica’s Blue Marker. In the story a little girl, Jamaica has to share her blue marker with a little boy, Russell even though she doesnt want to. The boy scribbles on her work after getting mad at her. The class ends up finding out he is moving, so they throw a good bye party. Jamaica doesn’t end making a card for him, and then feels bad about it, so she ends up giving him the blue marker he had borrowed.

Throughout the story, we discussed what we wondered about, what Jamaica was thinking when she gives Russell her blue marker, and how they would feel about giving away their blue marker if they were Jamaica.

 A chart we created for when we share in discussion.


The kindergartners are writing about whether they would be happy or sad about giving away their blue marker if they were Jamaica.

A Peek Into Next Week

– The students will be reading a poem about a cat who has no home.

– The students will learn about the speaker of a poem and what stanzas are in a poem.

-The students will learn the vocabulary words: silky, dainty, and elegant.

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A Peek Into Reading Group

With Ms. Faith

These last two weeks the kindergartners have been listening to a story called Big Wolf and Little Wolf. Big Wolf meets Little Wolf and is a little curious as to why this little wolf would come under his tree. Little Wolf ends up doing everything Big Wolf does. Then when Big Wolf comes back from his walk the next day and Little Wolf is gone. Big Wolf realizes he misses Little Wolf and has an empty space in his heart without him there. Then, Little Wolf returns and they become friends.

The group got to share what they were wondering about while listening to the story, shared what makes a good friend, and even acted out a scene where Big Wolf gives Little Wolf some of his food. The kindergartners also worked together to write where Little Wolf went while he was away. Their story will be hanging in the hallway to check out!

These students are sharing their drawings of the wolves being curious about each other.

A Peek Into Next Week

-The students will be listening to a story about a girl whose classmate bothers her.

-The students will be learning the vocabulary words: grabbed, bother, and upset.

– The students will be continuing to discuss what they are wondering and share their ideas throughout the story.

A Peek Into Art Class | All Campus | September 2018

With Ms. Kathleen

We started off the school year studying artist Wayne Thiebaud. He is a modern American artist most known for his beautiful paintings of cakes, doughnuts, and ice cream cones. I had the students paint ice cream scoops in Primary Colors and they learned how to blend white to each ice cream scoop so to make them look three dimensional and realistic as Wayne Thiebaud did in his paintings. Next they painted popsicles while learning about Secondary Colors. We used a technique called crayon resist to create a pattern on the popsicle and then used watercolors to paint over the crayon. They have had such fun painting and getting messy as artists are required to!


A Peek Into Reading Group

Reading Group

With Ms. Faith

For our first story in Reading Group, the kindergartners listened to Cornelius. Cornelius is a crocodile who walks upright. The other crocodiles don’t seem to care about his talent. He ends up meeting a monkey who teaches him how to stand on his head and hang from his tale. After showing his new talents, the other crocodiles end up trying to stand on their heads and hang from their tales too.

The kindergartners listened to the story, participated in discussions, wrote responses to prompts regarding the story, and shared what talent they are proud of. The last activity was to evaluate how well they listened during the story and while others where sharing their ideas. They even made a goal to listen and follow along with the story better the next time.


Our T-chart on the differences between real crocodiles and the crocodiles in the story

The students are sharing what they think Cornelius is thinking when he walks proudly back to the riverbeach.

A Peek Into the Next Story

-The students will be learning about the genre fantasy fiction.

-The students will listen to the story Big Wolf and Little Wolf.

-The students will be learning the vocabulary words: approached, curious, and suspicious.

A Peek Into Reading Group

These last two weeks, the kindergarteners listened to a story called The Frog Went A Travelin. This story is  Russian folktale about a frog who wants a different life and decides to travel south with a flock of ducks. The frog’s pride gets the best of her when villagers notice that the frog is traveling with ducks. She wants to fly lower for them to see and ends up shouting that she is the one who thought of the idea, and ends up falling and landing in a pond.

The kindergarteners practiced reading the underlined parts of the story aloud with me. They are improving in reading on their own and knowing when to read their part. They also completed art and writing acitivities.