A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class | Week Of November 13th

This week we have been learning all about Turkeys and how Turkeys are a part of the bird family! The children also enjoyed discussing what they are thankful for! Please take time to check out our bulletin board and check out what your child is thankful for!


Proud of her work on the Lacing Cards! by lacing the string through the holes in the board, the child in indirectly working on increasing their sense of organization, concentration, coordination, and independence!
Smiling after working hard on the Geometric Solids! By working on this material, the child learns new vocabulary by learning the names of three dimensional shapes and they are also indirectly prepared for Geometry!


Our class enjoyed a special visit by an AMMS alum who came to read them a story!


A Peek Into Next Week:

-Discussing the first Thanksgiving

-Making Pumpkin Soup

-Making Homemade Bread

-Continuing our discussion about Turkeys

A Peek at Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of November 6th

This has been a wonderful week in our classroom! This week we have learned all about Kindness! We discussed how being kind means we treat others the way we would like to be treated. The children also filled up our Kindness Jar, so we were able to do something kind for another class and go visit them! So much fun!

Proud of her work using the Metal Insets! By tracing the shapes and practicing drawing straight lines accross, the child is preparing their hand for Handwriting!
Working together to match colors in the Sensorial Area!
Proud of her work on the Rhyming Cards in the Language Area!
Our class filled up our Kindess Jar, so we were able to do something kind for another classroom and go visit them! We decided to share our favorite work from the Practical Life area, Corn Tweezing, with Ms. Kate’s class!


A Peek Into Next Week:

-Learning the parts of the Turkey

-What do Turkey’s Eat?

-Singing Turkey and Thanksgiving Songs.


A Peek at Handwriting| Ms. Kristen | Week of November 6th

The past two weeks in Handwriting, we have been working on answering a question of the day and writing our answer in cursive. Some of our questions have been, ” What will you be for Halloween?” and ” What did you have for lunch today?” and ” What is your middle name?”. The children are also working on spelling their answer phonetically.

Something to practice with your child at home is writing their first name in cursive! I’m so proud of how our Kindergarten student’s handwriting has come along so far this year!

A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of October 30th

This week, we learned all about Families! We learned ASL signs for Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, and Grandpa. We also read about how families come in differents sizes and can be made up of different types of people!


Working on the Corn Tweezing work together! This has been a very popular work in our classroom! By using the tweezer to pluck the corn, the child is developing their pincer grip, which is great preparation for Handwriting! In addition, the child is developing their focus and concentration!


Ms. Mel practiced counting using Chinese numerical characters with our students during Afternoon Group Time this week! We also learned the words for members of our family in several languages!
Working on tracing the Bird Puzzle! Puzzles are a great pre-reading material!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-What does Kindness mean?

-How can we be kind to others?

-Doing something kind for another class, now that our Kindness Jar is full!



A Peek into October Science Class | Cuyahoga Falls Campus

We enjoyed exploring experiments in Science class this month!  Here are a few of our favorite experiements:


Sinking Salt- Density (10/5/17) The oil lies on top of the water. When we place the salt in the mixture, the oil and salt sink to the bottom.
Skittles/Gobstoppers Candy Run-Water Soluble Materials(10/26/17) The colors run into each other and stop, initially forming perfect,  colorful wedges. Because each color is  coated with a thin layer of wax.
The students loved this experiment and forming their hypothesis of what they thought would happen with the colors!

A Peek Into Handwriting | Week of October 23rd

The past two weeks have taken us all the way to the letter Z in Handwriting! We also started answering a couple of journal questions, putting into practice what we have learned thus far. Our two journal questions so far have been “What is your favorite color?” and “What will you be for Halloween?” The goal is to have the children begin to expressively write on their own and to practice their letter formation on paper. I’m so proud of their progress so far!

I would encourage you to help your child practice their handwriting at home by phonetically spelling words on their own. Why not have them help you write the grocery list this week?


A Peek At Our Week | Ms. Kristen’s Class | Week Of October 23

This week was a blast! We learned all about Bats and other animals that might be considered ” creepy”. We read the book ” Stellaluna” , which tells the story of little bat who is adopted by a family of birds, which led into our discussion about the differences between bats and birds and we learned about the Parts Of The Bat. We also had a wonderful time at our Halloween Party!

So proud of his work on the Movable Alphabet! The child uses this work to begin to learn to phonetically spell!
Perfecting her sense of touch using the Touch Boards in the Sensorial Area! By using these, the child learns the difference between rough and smooth and learns to grade from smooth to rough!
Working on the Scooping work in the Practical Life Area! By using this material, the child develops their sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence. By scooping the stones from left to right, the child is also is indirectly preparing their brain to read!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-Discuss Family traditions and celebrations.
-Discuss how every family is unique and special.
-Discuss how pets are also part of our families.


A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week Of October 16th

This week, our class enjoyed learning all about leaves! They enjoyed learning about the parts of a leaf, why the leaves change color, and we even enjoyed shading leaves with crayons! We also learned about the season of Fall! We had so much fun!

Working on the Parts of The Turtle Puzzle! Working on puzzles aides the child in their preparation to learn to read!
This is what Montessori is all about! An older child sharing their knowledge with their younger friends! This sweet girl is showing her friends the Trinomial Cube! This material is great preparation for Algebra later down the road!
Our friends enjoyed having our first Guest Parent Reader come into the classroom to read us a spooky Halloween story!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-Learning the parts of the Bat.
-Reading “Stellaluna”.
-Learning about echolocation, and how it helps certain species of bats see in the dark.
-Making a Ven Diagram comparing bats to birds.

A Peek Into Handwriting | Academic Enrichment | Week of October 9th

In handwriting , the children are continuing to make progress in writing in cursive! We currently have worked on I through Q, practicing writing the letters by themselves, then writing a sentence containing the letter we are working on that day. The Kindergarten students have also been asking me to write more words once they are finished! Please keep encouraging your children to practice their handwriting at home as well! I’m so proud of their progress!

A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of October 9

This week was a lot of fun in our classroom! We learned all about pumpkins, the parts of the pumpkin, and we also learned the song “Five Little Pumpkins”! We even enjoyed making pumpkin muffins together!

Working on the Sandpaper Numbers! The child traces the number and says the name of the number outloud to practice their numerical symbols 0-9!
With fall now here, the Button Frame is the perfect work to help our students practice buttoning and unbuttoning! This work also aides them in increasing their concentration, coordination, and independence!
Working on the 45 layout! By working on this material, that child learns numerical order and how to count by 1’s , 10’s, 100’s, and 1000’s!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Fall
-Sorting leaves.
-Shading leaves.
-Learning all about the parts of the leaf.

Parent Education Night Wednesday, October 25th at 6:30pm (Tallmadge Campus) click on the link to register: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b48a8a92da6f94-montessori