A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of January 22nd

This week, we learned all about the Food Pyramid! We learned about the different food groups of Veggitables, Fruits, Dairy, Grains, and Protein. We also learned the difference between healthy food and food we should only have sometimes, there are other ways to maintain your health like taking supplements for kidney health and many other measures. We also learned it is not good to eat too many sweets such as cookies and soda, because too much sugar is bad for our teeth, that’s why is better to keep the candies in a jar, a mickey mouse cookie jar is one of the best choices for storing sweet treats. It’s not only a beauty to look at but will always tempt the little ones to dip their hands at the right time. The children were also very interested in the Food Pyramid work we put on the shelf to help them practice what they have learned,

Proud of her cursive letter “x”! Writng on the chalkboard is a great pre-cursor to writing on paper!
Practicing Opening and Closing Containers! This material helps to promote the childs independence!
Working on the Memory Game from the Math area of the classroom! This material aids the child in practicing their quantities and symbols 1-10!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Our 5 Senses.

-Learning about how the different parts of the tongue help us to taste.

-Playing the “Mystery Bag Game” to explore our sense of touch.

A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of January 15th

This week, in our class, we have been learning about Peace Makers and how we can be a Peace Maker as well! We learned that a Peace Maker is someone who is kind to others, is respectful of others, helps others, and takes care of others.  We learned about Martin Luther King and how he believed everyone should be treated fairly. We also learned about Mother Teresa, who spent her life in India taking care of those who were sick and those who were poor. We also learned about Maria Montessori, who believed children were the key to achieving world peace and without whom, we would not have a school. We also discussed how we can be Peace Makers in our school and at home as well!

Proud of her creation using the Pink Tower and Brown Stair together! Both the Pink Tower and Brown Stair are wonderful Pre-Math material, as the child learns to build from biggest to smallest and it is indirect prepartion for counting to 10!
These two friends are working together on the Polishing Sunglasses work from the Practical Life Area of the classroom! This material is designed to help develop the child’s sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence!


Focused on completing the Parts Of The Leaf Puzzle! This material is a great Pre-Reading activity!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Healthy Food

-Learning about the Food Pyramid.

-Learning about the differenence between unhealthy and healthy food.

A Peek At Our Week | Ms. Kristen’s Class | Week of January 8th

We have had a wonderful week getting back into our classroom routine! We took this week to review our classroom rules and routines. The children also made paper snowflakes to decorate our bulletin board with Ms. Mel and reviewed how to great one another in Korean and learned the names for the parts of the body in Korean as well!

Working on Addition With The Colored Beads! This a a concrete way for the child to practice addition and to begin to memorize some addition facts!
Working on the Parts of The Tree three part cards! By using this work, the child increases their vocabulary and by matching the words and the pictures togegher, begins to prepare their mind for reading!
Working on Pouring Through a Funnel! This material helps the child develope their sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All About Peace Makers

-Learning about Martin Luther King Jr. , Mother Teresa, Maria Montessori, and other Peace Makers.

-Learning how we can be Peace Makers too.


A Peek At Handwriting | Week of December 11th

During the past two weeks in Handwriting, we have continued learning the Lower Case Initial Strokes. We focused on the letters r, p, u, w, and s. All of these letters begin with the same initial “swing” stroke of the pencil. I am very proud of our Kindergarten students and how hard they have worked the past couple weeks!

A Peek into Cuyahoga Falls Science Class | December 2017

As always, Science class with Mr. John is fun! This month we are showcasing our favorite experiment: Teflon Tape Secret Messages! view the guidelines at help desk solutions.

Teflon Tape Secret Message – Polymers

Mr. John wrote a secret message (Go Buckeyes!) on a piece of Teflon tape. When the tape was stretched top to bottom, we were not able to read the message. Once he pulled/stretched the tape end to end, tada! The message was readable! He explained to us that Teflon was a type of polymer and when the tape was stretched top to bottom, the polymers were still bound together, or “hugging”, just not as tightly as when the tape was stretched end to end. Our students loved this!

A Peek At Our Week | Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of December 11th

Our week was filled with fun and excitement as we learned about Musical Instruments and The Orchestra! The children learned that an orchestra is made up of several different families: The Brass Family, The Woodwind Family, The Percussion Family, and The String Family. The children also enjoyed preparing for their on musical performance at The Christmas Show! Our class seems to really love music and many of them actually sing while they work! I have a feeling we may have quite a few future musicians in our class!

Tracing the Sandpaper Letters! By tracing the Sandpaper Letters, the child experiences the letter sound and symbol several different ways by seeing, touching, and hearing their teacher say the letter sound. This also helps the child prepare for letter formation later on when they begin to write!
Practicing tracing the Metal Insets! This material helps the child steady their hand for writing and promotes the development of their focus and concentration!
Working on dusting the shelves! In the Montessori Classroom, your child learns to take ownership of their environment!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-All about Christmas.

-Crazy Hair Day on Tuesday!

-Pajama Day and Pizza Party on Wednesday!

A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week of December 4th

This week has been a busy and productive week in our classroom! We learned all about Arctic Animals and what kinds of animals live in the Arctic! We also learned that animals in the arctic are white,gray,and black in order to camoflage themeselves. We also learned that many arctic animals, such as Polar Bears and the Walrus have a layer of fat, called blubber, which helps them to stay warm in the icy water as they hunt for fish. Ms. Mel also worked with the children during their afternoon group time on counting in Italian!


Proud of her work writing her letters in the Sand Tray!

Proud of her work writing “t ” on the chalkboard! Also a great predecessor to practicing letter formation before writing on paper!

Helping to take responsibilty for our classroom by preparing snack!

Thank you to Ms. Schnee (Harper’s mom) and Ms. Brandy (London’s mom) for coming to read to us this week!

A Peek Into Next Week:

-Learning about the Parts of the Orchestra.

-Listening to different kinds of Orchestra Music.

-What is the job of the conductor?

A Peek At Our Week| Ms. Kristen’s Class| Week Of November 27

It was so nice to be back after a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! Before break, we enjoyed making Pumpkin Peanut Butter Soup and homemade bread together! We also enjoyed learning about the First Thanksgiving!

This week, we learned all about the weather! We learned about how clouds are made up of water vapor and when the droplets become heavy enough gravity pulls them back toward the earth as rain drops. We also made a chart to track the weather this week to see how many sunny, rainy, cloudy, and snowy days we had this week. As a wonderful surprise for the end of November, we had more sunny days! We also discussed what kinds of clothes we wear during different kinds of weather.

Enjoying working on the Basting Work in the Practical Life area! This material helps indirectly prepare the child for reading, by moving the water from left to right and also helps to develop their pincer grip. It also helps to develop their sense of order, concentration, coordination, and independence!
Working on the Five Square Chain from the Math area! This material is a concrete way of introducing the child to squares and square roots!
Working on tracing the puzzles from the Science area! Puzzles are a great Pre-Reading material and tracing them helps to steady the hand for Handwriting!


A Peek Into Next Week:

-Learning about Arctic Animals.

-Learning how Arctic Animals stay warm.

-Why do many Arctic Animals have white fur, skin, or feathers?

A Peek into Cuyahoga Falls Science Class | November 2017

We enjoyed our time in Science class this month!  Check out some of what we learned!

Buoyancy– A force in a liquid pushing against an object in the liquid

When we gently squeezed the bottle the packet of ketchup sank. When we released the bottle the packet rose to the top of the bottle.

Surface Tension– A property of a liquid keeping an object from going into the liquid

When we put soap on the Q-tip and dipped it, the pepper scattered.

Students also loved our “disapearing packing peanuts” experiment! When you put the packing peanuts in water, they disappear. Why? Because the packing peanuts are made out of corn starch or potato starch. The water dissolves the starch.

What a great month exploring science with our friends!

A Peek At Handwriting | Week of November 27th

During the past couple of weeks in Handwriting, we have been working on Lower Case and the common initial strokes used to form those letters. We have been carefully working forming the lower case letters i, t, and j in cursive. Our Kindergarten students have been working hard on carefully forming each letter and I’m so proud of their progress!