A Peek into Music Class | January

Take a peek into what our music class has been learning…

We had new friends join music this session!
Let’s hear those beautiful voices!


Fun with rhythm sticks.

This session, Ms. Lisa introduced a really fun method to teach the class the sounds that different instruments make using story pages. Each character that the children meet in the story have their own sound or music. The class loved this musical method of storytelling!

The class listened to the sounds for each instrument in the story.



Here comes the big bad wolf!


Singing along with Ms. Lisa and adding movements to the song.

I can’t wait to see what fun instruments we will get to use and what music and movements we will learn next session!

Fa la la la la | A Peek into Music | November 2018

Let’s take a peek into music class with Ms. Lisa!

Each class begins with the children singing “It’s music time today!” Then, Ms. Lisa and her puppet sing good morning to each student by name and have the student sing good morning back to the puppet of the week. This is a favorite part of music for the kids.

“Hello, Pork chop!”
Each music class has also been a review of whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes.

Above, the music class is singing and pretending to be elephants.

The kids are enjoying using bells to accompany their songs!
Time to add some movements to the song!
Five golden rings?

The class has also learned the musical terms “Alegro” -Fast, “Adagio”-Slow, and “”Ondonte” -walking beat/ medium.

We have also begun practicing for our upcoming Christmas Show during music class! We can’t wait to sing for you there!


Tae Kwon Do Second Session

Have you wondered what the kids who take Tae Kwon Do do in class? Keep on reading to find out!

Each week the Tae Kwon Do students bow at the beginning of class and reply to each request of Master Barnick and other instructors with a “Yes, Sir!” Respect and following directions are lessons always being taught in between each kick, punch and block.

The class started off this session getting out some energy and practicing following directions by running drills and having to run a certain way to prepare them for upcoming stances they will learn.

Here is a group of white belts with a yellow stripes practicing their punches and stances.

The student below is practicing keeping his knees up using the floor ladder!

Here a child is practicing their board breaking by using different kicking techniques. The students each have a certain style of kick they must learn based on the color of their belt.

Below, Master Barnick gives this student a high five after working with her. He encourages them to cheer for one another and be supportive of their fellow classmates.

In this lesson, a student is working on her balance by jumping from pad to pad on the ninja bridge. An extension of this lesson is ducking and blocking to avoid being tapped by the “sword”. The children are always practicing patience while they wait for their next turn.
Fireball is a favorite game of the students that they get to play at the end of each session if they had good participation.
Each student who completes all of the activities for that session each week, earns two stripes on their belt at the end of the session .

This class takes their second belt testing this Monday! Wish them good luck!

Taekwondo class wrap up.


Today the first group of Master Barnick’s TaoKwondo class took their belt tests and all students who completed their testing moved up to the next belt level! Congratulations martial artists!

Martial arts helps students learn how to listen and follow directions, have respect for adults/teachers, learn discipline and patience as well as engage in physical activity.

Check out some pictures below from the first six weeks!

Ryan breaking a board.


Finn testing for his white belt with a yellow stripe.

A Peek into our Music class | September 2018


Welcome to the music blogpost! So far this school year your kiddos have been taught by Ms. Lisa, the musical instructor who teaches music at both campuses for AMMS.


The children have been taught many musical concepts over the past several weeks such as how to sing piano (soft), forte (loud), staccato (jumpy) and legato (smooth). They learned about how to “echo” Ms. Lisa and her puppet that she brings each week. Your children have played rhythm sticks, tambourines and castanets.  They learned how to follow a direction and play their instruments together. We learned what an instrumental is and played one on our castanets.  They also recently learned a Spanish song and dance called La Raspa. The children have learned how to wait for the right moment to pick up their instruments to play them along with the music. They have had a lot of fun so far in music this year!



Music and Movement! | A Peek into Music Class | December


We always begin every music class by singing the “It’s music time today” song. Then, the music class sings the Good Morning song with the puppet of the week. The puppet sings good morning and each child sings Hello, and the puppet’s name back to the puppet.

The students learned the musical terms for a Fast beat, Alegro, Slow, Adagio and a “walking/medium” beat, Ondonte.

This month the classes hummed and sang to “Little Peter Rabbit”.  They sang Hello to Pork Chop the pig puppet.

The students played Triangles to Christmas songs and even decorated with some christmas lights to make the class more festive. They also tapped rhythm sticks to a song about a dreidel.

They  continued learning how to clap whole notes ( whole note hold it), half notes, quarter notes and 2 eighths.

The students also practiced singing their songs for the  Christmas Concert with Ms. Lisa.

May everyone have Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!